Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 966: Vancouver, BC – White Rock!

We woke up lazily and had some scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast whilst we watched some of the F1.

We got ourselves ready, slowly, and then drove out to White Rock, only about an hour away from us and on the US border!

We got there and parked up, with the first mission to find coffee and snacks, which we did. We got ourselves coffee and Kim has an Oreo cheesecake and then we went for a walk.

White Rock is a small seaside city with Canada’s longest pier, which is where we went!

We had to cross some railway tracks to get there, which are in use, but we took a quick cool photo!

We walked onto the pier and saw the US opposite us! We looked down into the water and saw a lot of purple starfish, which were cool, and then Curtis looked up and noticed an eagle sat above us!

We walked back along the pier and down to the water, where Kim dipped her feet a little to cool off.

We walked back up to the car, up the large tiring hills, and then drove back home. It was a wonderful day out and much nicer than we expected! We definitely want to do a night or two here soon and just relax.

After getting back home, we had leftovers from yesterday and then went out for a nice evening walk.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 959: Vancouver, BC – Booking Exciting Things?

We woke up and Curtis went to get croissants for breakfast. We ate those and then had a chat with Curtis’ family. It was his little sister’s birthday today, so we chatted with her for a while and then Curtis’ parents after.

We then got ourselves ready and went out to do a bit of shopping!

We both needed new shoes and Kim needed to exchange some clothes and get some new ones.

Curtis managed to get 2 pairs of shoes as well as some flip flops, which was a huge win! Curtis got a pair for daily use and a pair to be worn occasionally, if he’s going out or something, so he’s set to go now!

Kim got herself some new daily shoes and managed to get herself some really good clothes.

Whilst we were out, we went to Waves and got a coffee and a Thai chicken wrap to share which was phenomenal!

Once we got home, we were very tired so we relaxed for a bit (and had a little nap) before we heated up some leftovers from yesterday for dinner and watched a little TV.

We then managed to start booking a fun trip for late August, which is VERY exciting! We should be fully vaccinated for about a month by then, so we’re hoping we can explore BC a little and visit some awesome people!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 939: Vancouver, BC – Kittens & Ice Cream!

Croissants & A Friend

Curtis went to get croissants for breakfast and once we ate those and Kim showered, Kim went out to meet a friend and hang out in a park for a while.


Kim went to see the kittens that her friend had for a little bit and they were so cute!

Once Kim was done, she walked back home and then we both went out together.

New Shoes, Warmth & Ice Cream!

We went to get ice cream, specifically, at a place Kim went to around a year ago and remembered it was amazing, so we had to try it.

It was 28°C today, so super warm but beautiful! We got a drink when we got there and a light snack and we ate that whilst sat in a park nearby.

We then had a walk around the park and headed to a shop to get Kim some sandals as her feet were far too warm.

Once we got those, we went to the ice cream store, which had a bit of a queue, and waited patiently for our turn.

Curtis got a coffee flavoured ice cream and Kim got salted caramel. The ice cream was super delicious and we took it to the park and sat on the grass again, in the shade, just relaxing.

We eventually got up and had a bit more of a walk before heading back to the car around 17:50.

Fans, Supermarket & Leftovers

We drove back towards home and stopped at the supermarket but also popped into another store to get a couple of fans (it’s getting warm!) And some screws so we can hang the photo we bought a while ago!

We got back home and had leftovers form yesterday’s delicious Chinese food and then Kim had a shower and got herself ready for work tomorrow. It was too hot to have a bath this week.

Curtis is off work tomorrow, he had been given the day off to recognise National Indigenous Day in Canada, which is a great thing that the company is doing.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 907: Vancouver, BC – Candidate Reviews

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a 09:00 meeting which was a company wide meeting to get information.

Once that meeting was done, he jumped on a call to help someone with a process flow and then he had a team meeting right after that.

After all those meetings, Curtis spent some time trying to figure out a strange issue with installing some software that someone was having.

Curtis had some lunch and then had a team meeting to discuss the team’s vision. This went really well and took the full hour!

Curtis got some more ticket work completed after this and then did his Norwegian homework.

Kim’s Day

Today, Kim started the day with some research and completing a few quick wins. She then joined a weekly recruitment meeting before joining a meeting discussing the structure of a department.

She then had a quick interview review meeting with a couple of people who had interviews over the past couple of days. She had a sit down with her team to discuss a few items and plan for the next few months and balance work. Then she had to call UPS to figure out what the delay with a delivery has been and get that all sorted out.

After lunch Kim joined a meeting with the consultancy firm she used and then had a team planning meeting where they started outlining work and assigning tasks.

Kim joined a candidate review and processed next steps for a few applicants and then she had a quick call with a teammate to catch up from the week. Her teammate was heading into an evening meeting so Kim gatecrashed and had a great surprise meeting with wine!!


Kim needed to work a bit later than normal, so she did that whilst Curtis played some games.

After working, we had some more of our homemade 3 bean chicken chilli and just watched some TV for the evening.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 903: Vancouver, BC – Vaccine Booked!

We both woke up to messages about booking our first vaccine, so we booked that in and we are ready to go for June 3rd!

We got up, happy to have got booked in, and Kim went out to get strawberries and banana so we could have them with French toast.

We had that and then slowly got ourselves ready to go out.

We did our usual walk and had beautiful weather for it! We did turn around and head back home a little earlier than usual as we went to look for some snacks, but didn’t find anything we wanted, so we got a nice different walk route out of it which was a good change.

We got back home and we were both pretty hungry, so we made some rice to go with our leftover chicken.

After dinner, we watched some more TV and chilled out.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 898: Vancouver, BC – Urgent Project Work & Many Team Meetings

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a project to get done and he started that right away, but then had a 1 hour team meeting, followed by a meeting about a process change right after.

Curtis was then able to get an important part of his project done before having another team meeting.

Once that meeting was done, Curtis had some lunch and then did his Norwegian homework.

The remainder of the afternoon was dedicated to some tickets and admin.

Kim’s Day

After getting a little admin done Kim had a meeting with a new starter to discuss a few things and answer any questions they may have. She then had a quick call with a couple of executives to discuss a few plans for the next few weeks.

To finish the morning Kim joined the team meeting to set up for the week. She then updated a few documents and spent a lot of her afternoon in one off smaller meetings around doing admin.

She then had a check in with a teammate to catch up on stuff that happened over the break and things that are coming up. She finished the day with a discussion on a potential new hire.


We had leftovers from yesterday for dinner and then we took our the recycling. Once we took the recycling out, we went out for an evening walk, which was really nice and relaxing.

We got home and watched a few TV shows for the evening.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 893: Vancouver, BC – Back To Evening Walks

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had an orientation planned for 09:00 but the person didn’t know about it so didn’t show up until 09:20.

Curtis got that orientation completed and then had a team meeting, followed by a meeting to discuss a new project and get that project started.

After that meeting was done, Curtis wrote out the project which led perfectly to lunch time.

After lunch, Curtis had a meeting with Microsoft to scope out a software rollout project with them and that has been scheduled in for next week!

Once that meeting was done, there was another one right after with his team to just talk about random things.

The remainder afternoon was then filled with tickets and he had to help someone urgently get something working that seemed that it should have no issues. He was actually able to figure it out with some help from a colleague, but it was a strange one for sure.

Kim’s Day

Today is Kim’s most busy day of the week. For the rest of the week Kim will be resting more. To start her day Kim joined an interview and then the quick chat after. She then joined a recruitment call to discuss an upcoming role.

After a little break Kim had another interview and review after. She then joined a colleague in a review of the candidate pipeline before she joined a meeting to discuss a couple of interviews that took place with the exec team for the day. She then went to join the pipeline review again, but then another interview finished so she reviewed that one with two other people and made a plan on next steps for a few candidates and roles.


We had leftover salad from yesterday for dinner and then we took out our recycling.

After the recycling was dealt with, we went out for a nice evening walk again.

We stopped off at the liquor store to get some drinks, seen as we were out, but really it was a nice walk in some lovely evening weather.

We got back home and relaxed, watching some TV and decompressing for the day.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 882: Vancouver, BC – Lazy Rainy Saturday

We woke up much later then planned, but it was very nice to get some sleep.

We had some scrambled egg on toast for breakfast and watched a bit of TV.

We then got ourselves showered and fresh for the day. As it was rainy and gross today, we planned to just sit inside and relax. We briefly went out to get a coffee and then came back home.

Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim did some reading. Kim got very into the book she was reading and read it for hours!

Once that was done, we had leftovers for dinner and then watched some TV, followed by a movie called Miss Bala.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 556: Vancouver, BC – A Great Apartment

We woke up, got showered and went right out to view an apartment. This apartment is just down the street from us and we had high hopes about it.

The apartment was almost perfect for us. We really liked it, so much so that we applied for it!

We left here and went to get ourselves some breakfast and then came back home. We got croissants and coffee which was the perfect pick me up.

We then had a chat with Kim’s family as it is her Dad’s birthday and she then played some games with her family whilst Curtis went to get his haircut.

Curtis finished his haircut and then walked right to meet Kim and go for another apartment viewing. This apartment was the one Kim went to view during the week so she went to have a second look and Curtis got his first look.

We actually didn’t like the apartment really at all on the second look, which was a shame.

We walked back home and Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim relaxed.

We then had leftovers from last night and watched some TV and a film.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 530: Vancouver, BC – Last Apartment Viewing?

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a few tickets to do in the morning, as well as a some admin and then he had a team meeting for around an hour.

Once that was done, Curtis did some tickets and his Norwegian homework right before lunch.

After lunch, Curtis worked on getting something working that he was trying to get some last week and he actually managed to make progress, thanks to a colleague having a second pair of eyes.

Once that was mostly finished, he did some cleaning around the apartment to get it ready for the apartment viewing this evening.

Kim’s Day

Kim pretty much spent the whole day in meetings. In the morning she also on-boarded a new team member, which was exciting. In the afternoon Kim took a break from meetings to help clean the apartment ready for viewings. It doesn’t make for an interesting sounding day but Kim was really busy and had a very good and productive day.


We had what we hope are the final viewings of the apartment this evening, so we went out for a walk for the 1.25 hours that the viewings were on for. It was quite nice to get out in the evening after a busy day.

We went to Starbucks and got a hot chocolate and went for a walk around the sea wall and surrounding areas.

There weren’t many people around and the weather was mild with no rain, so it was perfect.

We got back and waited a little in the lobby for the showings to be done and then headed back up.

Luckily, we had leftovers from last night which meant we didn’t have to do much for dinner.

We ate our dinner and watched some TV and got our apartment back to how we had it. There’s a chance there will be some viewings tomorrow, but we shall see!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale