Place 72 – Day 169: Vancouver, BC – The Migration Has Started!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis spent a lot of his day getting the final preparations done for the migration he had to start today.

He had a team meeting and then the migration started at 15:00!

The way he was going to do it wasn’t working and then he tried a few other ways and it still didn’t work.

Curtis found out that Microsoft had recently purchased a company that do just what Curtis was looking for and when he tried it (once he got home and was still trying the other ways for a while) it seemed to work.

There were a few other files that had to be done a different way and Curtis eventually figured it out. He stopped working around 21:30 but the migration will run overnight and hopefully complete by the morning!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her week playing catch up from last week.

She began with booking some travel for a new starter to come out in a week. She was also answering a lot of phone calls this morning.

When she wasn’t able to transfer someone through she was eventually told to go to hell and was hung up on. So that was delightful.

Kim also put away all of the shopping a fruit that arrived.

Kim then orgnaised catering for 2 mini events coming up next week.

Earlier in the day someone told Kim that they had ordered pizza, when it arrived the delivery man complained to Kim that there was no tip!

Kim tried to explain that she didn’t make the order but the driver would not give her the time of day.

Kim isn’t too sure what she did recently to bug to random people in 1 morning but hey ho!

Can’t let it get to you! Kim then spent some time listening to her phone messages and got caught up on that.

She then spent some of the afternoon planning the layout of one of the catered events, she drew up a floor plan and devised how the bar should be set up.

At the end of the day Kim ran to the storage to pick up the Halloween decorations so they can take inventory of what is available and what is needed.

Getting Ready For Our Trip

Kim was out training and whilst Curtis was working, he was also packing and getting ready for our short trip away which starts after work tomorrow!

Kim got home and we watched a little bit of TV and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 72 – Day 166: Vancouver, BC – Sniffles

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a plan to look at an issue for someone in the morning, which is what he did.

He then continued to do some project work from yesterday.

After his daily team meeting, Curtis had a bit more time to do project work and then had to go into the boardroom to test everything in there and setup for the big company wide meeting that was taking place in there.

The test went went and so did the meeting with just a few hiccups in general and none on the Vancouver office side, which was excellent!

After the meeting, Curtis finally had lunch, did some tickets and finally finished off some project work.

Curtis got a beer and drank that whilst completing an off board and then walked home.

Kim’s Day

When Kim got in she started on a few emails before heading into a meeting to talk about catering options for a couple of upcoming functions. It was great to have clarification and fresh eyes!

The rest of the day was much of the same, Kim reconciled payments around other ad hoc tasks like getting the post, trying to return an item for someone and sending outgoing mail.
Kim then had a food delivery and ran that over to the meeting.

It must have been good because 1 by 1 everyone came and told Kim what an amazing meal it was!

Kim then spent about an hour and a half trying to send things via FedEx, it took 3 attempts online and 2 phone calls to get it sorted.

After this Kim continued with the reconciliation a d took a quick break to set up the friday afternoon drinks. Then after that Kim sent out an invite and some information in regards to some diwali celebrations.


We got back home and caught up on some YouTube videos before Kim left for training.

Kim’s Training

Kim’s training this evening went so well. She did 2 run throughs of her routine and was able to add a move back in after falling over in practice doing in.

Kim did not want to have a mental block for the move so she threw it in during the second run and stuck it which is amazing!

Kim also watched 2 other peoples routines and they were spectacular!

Curtis was playing games whilst Kim was out and was feeling bad for himself…He seems to have gotten more of a cold even though he thought he was getting better! He started to get a runny nose and more of a sore throat, unfortunately.

When Kim got back home, we watched a bit more TV and went to bed. We need to be up at a good time tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 165: Vancouver, BC – New Jerseys!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work a little early, though he still wasn’t feeling great.

For most of the day, Curtis got some more project work done and is almost done with the preparations for it to begin properly next week.

Curtis had a few interesting tickets to help with throughout the day, which gave him a break from doing the same thing over and over again.

Curtis left with the feeling of achieving today, which is amazing.

