Place 5 – Day 1: Pisa – Wonky Tower! 

Ciao Pisa! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

We have arrived in Pisa, for one night, and then we’re moving again! 

We had a nice 3 hour bus journey on a much nicer bus! 

We had to go to a different building to check in to our airbnb, in which we were told it was a horrible neighborhood.. Which is lovely! We then were shown across the street to our room, which was dirty, the bathroom & kitchen were so dirty it was almost unusable and our bedroom didn’t lock when others were staying in the same building. 

We complained to the lady that was showing us around, and she was very embarrassed and so she took us to another apartment that the same host owns and that was much nicer and cleaner, so we moved there at no extra cost! They’re also giving away €18 worth of airbnb vouchers for a 5* review, which will never happen! Lucky, we have a good enough apartment for tonight, then a 5.5 hour bus journey to our next location, which we plan to stay in for a while. (though we haven’t booked accommodation yet!!!) 

– Mr and Mrs Hale