Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 906: Vancouver, BC – Gift Basket!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had no meetings today, which was a nice break!

Curtis used the time mostly for tickets but he did get some admin done and some project work, as well. It was a little strange to have no meetings, but having the time was excellent.

Nothing super fancy to report for his day today, but a productive one!

Curtis got a gift basket from his work today as a thank you for hard work, which was very nice! Lots of fancy snacks in there for us to devour.

Kim’s Day

Kim joined an interview after taking some tim to do some research in the morning. She then joined and gave an update in the company meeting before settling down to get some admin done.

She then had a quick success of a few smaller meetings, a couple of check ins and she provided an update to another department.

In the afternoon her first meeting was cancelled so Kim did a few smaller things before she joined a training session about benefits. Kim then had a quick call with her teammate to go over a few things before she had a long call with another teammate to get their opinion and work on a few things with them. To finish the day Kim had another pipeline review of candidates for a role.

3 Bean Chicken Chilli

Throughout the day, Kim got a 3 bean chicken chilli made, which simmered away for hours and was incredibly delicious!

Curtis ran to the shop after work to get a few things for it, but most of it Kim just did during the day.

We ate this in wraps tonight, but we have plenty to put in the freezer now!

We watched TV and relaxed and we had some more admin to do, so we did that too.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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