Place 35 – Day 1: Cairns 🇦🇺 – A Few Hours of Milling


We woke at a lovely 04:00 this morning! We ate some breakfast, not that we really remember doing so as we were so tired! 
We then walked down to the same place we got the ferry from and waited for our Greyhound bus to Cairns. The plan was to get a bus to Cairns and fly from Cairns to our new location as it was much cheaper than flying directly from Townsville. 

We spent about 5.5 hours on the bus and it was fairly comfortable with a nice driver, charging ports and WiFi (kinda). 

We got off the bus and had about 4 or so hours to kill before needing to go to the airport. We found a tourist information shop and asked them where we can store our bags. They said that the casino would probably be best and it was $5 for 4 hours, which was perfect for us. We left our bags and went to find some food. 

The cheapest thing we could find was some rolls from the supermarket and some chocolate. We bought this and went and sat with the sunbathers near the beach on the grass. It was quite warm but not too hot and was a nice area to relax in, despite the awful singing from the band on the stage. 

View from our lunch spot

We the perused around Cairns, taking in the sights and window shopping as well as buying some suncream which we needed! 

We then went back to the casino, got our things and got an Uber to the airport, where we are currently. I can tell you it is a domestic flight and we are fairly early so we are just chilling, having a drink and sorting our bags before dropping them off. We arrive at our destination at 23:45 (ish) destination time, so nice and late, hence the early blog! 

Tomorrow, we have a medical to complete at the doctor’s for a visa, which is a joyous occasion! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale