Place 12 – Day 4: Prague – Nothing 

Today has been an admin day really. 

We woke up a bit later and just sat around eating breakfast and completing some admin online. 

We then went for a walk at around 2pm just down to the centre and back really. Didn’t look at anything specific, it was just nice to get out. 

It was super hot again today! 

We got back and had some home made wraps and watched TV, then went back our for a short evening stroll but got bored and came back! 

We completed our vote by proxy forms and sent those off! (important to vote everyone)!

Then, we packed as we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon!


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 12 – Day 3: Prague – Castle & Garden 

We left a little later today and walked to the Prague Castle! 

We walk up a hill and arrived at a park near the castle, after an hour walk. We relaxed on a bench at the park for a little then continued and found the Royal Garden. This was free, so we went in. It was lovely! Lots of flowers, some fountains and a cool building. 

We then walked on and found the castle which engulfs a Gothic cathedral, which is one of the most incredible things we’ve seen since traveling! 

Once we were done here, we walked back towards the hostel and stopped for some lunch. 

We arrived back at the hostel and now we’re off for a swim to relax and cool off! 

Later, we’re going for a drink with some friends and then just taking a stroll back! 

1.5 days left of Prague, then we move on! 

Photos aren’t uploading! Please check Facebook photos (photos link) for all photos of today! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 12 – Day 2: Prague – Sweets, Chocolate & Czech Food 

Our plan for today was to walk around. Prague has a lot of cool buildings and most of the ‘things to do’ are looking at buildings. 

We had a walk around for a little and then went to the chocolate museum! 

We first saw people making sweets, which we got to try! 

We then paid to go into the chocolate museum, which we got to see the history of chocolate as well as get ‘unlimited’ chocolate!

We then got to watch someone make pralines and try those too! 

Once we left the museum, we walked for a little more and found Hamley’s! We walked around the store, which was huge! Kim went down the slide and hugged a gorilla… 

Today was an awesome day! We topped it off with watching some Irish dancing.. For some reason.. And some Czech food. A nice beef goulash with bread dumplings.


– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 12 – Day 1: Prague 🇨🇿 – Fancy Laundry Place

Ahoj!!! 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

We had a 7 hour bus journey from Krakow to reach our next destination, Prague! 

We took an overnight bus from 23:00 which arrived at 6:30am in Prague. 

We didn’t sleep great on the bus, so we were quite tired. We started walking to the hostel and found a Mcdonalds on the way for some breakfast. 

We arrived at the hostel but couldn’t check in until 3, so we decided to complete laundry. 

We walked for over an hour and reached the snazziest laundry service you’ve ever you’ll ever see. I here is free tea/coffee, comfortable seats for relaxing, great prices and friendly staff! Like a hostel but it washes clothes!!

We completed the laundry, got some lunch and headed back to the hostel. We checked into the hostel which, by the way, has a pool, sauna etc. We ended up falling asleep, rather than going to get food! 


– Mr and Mrs Hale