On the way home, it was raining, and Curtis got absolutely drenched by a car that drove past him!

Kim’s Day

Kim had a class she wanted to make in the evening so she went in an hour early so she had time to leave an hour early. Before Kim got to work, she made her lunch and then put it back in the fridge and left. Not the smartest move ever.

When Kim got in she started by catching up on the late night emails she received the night before and sorted them out. She then designed and sent across for review 2 sets of business cards.

Mid morning there was an earthquake drill that was only meant to happen on a few floors.

This wasn’t ideal as we had a fair few meetings going on, but we just sent out a few messages and people calmed down.

Kim spent the rest of the day going through invoices, she sorted all the travel invoices and found the few that she saves at the end of the month and saved those too.

Kim then started the fun job of reconciliations and only made it a few rows in before getting dragged somewhere else.

The weekly pizza arrived so Kim set all of that up.

We have a biweekly food deliver for a team meeting, luckily our rep noticed that the order had been cancelled and realised before the order would have to be placed.

The company Kim works for has an initiative where you sign up for a coffee chat with someone.

Who ever wants to can put their name into a hat and then they are randomly matched up and you then go for a little informal chat with a random person in the company. Kim signed up for this and was paired up with a guy that sits just around the from her. They had a great little catch up in the kitchen and talked about their hobbies, previous work places and he explained what the company does to Kim as she isn’t entirely sure. She now has a slightly better understanding.

Kim and her colleague then went upstairs to the rooftop meeting room to clear away the days worth of lunch and snack rubbish as there was an all day meeting that had been on. Once this was done Kim headed home.

Sittin’ In A Car

Kim had a lot of training today, so she went to some and then briefly came back home. For her last training, Curtis had to go in the car with her with his hockey kit as we only have 1 car and Kim’s training time and Curtis’ hockey game time are too close together.

Curtis sat in the car whilst Kim was at training and once she was out, we drove to the rink for Curtis’ game.

Kim’s Training

Kims first class was open training so Kim worked on a combo that has been bothering her and also managed to fit it to the music a little better.

The 2nd class was an actual class where Kim was taught moves. It was the first time Kim attended this class at her usual location and she absolutely loved it!

The group were fun and the instructor was great too.

She then popped home before heading out again, this time Curtis came too! Kim wanted to try the routine fully in a place there is more space, luckily one of the studios is near where Curtis plays hockey, so she popped in for 30 minutes and ran through the routine twice! She now only has minor adjustments to make, but basically has a fully constructed routine at this point, which is a massive win.

Curtis’ team got their new jerseys, which are beautiful!

Curtis was still feeling a little sick, so didn’t play too well and was struggling to skate and breath!

Curtis got his first penalty, which was for roughing…it was quite fun though!

His team lost 3-1, but it was against the top placed team.

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Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 163: Vancouver, BC – Christmas Invites!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis arrived at work and spent an extra 15 minutes more doing admin as it seemed there was a lot to do for some reason!

Curtis had a team meeting at 10:00 which was brief.

Curtis spent a lot of the day (more than he planned) figuring out things and planning for his project.

This is mostly done and ready for next week, minus a few things, so that’s exciting!

Curtis had a chat with a colleague to discuss the project and let him know a few points as Curtis is actually away for the project.

There were a few other things Curtis had to take care of, but the day went very fast.

Kim’s Day

Kim called up and sorted out a hotel issue that occured over the weekend, which is never a great way to start a week. On the bright side, at least people now know where not to stay and the person in question is now fully booked in and all sorted.

After this Kim took 2 new starters on their building tour and got them all set up and sorted.

Kim spent most of the rest of the morning saving accounting thins, mainly reciepts and invoices. She also took a lot of calls!

Kim and her colleague nipped out to pick up a cake for another teammate who has flown in from the states.

Then for the rest of the afternoon we kept trying to ensure everyone was around to wish her a happy birthday, it took four attempts but eventually everyone was there and we wished her all a happy birthday and it was lovely.

