Place 17 – Day 13: Norefjord – Langedrag Nature Park 

Today we woke up at 07:00 to get ready to head out to Hege’s work which is a nature park up in the mountains!

We were lucky enough to get in early to the park and we were there for a good 8 hours!

Due to the park being in the mountain, it was a little windy and colder, but the weather was beautiful. The first thing we did was went into an enclosure which had horses and cows in. There were highland cows, including a lovely baby one and it was beautiful! 

Baby highland cow!
Adult Highland Cow

We then walked around the park, seeing many animals such as Reindeer, Arctic Foxes, Elk, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Boar and more!

Baby Horse!

We were able to see the sled dogs which were training and they seemed to be very aggressive but they really were not!

Sled dog

We attempted to get to a feeding show of the Elk, but we went to the wrong place but we still saw the elk!

The Elk

We walked around a bit more and then we went on a talk which was actually a lot longer than expected which took us to the end of the day! Before we went to this, we had a nice hot chocolate in the café.

We then went on the talk which was feeding for 2 types of wolves, lynx, reindeer & arctic fox. 

One of the pack of wolves were just fed from afar. We headed to the Lynx enclosure, which the guide went into to feed them! 

The Lynx

The guide then took us to the Reindeer enclosure which also had Arctic Foxes in there. We actually got to go into the enclosure and feed both animals!

Kim feeding an Arctic Fox
Kim feeding a reindeer

We went to the next wolf enclosure next, which was awesome as the guide went into the enclosure and got them to howl!

A wolf being friendly with the keeper

We had a nice busy day and now we’re going to be having a big Chinese buffet, all homemade as Martin & Hege lived in China!

Tomorrow, we unfortunately leave here as we are going to another place which will be revealed tomorrow. 

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 17 – Day 12: Norefjord – Fence Completion, Moving Logs & Tractor Ride 

We had crêpes, made by Kim, for breakfast and then, at 10:15, we began with completing the fence we started on our first day. We had to stretch out fencing wire across the posts we had put in previously and then hammer in staples.

Kim figuring out the fencing

We did this for a couple of hours but got hungry, so we went in for lunch. Today’s lunch was spaghetti with veg and a tomato sauce (and coffee).

We went back out and completed our fence, with some parts being an absolute mission as trees were in the way, but we were able to complete it!

Part of the finished product

We then had to do the same as the other day and move some logs. We got them all into the trailer and we all then got to have a ride on the trailer on the back of the tractor! 
Trailer rides are pretty exciting!

Kim went in to make a wonderful roast dinner whilst Curtis & Jana were working with Martin to try and get the trailer detached from the tractor as it wasn’t working as expected! We eventually got it removed and then came inside after a long and heavy day for our wonderful roast dinner which is heavily deserved!

This was our last day of working here, as we leave on Monday. 

We have a day off tomorrow and we have a plan to go with Hege to her work, so it should be an interesting blog!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 17 – Day 11: Norefjord – Hay Drying Rack & Moving Logs

We were told we could sleep in until 10:00, which was lovely! We woke up and went in to make breakfast. Kim made crêpes again and Martin came back from London and was able to get crêpes too!

We relaxed for the morning and then when we started on making a hay drying rack which is a traditional Norwegian thing to create. This was basically some wooden sticks with wire across them. These took a few hours and then we walked down the road and Martin & Hege were cutting and moving large logs into a trailer.

Using the tractor, we clamped it onto the logs and carried it onto the trailer. Kim was using the rope and making sure that it was still flat.

Once we did this, Kim made pesto pasta and a side salad as well as a lemon drizzle cake which was great!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 17 – Day 10: Norefjord – Project Pallet-Bed

We had finished the room yesterday which was nice to see our hard work completed, though we did have some things to finish up!

We needed to get a temporary bed made, from pallets, as well as get a desk upstairs.

We got 1 pallet from this shop this morning and luckily had 3 others which we had to sand down. Curtis sanded them down, but they each took a long time and only 1.5 were completed by lunchtime!

We had leftovers for luncb, as well as coffee, of course, and then we we back outside to complete the sanding. 

Curtis looking beautiful in his face mask

Once they were sanded they were stained to give them a nicer colour and then we had to get them upstairs.

We opened a hatch and used a homemade pully system to get them up! We attached rope to them and pulled from the other end and sure enough they went up! 

We got those upstairs and they are ready to be put together as a temporary bed.

We then had to get a desk up, which we used the same system to do, but it was a little more difficult. We had to jimmy it around to get it through the gap but we managed to get it through.

We then went outside, with a beer, to enjoy the sun for a bit before relaxing.

Incedible view with the sun shining this evening!

Kim is going to make either a katsu curry (if possible) or breaded chicken pieces!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 17 – Day 9: Norefjord – Mission Successful!

We were tasked with making breakfast this morning and Kim made a good ol’ English fry-up! Egg, homemade bacon (Yes, from previous pigs!), Lamb Sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato and toast! It was beautiful!

We started at 09:30 this morning, so a little later, and all morning we were working to fit 2 last planks into the middle of the ceiling. There is a beam in the middle of the room which we had to fit 2 planks next to and they were causing a lot of issues! We had to fit it into the gaps, but it was a little wide and long, so we had to keep cutting this down, sanding it and shredding it. 

Eventually, we got these pieces to fit and one was short so we had to add another piece with an angle, but we fit those up there perfectly!

In the afternoon, we needed to add in the wood around the windows and most of it was perfect fit but one window was not. This meant that we had to cut it down, sand it and get it to fit! 

We did this and then the room was complete! We picked out the moss from the walls and cleaned the floor.

Curtis and Jana (another HelpX’r) sugar soaped the floor but didn’t wipe the excess off so it had to be done again! 

Kim went with Hege and Tarn to the shop to get both food and a pallet, which we are using for our next project! 

Kim made tacos for dinner and then she was fluffing wool!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 17 – Day 8: Norefjord – Room Project Nearing Completion

Today we were back to work and we were really excited to get started! 

We woke at 07:50 to make breakfast. Kim made french toast, which was delicious!

We then went back up to the room to continue with sanding, cutting and shaping the planks for the ceiling trim.

We spent most of the morning to get all of the planks sanded and cut and continued with the room after lunch and had a few planks left to screw in, but the problem is that we had to cut them to specific angles and let’s say it wasn’t easy!

We did manage to get them all screwed in and there isn’t many jobs left! We just need to remove the wall insulation and replace it with wool, add in some more planks in the middle of the room and then paint and varnish the floor.

We finished work and then booked some more flights and had showers. 

We’re being made Thai Curry for dinner by Hege, which Curtis is really looking forward to!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Place 17 – Day 7: Norefjord – A Whole Lotta Nothin’

Today, we decided to take our day off as we’re quite tired and also it was meant to rain all day!

We had a small lay in, waking up at around 10:00 before having a lovely breakfast of eggs on toast.

We relaxed for a little bit and then thought we should probably use our time wisely and look into some flights for some of our future travels.

This has pretty much been what we have done all day, along with playing with Tarn, the baby, Kim has been making some more ice cream and she also went shopping with Tarn & Hege and is now making honey roasted vegetables with beer gravy, which we’re all salivating just thinking about!

As mentioned above, it said on the forecast that there was meant to be rain all day, but there hasn’t been a single drop, which is frustrating!

We were considering taking a short hike, but decided that we really couldn’t be bothered and we will probably just do it after we finish work one day…Maybe tomorrow!

This blog is pretty much at its end now. Sorry for the short one, but we’ve pretty much done nothing all day, so not much to report! Back to work tomorrow, meaning there should be something interesting to speak about!

Ha det!

– Mr & Mrs Hale