Place 44 – Day 2: Canberra – Mt. Pleasant, Affogato & Korean Chicken! 

We woke up pretty late and had a lazy morning just chatting with our host about whatever!

We eventually plucked up the effort to go to the supermarket and get some things for breakfast. We made French toast with fruit, cinnamon sugar and chocolate.

We then went out for a dog walk where we went to Mt. Pleasant and checked out the view there which was great!

We went from here to get an Affogato in a coffee shop and it was delicious! It was a chocolate Cafe and was delicious.

We came back and had some Korean chicken with Kimchee rice and we had a lemon cider, too! We watched the new Baywatch film whilst we ate and drank… A brilliant evening!

We leave Canberra tomorrow, but it was just a chilled relax place and then we are off to an awesome place tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 44 – Day 1: Canberra 🇦🇺 – Couchsurfing again! 


We drove for around 7 hours today to get from Melbourne to Canberra.

We got about 25 minutes out of Melbourne and realized we left some things back in Melbourne, so we had to turn right back around and go get them!

Take 2! We left again and continued for a while before we got to a service station where we got some McDonald’s. We decided to try the Gourmet Creations and they were lovely!

We hit the road again and arrived in ‘Yass’. This place has the best name ever, so we stopped to grab a photo!

We got back on the road and finally arrived in Canberra. We went to a shop to buy some food and wine and headed to our Couchsurfing. 

Our host has 4 dogs and they are crazy! We made a pasta dish and had some cake and wine whilst chatting for hours with our host, only heading to bed at 01:00!

We are having a great time here so far, maybe tomorrow we will go an explore a little!


– Mr & Mrs Hale