Around trying to sing happy birthday Kim sorted out a lot of the details for Halloween, she put time in a teammates calendar to ensure that they have time to go through the current decorations have time to buy more and have time to set up. Kim also sent out all the calendar invites for people so they can know where they should be!

While she was on an events role Kim started doing the wordy bit of the formal invites for the holiday parties. She copied a template from last year but has truly made it her own. She will finish this tomorrow.

Back To Training

Kim went back to training tonight after the weekend and she was very happy about getting to go back!

Kim class went relatively well, she is still a little lackluster from getting over the cold and hopes that’s why she struggled today. She managed to get a full run through of the routine, however she thought she had time to fill, but totally ran out of time which was not ideal!

Curtis did some cleaning around the apartment and then when Kim got back we watched Great British Bake Off before sleeping.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 158: Vancouver, BC – A Day Of Pies!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and his first task was to look into the floor plan of the office and see if there was anything obvious that would indicate an power coming from another floor.

There is apparently another floor doing work and they want to unplug something, but it says it links down to the floor Curtis works on.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t be found, so he has to speak with the building management to see if they know anything about it.

Curtis’ team had their quick daily meeting and then all split to work.

Someone at Curtis’ office made mini pumpkin pies, so Curtis had one…it was delicious!

Curtis continued the day with a few tickets and then had some questions to answer about his project.

Once he answered them, this caused a lot more work for the project, so Curtis spent the rest of the day dealing with that!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by ordering pies! Its Thanksgiving this weekend so Kim sourced some pies from a couple of supermarkets, the dairy free pie Kim will pick up in the evening from a supermarket up the road.

As it is Kims sisters birthday she had to call to say happy birthday, but her family were on the way to dinner so they arranged to chat a little later in the day.
Kim then spent a fair amount of time on calls and organising invoices again. When the pizza arrived Kim sorted out plates and napkins to go with it.

In the afternoon Kim ended up in back to back meetings. Her first meeting was with her teammate and they discussed budgets and other social events outside of the holiday parties. They both then went into a meeting with a vendor to discuss the plan going forward and this went very well.

After thay meeting they caught up again and Kims teammate taught Kim how to use the different ways to expense things.

After this kim had another quick 5 minute call with her sister before she headed to bed.

After that call Kim had a quick training session on how to upload the monthly social talks for people to see them. That was a great lesson because Kim forgot to find our before she took it all on!

At some point during the day a stationary delivery came so Kim put all the new whiteboard wipes into all of the meeting rooms. She then caught up on emails and headed home.

All The Pies!

We got home and Curtis watched the remainder of the Leafs game and Kim wasn’t feeling too good, so she had a lay down.

After that, we walked up to Whole Foods where Kim needed to collect a vegan pumpkin pie for work as well as 2 more, smaller, pies.

Once we got those, we walked back home and were very cold! We got in and each had some leftover beef and ale pie with mashed potato, to complete all the pies of today.

We watched two, 1 hour, YouTube videos about a trip to Iceland and it reminded us of when we went and loved it so much. Its actually where we got engaged, too!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 157: Vancouver, BC – New Blinds, Towel Rack & Pie!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had training right when he got to work. Coffee was the priority as it was a cold morning today!

Curtis’ training went well, though he wasn’t too sure if it will be beneficial to his team, but we shall see.

Curtis got his admin done after this and the rest of the day was a little manic.

Curtis got some further questions and issues regarding his project, which he had to work on.

There were a few people that asked for some help so he helped them and did some standard tickets, as well as had some conversations with colleagues around policies and procedures.

Once Curtis got home from work, the handyman was still in our apartment doing a few things.

Kim’s Day

Kim’s day today had no meetings at all and she spent a fair amount of it on incoming calls and doing little ad hoc tasks.

The first thing Kim sorted was a pizza order for today and she also placed the regular weekly pizza order for tomorrow at the same time. After this Kim then laminated some new signs for the kitchen and everyone’s first aid attendant cards – better late than never!

While Kim was putting the signs up someone asked if she was coming to a meeting and it turns out Kim had completely lost track of time and was due to be in a meeting shortly so she packed away and grabbed her laptop and went into the meeting.

The social meeting was discussing much of the same that we had for the past few weeks, Diwali and Halloween. We have also decided to do pie and ice cream this Friday for Canadian Thanksgiving!

After the meeting Kim finished putting up the newly laminated signs. When the pizza arrived it was the wrong order, they had sent tomorrows order today, which was not ideal, so Kim arranged for the correct pizzas to be delivered and received a credit on the account and 4 random free pizzas!

To start the afternoon Kim hung up a first aid kit in the kitchen, it seems like the place most injuries would occur. Someone was very surprised to see Kim screwing in a nail and even offered to help and didn’t believe Kim when she said that she had done this kind of thing many times before!

The rest of the afternoon was spent saving invoices answering sales calls!

New Blinds & Towel Rack

The handyman finished off a few things in our apartment and we have some improvements!

We now have a nicer set of (horizontal) blinds in the living room as well as a towel rack in the bathroom as the other one we had fell off the wall.

The bedroom blinds are up, but they have gaps around the side, so the handyman will be popping back to screw some wood into that area.

Kim’s Training

Kims first lesson today was hard. She did some tricky moves but they could be of great use in Kim’s upcoming routine, so that was great!

After this Kim walked home and spent 10 minutes there before heading to her second lesson.

This is a great lesson where they learned a step up from a move Kim loves. This will not make it into the routine but it was a pretty move. There was also a simple and effective looking spin that requires a lot of energy, for it to work you have to be completely engaged from your shoulders to toes, its beautiful but tricky.

Kim then asked if the lesson after had any spaces and a few people had dropped out so Kim hung around and joined in on that class too. The routine for this class was very spin orientated and Kim was totally unable to get the trick as she does not have enough flexibility, she did enjoy the class though!

Curtis put the pie top on the filling whilst Kim was out and cooked it, but it seemed to collapse a little but still looked (and tasted) delicious.

Kim got back and we watched The Appentice and then went to sleep!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 156: Vancouver, BC – Ale Hunt & Falling!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work at the perfect time and was told that there was a fire in the building next door!

Luckily, Curtis didn’t have to evacuate, but the sirens and alarms could be heard for a while.

Curtis did a lot of the same as he did yesterday, but also had a few tickets that came in, right after he cleared most of his out!

The afternoon was the busiest part of the day, with many a ticket to get stuck into and a couple more challenging then normal.

Curtis left the office after work and walked home.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim had a fair few productive meetings! Her first meeting was relatively early in the morning was with her colleague and they discussed the holiday party invites and a little bit about travel. It was a short and sweet meeting.

After this meeting Kim had a meeting with finance about credit cards and they ironed out some of the processes and that meeting went well.

Kim then had some time to catch up on emails when someone from a stationary company came in and said he had a meeting with her too! It turned out that he had the wrong email address so all Kim knew was that he might be coming in at some point in the afternoon.

Kim grabbed her colleague and they had an interesting meeting.

After this is was suddenly 13:30, Kim and her colleague were so hungry so they went and grabbed crepes by using a discount and had a little sit down and catch up over lunch.

After lunch Kim spent most of her afternoon sorting out the first aid cupboard with 2 and then one other first aider. Kim had to nip out a few time to greet a candidate and organise some travel.

It was a really productive day, but it felt like Kim didn’t stop for a second!

Ale Hunt

Curtis got home before Kim, so he did the cleaning, vacuuming etc and took out all the bins.

When Kim got back home, she made a stew which was then bound to become a pie! She needed ale for this, so Curtis went to find some.

The liquor store didn’t have really any, so much so that Curtis had to hunt the lone bottle of ale down! It’s a 9% beer, too!

Kim finished off the dinner and Curtis had some as a stew as the pie won’t be constructed until tomorrow.

Kim’s training session was good fun.

Kim was able to try out a replacement combo for her routine, its her favourite combo so she is glad to get it put in!

She did also fall off and it would have been onto her head but luckily she got her arms up quick!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale