Place 8 – Day 7: Split – Touristy Stuff & Travel Night 

Today’s blog is out early as we may not have WiFi. 

Today is a travel day. Or night, we guess! 

We’re going to spend the afternoon doing all Touristy things, such as the crypts, bell tower, treasury, cathedral and more! 

Once we’ve done all of these, we’ll be off to our next location, on a bus at 23:00 tonight! We then need to change our bus at 4am, wait for 2 hours, then continue onto our next location, arriving at 12pm tomorrow! 

All photos from today will be on Facebook! (click the ‘photos’ link!) 


– Mr and Mrs Hale  


Place 8 – Day 6: Split – Froggyland & Beach Day Pt 2

The plan for today wasn’t decided until about 1pm when we finally decided to leave the house! 

Kim had wanted to go to Froggyland today, which is a museum of 507 stuffed frogs doing everyday activities. Yes, weird, but it’s the only one of its kind in the world, so we had to go! 

Unfortunately, we were unable to take photos, but photos can be seen online. It was interesting and strange at the same time. 

This didn’t last as long as we expected, so after we decided to get changed and head to the beach as it was very hot today! 

We got to where we climbed the wall yesterday and 2 Croatian guys told us it is a private beach, so we went to another beach instead, which was also nice but more people! 

After some wading, sunbathing and jumping into the water, we headed back home for a shower and now we’re making burgers and potato wedges for dinner and then an evening walk we think! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 8 – Day 5: Split – Beach Day! 

The plan for today was an entire day of beach! 

We left around 12:30 and it was actually cloudy out, but not too cold, so we continued onto the beach anyway! 

We got to a spot where Josh said he wanted to jump in, but we had to wait for a while until Kim jumped in to get the jumping started! Kim and Josh jumped in and then we all moved on to our usual cove that we chill at. 

We sat around for a bit, waded in the water, and then we hopped over a wall that we’ve been wanting to get to the other side of. What a great idea it was, too! 

On the other side was what looked like an abandoned beach or something similar, which was awesome! 

There was a another little cove area, with an awesome archway where Kim and Josh swam under. 

We all went under the arch, which turned out to be a lot colder and deeper than we thought, but it was good fun! 

All in all, it was an awesome day of just relaxing and swimming! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 8 – Day 4: Mountain Walks

Today, we went for a mountain walk. 

We had this plan from last night and were really looking forward to it! 

We stopped at a beach for a little bit before heading up the mountain. 

We walked up the mountain track, which was part of Marjan Forest, and it was a lovely view! 

We got to a point in the mountain where there was churches, big rocks, random doors and cool looking monuments! 

We got a lot of photos and videos, all of which will be on Facebook/Instagram! 

We finished walking in the forest and came out near the sea, so we had a little walk along the rocks before heading back to the apartment. 

Josh is cooking some dinner for us tonight! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 8 – Day 3: Split – Beaches pt 2

Today we awoke at a reasonable time and headed to the store to shop for the rest of the time we have here, so that saves time! 

Once we got back, Kim made an amazing breakfast, which you can see below! 

Once we ate breakfast, we put some washing on, played some cards and then went out and walked the other way down the main harbour to find a different beach. We did find another beach, but it was not very good, it was partially sand, but it wasn’t great. There was some good rocks to climb on, which Kim took advantage of! 

After this, we walked some more and then just came back to the apartment. Once we relaxed for a bit, we had some pizza for dinner, followed by some nice ice cream and whiskey! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 8 – Day 2: Split – Washing Machine & Beaches

Today, the plan was to wake around 9:30 have some breakfast and go to the beach. 

We did not stick to our plan as we didn’t get much sleep for the last few days, so we slept for a while until around 10:30.

Josh needed to do a wash, so did, but the water wouldn’t drain from the washing machine! After some Googling and a lot of time, we cleared out the filter and drained the water and the wash seemed to work! 

Once this was done and showers taken, Curtis and Josh headed out to buy things for breakfast, only to be disappointed as it’s Sunday and the shop was closed so we had to get something else. 

Curtis and Josh walked to a bakery and bought 3 chocolate covered and filled croissants for the equivalent of just £1.86!

Once we ate breakfast, we had a walk around Split, visiting 3 beaches and covering a lot of distance and walking around a forest! 

The dinner plan for tonight as no store is open is to have a Croatian meal, so we’re headed there in a moment! You’ll see and hear about that in tomorrow’s blog! 

Below are some pictures of us in the water, which was not too cold and also just some nice pictures of how awesome it looks! 

Videos to follow on our Facebook page! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 8 – Day 1: Split – New Place 🇭🇷

🇭🇷Dobre Dan! 🇭🇷

After sitting on a boat for 12 hours, we finally made it to Split, Croatia! 

We got to Ancona to catch the ferry but we got there around 12pm and it turns out that the ticket office didn’t open until 4pm!

Whilst waiting, we met some Australian people as well as some more Americans! 

We went and had a beer with an American couple from Utah, Josh (obviously) and an Australian! 

Once we got on the boat, we soon realized it was not as comfortable as desired. 

We had few charge points, no WiFi and just one common area. 

We took a corner with a sofa and we’re joined by a Kiwi, who was awesome! 

We played some card games, had a laugh and just relaxed. 

The boat didn’t leave until about 1.5 hours after it was meant to, but it was still quite good fun. 

We had a group of Italians sitting next to us who decided that they needed to sing..Luckily,that was just until around 11pm.

Once they finished, we played a few more games and then headed to bed around 12/12:30.

Sleeping was uncomfortable and we all slept in interesting locations, such as the floor, chairs and sofas! 

We woke freezing cold around 5am and managed to sleep until around 6am,before docking for around 7:15am.

We had to queue again and get through passport control and the person we are renting the apartment from was waiting for us but we couldn’t check in until 2pm, so we dropped our bags and walked around split, including a beach! 

We got the the apartment for 2pm, relaxed, got acquainted and had some food! 

The plan for tonight is an evening stroll and early night. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale