Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 985: Vancouver, BC – ‘Return To Office’ Planning Again

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a slightly less busy day today, though still busy enough!

He did some tickets and then did an onboard for a contractor which seemed to take a while to do.

Curtis then had a quick meeting about return to office things and a further discussion came from that.

The rest of the day was tickets and also Curtis changed someone’s name on all systems, which took some time but had no issues, which was excellent news.

Kim’s Day

Kim had another interview heavy day, she started with an interview then joined a biweekly meeting to discuss projects and other really interesting things. Kim took a quick call to help someone with an IT issue and then had a 15 min sit down with the other people in the interview to have a chat.

It was then time for interview number 2! She had another chat with a candidate and then ended up being late to the weekly department meeting. She gave her update and listened into what the other departments are doing. She then joined a recruitment meeting to discuss the status of a bunch of live roles.

In the afternoon Kim had interview 3 and 4 and their reviews before having a chat with a couple of the executive team to discuss how their interview went. Then to finish the day Kim joined another recruitment meeting to discuss next steps for a role and review the candidates


Curtis had some pasta for dinner and when Kim got home, we had a bit of time together and watched some TV. Yesterday, Kim ended up working quite a bit in the evening, so it was nice to get some relaxing time together.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 968: Vancouver, BC – Exciting Interviews!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was up early to have a call at 07:30, for a new hire onboarding in Denver. He did that, which went very well, and then he started his day of meetings!

He had a team meeting at 10:30, followed right after by another team meeting and then a meeting to discuss something regarding a the main project Curtis is working on at the moment.

After that was done, Curtis finally had time for some lunch, after he helped someone with their password issues.

Curtis did some more tickets and some project admin after lunch and then he had a call with someone to help them do something.

Once he finished that chat, he had a bit more project work to do before the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a really long and interesting day today with a couple of surprise meetings. As she went to start her day Kim got a notification that her teammate was sick so Kim stepped in to do the onboarding for two new starters! It has been many months since Kim did an onboarding and she had to set up a secondary meeting so they can talk directly with her teammate to get information on part of the onboarding. Other than that it went really well!

She then joined a call with a manager to discuss how a new employee is settling in. They also had a chat about a few processes and procedures, it was a great call! Kim then just didn’t turn up to a meeting with the CEO and COO, for no reason at all other than that she was in the zone and forgot about the meeting entirely!

When Kim joined her team meeting she was greeted with a ‘oh here she is!’ as a result of missing her last meeting, it was so funny! They had a great team meeting and got everyone up to speed in terms of things that happened on Friday and some ideas that Kim had over the weekend. It was such a great meeting! From this meeting Kim and her manager both joined an interview to find the newest member of their team. They also had a quick review after the interview and Kim then took some time for lunch.

Just as she was finishing her lunch Kim had a message to see if she could join a meeting to help out with some communication and it was great to jump in and help out!

She then had a end of day chat with the new starters to check in and see how the day went! Both seemed happy and to have enjoyed their day which was amazing!

Kim then went into a meeting to discuss the breakdown of roles within the executive support team and they really managed to work out the responsibilities and description for an upcoming hire. She then joined a surprise meeting to discuss hiring with a couple of hiring managers as they seemed concerned about the status and possibly a little confused / out of the loop. So they all got on a call to ensure they were all on the same page, thus then spiralled into a really important and interesting meeting that ironed out a fair few things. It was great!

Kim took a break for some dinner and then went back to update paperwork and move it from one area to another to make it easier to read and understand. She then had a call with her manager to help them with an update and then they worked out and brainstormed a bunch of things and it was wonderful.


Curtis played games whilst Kim worked and, as Kim had to work late, we just had frozen pizza for dinner.

We were able to watch a bit of TV before heading to bed.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 907: Vancouver, BC – Candidate Reviews

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a 09:00 meeting which was a company wide meeting to get information.

Once that meeting was done, he jumped on a call to help someone with a process flow and then he had a team meeting right after that.

After all those meetings, Curtis spent some time trying to figure out a strange issue with installing some software that someone was having.

Curtis had some lunch and then had a team meeting to discuss the team’s vision. This went really well and took the full hour!

Curtis got some more ticket work completed after this and then did his Norwegian homework.

Kim’s Day

Today, Kim started the day with some research and completing a few quick wins. She then joined a weekly recruitment meeting before joining a meeting discussing the structure of a department.

She then had a quick interview review meeting with a couple of people who had interviews over the past couple of days. She had a sit down with her team to discuss a few items and plan for the next few months and balance work. Then she had to call UPS to figure out what the delay with a delivery has been and get that all sorted out.

After lunch Kim joined a meeting with the consultancy firm she used and then had a team planning meeting where they started outlining work and assigning tasks.

Kim joined a candidate review and processed next steps for a few applicants and then she had a quick call with a teammate to catch up from the week. Her teammate was heading into an evening meeting so Kim gatecrashed and had a great surprise meeting with wine!!


Kim needed to work a bit later than normal, so she did that whilst Curtis played some games.

After working, we had some more of our homemade 3 bean chicken chilli and just watched some TV for the evening.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 905: Vancouver, BC – Please Just Work!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had to start his day trying to fix the things he did last week for his project (again!).

The setup at his company is a little odd, so there are a few extra steps that no one actually knew about that he missed out so it wasn’t working quite yet. Once he and his team figured this out, he was able to fix it and he hopes it works now, but it’s tough to test.

After he did that, he had his usual weekly team meeting and then he did a bunch of tickets before he had some lunch.

After lunch, Curtis was surprised with having to do an integration with 2 pieces of software, but it was super easy, just took a bit of time.

Once that was done, it was time for some more tickets and general admin.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day with a little admin before having a team meeting. She then got a fair amount of paperwork done and managed to organise a survey to learn how to better support one of the teams.

She then had a quick catch up with one of her teammates before having lunch and then joining an interview. After that Kim had a check in with a couple of the executive team members before joining a second interview of the day.

To finish the day Kim joined a meeting discussing two new roles and then sat down with the team to discuss interviews that happened that day and review some of the pipeline of candidates.


We had planned to have a different dinner, but it takes too long and Kim had to work late, so we had some chicken with rice and vegetables in sweet chilli sauce.

We watched TV a bit and Kim had to do a little bit more work. We also and some admin to get done ourselves, so a nice busy start to the week for us.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 873: Vancouver, BC – Evening Event

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was meant to have a Norwegian lesson this morning, but his teacher was sick so that didn’t happen.

As a result, his morning was very quite, right up until just before lunch when he had to reach out to some people to check some things on their laptops.

After lunch, Curtis had a project meeting and then after he did more work with people on getting laptops setup how they should be.

Once he got that done, he had an interesting thing to get done for someone, but he had to do some research and some playing around but still couldn’t get it done quite right, so he’ll have to take a stab at it tomorrow.

Curtis then watched hockey and played games for a lot of the evening, whilst Kim was in her interviews.

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day with a quick meeting with her teammate to discuss a virtual event happened in the evening. She then attended a webinar before joining two recruitment meetings back to back.

Just before and after lunch Kim had two interviews and then she joined a chat to discuss how they went and the next steps.

In the afternoon Kim had a few meetings. The first was her weekly meeting with her teammate and then she had another chat with a different teammate. After this Kim decided to take a break and run a couple of errands as she was joining an event in the evening so she wanted to actively take time off to recharge and get fresh air before.

Kim timed her break terribly and had to join a call while out and about. Once she was home Kim hosted a quick introduction meeting to discuss the event they were all about to join. This was a speed dating style networking / interview event. It was so interesting and Kim met some wonderful people through 1-1 chats and by being on the virtual booth. After the event everyone joined a call to discuss candidates and what happens next. It was a long day but so interesting!

Late Evening

Once Kim was done, we had some chilli for dinner and watched a little TV before heading to bed. It’s been a busy week this week!

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Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 14: Vancouver,BC – Many Interviews & Night Snacks

Rushed Start

We woke up around 08:30 for Kim to have a phone interview at 09:00.

The interview didn’t last too long, but after it we realised we didn’t have much time to get ready!

We had breakfast and then both of us showered and got dressed into interview clothes.

We rushed down to the train station and got to where we needed to be with just a few minutes to spare!

Curtis’ Interview

Curtis is very interested in this role, so was looking forward to the interview.

He had to go to the 12th floor of a very nice building and the office was just as nice!

Curtis felt the interview went well and still has big hopes for the role.

Kim’s Interview

Whilst Curtis was having his interview, Kim realised her shoes were very uncomfortable and a bit painful, so she found some cheap alternatives that don’t hurt her feet so much.

Kim had her interview about 1.75 hours after Curtis’ finished, so we went to get some lunch before she went there.

We just grabbed a Subway and relaxed there for a bit and then we made our way to the building Kim was interviewing in, which was also a nice building.

Curtis grabbed a coffee whilst Kim had her interview.

Kim’s interview also went well and she is very interested also…and a lovely office! Neither of the offices are far from each other, either, which is nice.

Same Dinner Again

We got home and relaxed a bit and then for dinner we just had the same as the last few nights. The plan was to eat cheap and we have a lot of the pork, vegetables and rice left anyway.

Night Time Snacks

We got quite hungry around 22:00 so we walked just 4 minutes down the road to a place called off the grid which is a waffle shop.

Curtis got a strawberry milkshake, which came with a waffle stuck in it and Kim got a chocolate ice cream and brownie cup with waffle, too.

Kim also got a hot chocolate to take home.

Off The Grid | Vancouver,BC

Rating:- 9/10

We came back home, watched a bit of TV and went to sleep, sufficiently full!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 10: Vancouver,BC – Banking, Interviews & Apartment Hunting


We were hungry but wanted to get stuff sorted, so we went straight to Service Canada where we had to wait 30 minutes to get seen but once we were we got our SIN (Social Insurance Number) each which means we can get paid as well as setup a bank account.

Dutch Breakfast

Wewere very hungry after we did this so we went for breakfast at a Dutch breakfast restaurant.

Curtis got a full breakfast (bacon,eggs,toast & fruit) whilst Kim got a pannekoeke.

We both enjoyed our breakfast, especially as there was fresh orange juice!

We left the breakfast place to continue with the busy day.


We wanted to arrange an appointment for tomorrow to get a bank account each, but they were persistent and we ended up doing it there and then. This took a couple of hours in total.

2 Interviews

Whilst we were getting our banking setup, Kim had an interview and then Curtis had one just after! Kim then got a second interview from that and Curtis got one for a previous job he interviewed for.

Apartment Viewing #1

As we were in the bank for so long, we were bound to be late to our first apartment Viewing, so we called a taxi.

The taxi turned up at the wrong place so we had to wait for him to come back to us.

We got to the viewing in time and we were not too impressed. It was a little old and a bit expensive.

Apartment Viewing #2

We took a bus to view another place we had been looking at for a while.

We got on the bus and couldn’t pay with notes so had to pay with only coins.

Once we cobbled together the change, we put it in and the machine on the bus broke!

We walked to the apartment and we loved it! It was a good size and a good price, too.

After we finished with the viewing, we went out for a drink with the current tenant of the apartment as we had been speaking with her for a while.

Drinks & Wings

We went to a bar just down the road and shared a bottle of wine between the three of us.

We also got some wings and sweet potato fries.

We chatted for a while and then she went back home whilst we walked to the train station.

Along the way, Kim realised she forgot her handbag at the bar so we went back to collect it.


We bought train passes (called compass cards), added money to them and then got on the train home.

We walked for 10 minutes on the other side to get back.

We chatted with the couple we are livibge with for a couple of hours and then went to bed, exhausted.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale