Place 58 – Day 2: Kaikoura – Whale Watching, Hot Tub & Family Games Night!

We woke up a bit later, at 08:30, and got showered. We had very nice showers here again, which was a win!

Lisa went to the bakery to get some breakfast. This was an assortment of pastries.

From this point, we walked down to the whale watching building. Next to this, there was a black stony beach and a wonderful view of the mountains. We then went inside for our briefing.

After the briefing, we went into a bus to take us to the bay where the boat was.

We were then on the boat for 2.5 hours! We saw a lot of Albatross, including the biggest one in the world, the wandering Albatross. As well as this, we got to see the mountains from the sea, which were stunning.

There were many other birds that we saw, too. We stopped moving a few times so the crew could track the whales’ sonar, which we were unlucky with the first few times.

After a while, they finally heard the sonar of a whale and we raced to where it should be and, sure enough, it was right there, just chilling on the top of the water. We were then told that it was about to dive back down and we got some great photos and videos!

We then made our way back to land and got on the bus back to the whale watching building.

From here, Kim went off with Lisa and the kids to get food whilst Curtis and Gareth went to get the campervan looked at as there were some warning lights appearing.

Kim, the kids and Lisa were unable to find any food and met Curtis and Gareth at the garage before going to Subway for lunch.

After lunch, we went back to the garage and found out that the campervan was all good so didn’t have to worry about that at all. We then went to the shop to get dinner supplies.

We got back to the campsite and fancied a dip in the hottub, so we did that for a couple of hours, though it was incredibly hot!

We got out and had a shower and then it was time for dinner.

We had a BBQ for dinner, though it was too cold to sit outside so we went inside and had a lovely meal!

After this, we went to the onsite games room and all had an amazing time playing the games there. There was table tennis, fußball, pool & air hockey. We were here for ages and then had to head to bed at 22:00!

Tomorrow is another driving day but not too long, which is a positive.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Franz Josef, Kaikoura

Place 57 & 58 – Day 2 & 1: Franz Josef & Kaikoura – Glacier Walk

We woke up at 07:30 again and got ready for the day. The showers at the campsite were lovely and warm so we each used those and then had some bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast, along with a coffee.

We ate our food and drove to the glacier, which was a 10 or so minute drive down the road.

We parked in the car park and started the walk. The walk was about 4km (round trip) and was suggested it would take 1 hour 30 minutes.

We started walking through the forested area and then we could already see the icy tops of the glaciers through the trees!

After that, we kept walking and got closer and closer. We then got to a set of small waterfalls, which was all enjoyed and walked around. Some had rainbows in them if you looked at the right angle, which was beautiful.

We walked on and the views were stunning! Eventually, after quite a while, we got to the closest point you can go to look at the glacier, which was 750m away.

We stayed here for a while and then started to walk back. As we walked, it started to rain a little and got colder and more windy. Due to this, the mountains looked awesome!

We got back to the campervan and had a much needed drink.

We then set off for the drive to our next campsite. This was a 7.5 hour drive back the way we came from yesterday!

We stopped at McDonald’s in Greymouth to get some food as we all became a little tired and hungry.

We set off again and eventually made it to our next campsite at 20:45. This campsite is a 5* campsite which has all kinds of bells and whistles! We are here for two nights rather than one as we have something fun planned tomorrow!

Once we were parked up, we went right down the road and had some wonderful Indian food for dinner!

We got back and that was bed time..we were all very exhausted after a long drive today.

Tomorrow will be great fun!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale