Place 29 – Day 1: Phi Phi Island 🇹🇭 – Ferry, Beach, Sun & Alcohol


We went for breakfast as normal this morning, just a little earlier. We noticed a lot of wasps around, but didn’t take much notice. Towards the end of our breakfast, Kim got surrounded by a lot of them, so we thought that was a good time to leave! 

We finished our packing and headed down to get the taxi to the ferry port. 

Once we got to the port, we saw our boat and had to ‘check in’. For some reason, we had to wait, but we eventually got on. 

The boat was very warm, but pretty spacious. We got to watch Iron Man 2 also, which was a good bonus! The trip was 2 hours long and we got some stunning photos of the islands around! Luckily, it was a lovely hot sunny day, so couldn’t complain about the weather! 

We got to PhiPhi Island at 13:00 and it was very very hot! We got to our hotel and it was a little bit of a disappointment. We were shown 2 rooms and got to pick the one we wanted. One was a big 3 person room and the other was a smaller, 2 person room but with a view, so we picked the room with a view, of course! 

We had showers and headed right for the beach! We found 2 beaches, one wasn’t very busy but the tide was very far out so it was far to the water and it wasn’t very deep and the other was very picturesque but was full of boats and it was where all of the day trips came into. 

We spent a bit of time at the beaches and in the water for a bit and then we got a little hungry so we headed back, showered again and went for dinner. Kim found the top rated place on TripAdvisor and it was well priced so we went there…We were not disappointed. Kim had a green curry and Curtis a Pad Thai..Both of our favourites! Curtis’ pad Thai was spicy and Kim’s curry was delicious. We topped it off with a banana fritter which was both sweet and very filling! 

We spoke to some nice people from Toronto about our travels and there travels. We then got to speak with the owner about our travels and her wonderful restaurant. It was just a great dining experience in general!

We then wanted to go out and we went to the beach as it is meant to be a good atmosphere. The beach was very dramatic, in regards to the crazy loud music and lights, but was a cool experience. 

We left the beach and went to a bar where we bought a strawberry cocktail bucket and played a couple of rounds of beer pong! 

This was a good fun day and we leave the island tomorrow afternoon, so we have the morning to do stuff! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale