Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 907: Vancouver, BC – Candidate Reviews

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a 09:00 meeting which was a company wide meeting to get information.

Once that meeting was done, he jumped on a call to help someone with a process flow and then he had a team meeting right after that.

After all those meetings, Curtis spent some time trying to figure out a strange issue with installing some software that someone was having.

Curtis had some lunch and then had a team meeting to discuss the team’s vision. This went really well and took the full hour!

Curtis got some more ticket work completed after this and then did his Norwegian homework.

Kim’s Day

Today, Kim started the day with some research and completing a few quick wins. She then joined a weekly recruitment meeting before joining a meeting discussing the structure of a department.

She then had a quick interview review meeting with a couple of people who had interviews over the past couple of days. She had a sit down with her team to discuss a few items and plan for the next few months and balance work. Then she had to call UPS to figure out what the delay with a delivery has been and get that all sorted out.

After lunch Kim joined a meeting with the consultancy firm she used and then had a team planning meeting where they started outlining work and assigning tasks.

Kim joined a candidate review and processed next steps for a few applicants and then she had a quick call with a teammate to catch up from the week. Her teammate was heading into an evening meeting so Kim gatecrashed and had a great surprise meeting with wine!!


Kim needed to work a bit later than normal, so she did that whilst Curtis played some games.

After working, we had some more of our homemade 3 bean chicken chilli and just watched some TV for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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