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Place 72 – Day 11: Vancouver,BC – We Have An Apartment!

Bank, Again

We made our way, in the rain, to the bank. We had to visit again as Kim’s account wasn’t working yesterday so they had to try again today.

We were able to get some Starbucks coffee from the bank, too!

They eventually got Kim’s account sorted, after a couple of hours, and then we went into the city.

Apartment Viewing…Or Not?

We got all the way into the city and then were planning our route to the first apartment viewing.

We started to head there, but Kim then received a phone call saying we could go and see another apartment right now. After some confusion, this turned out to be an apartment we had seen yesterday…Actually the exact apartment we wanted! They were actually offering us to rent the apartment, so we cancelled all other viewings and raced right over there on the train.

We Have An Apartment

We got over to the place and met the manager of the building. He went through a few things, got us to sign the paperwork and we paid the deposit. We chatted with him for a while and we are confirmed to move in around the 1st June, which is incredibly exciting.

The apartment is exactly what we wanted and is in a perfect location for if we get jobs downtown.

We now need to focus on getting work, and we both have interviews lined up, so we’re hopeful to get some soon!

Celebratory McDonald’s

We thought we better get some food as we were hungry, so we went to McDonald’s to get some food, having not eaten since breakfast. Kim had a chicken wrap and Curtis went for a fancy angus burger.

Back Home & We Can Now Relax

We got home and were able to get comfortable and just relax. Having an apartment sorted means we have a lot of spare time, though we do have a few things to get sorted still, other than jobs.

We did very little for the rest of the day, just relaxing, did a little job searching but for the most part, nothing, which was a much different day than we thought we were going to have, as we had 3 apartment viewings booked.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale



Place 49 – Day 189: Auckland – Capitola Watches

We woke up and Kim went to get some breakfast for the supermarket. We had eggs, bacon, pancakes and beans.

Kim’s colleague dropped off a package for us around late morning. This package was exciting as it is our first brand ambassadorship!

We’ve partnered with Capitola Watches! We both got our own watch and also have a discount code that you can use at http://www.capitolawatches.com! When checking out, use the code: MRANDMRSHALE for 10% off!

We’re very excited to have a partnership and the watches are beautiful with a great quality.

Check out photos on our social media!

We watched TV for most of the day, then we had to drive to Avondale rink for Curtis’ hockey game!

Curtis’ team were pumped to play due to watching the USA/CAN game last night, and didn’t it show!

Curtis’ team took an early 2-1 lead, with Curtis being on the ice for both and assisting on the second (by hitting it out the air, by the way!).

After that, Curtis’ team held it very well and came out with the 4-1 win!

We left the rink and drove home, getting a pizza on the way!

We got home and watched far too many episodes of ‘The Bridge’ and then it was bedtime!

More awesome stuff happens tomorrow!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 120: Auckland – Surprise Booking & Homemade Steak Dinner

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim headed into work and started putting out the outside furniture.

It was a nice and easy going morning when suddenly 15 people walked in for a prebooked breakfast that we didn’t know about!

Everything went fine, it was just a bit of a shock!

The rest of the morning was a steady flow of check outs and queries so it was never a quiet minute! Kim also met with a couple who were interested in the hotel function rooms for their wedding.

Kim then sat herself down for a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast at midday.

She then spent the next few hours organising upcoming bookings before heading home at 2.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 09:30 and had a couple of toasted hot crossed buns for breakfast along with a coffee and an orange juice.

Curtis then played a bit of Xbox, showered and got ready to watch the Leafs’ 2nd playoff game against Boston!

Curtis watched the game (7-3 to Boston!) and then Kim came home!

Both of us;

Once Kim got home we chilled and watched some TV and then Kim cooked an amazing steak dinner! We had seasoned scotch fillet steak with roasted honey and soy vegetables along with lemon infused broccoli and a homemade red wine jus!

Once we ate this we drank some wine, played some games and watched some more TV.

Curtis has his last week (finally!) in Wellington this week, so off to the airport in the morning!)

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 & 53 – Day 117 & 12: Auckland & Wellington – Some Sun? ☀

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a really late start of 4pm so had a nice long lie in. The treated herself to poached eggs and hash browns for breakfast.

The wifi was still down in the morning so Kim used her phone as a hotspot in order to watch some TV, it worked so well! This surprised Kim because she is usually bad at that sort of stuff.

Kim then paid the tax on her car, it was very quick and easy.

Then she headed out to give Tabitha a life how from the city. She popped across the bridge, picked her up and then dropped her off on the way to work.

Kim was covering for a couple of people tonight as it was meant to be her day off. She got in and spent most of the evening on bar. It was a really good shift where nothing terrible happened and we were busy enough to keep us ticking over, it wasn’t busy, it was just constant.

Kim then popped to the shop to grab some garlic bread to go with the leftover risotto from yesterday. Kim thought the if she gets some then there is enough food for her for tonight and Curtis for tomorrow.

She then got home, cooked the risotto and had a nice chat with Curtis. After this she curled up on the couch and watched some more TV. Just before heading to bed she called Curtis one last time, its the best way to end any day when he isn’t here!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis must have been tired because he slept through his alarms and woke up 15 minutes late. Luckily, he was still able to leave at normal time.

Strangely, the storm had all but gone and there was some sun!

He headed down for breakfast (he went for bacon and eggs this morning!) and then left to get to the client.

Curtis was able to sit down, relax a little and get 95% of niggling problems sorted. There were a few files that hadn’t migrated (again!) and so he had to deal with that too!

Before he knew it, the work day was over so he went back to the hotel.

When Curtis got back, it turned out he had to get some stuff done anyway, as well as finishing some of the migration.

Curtis chilled for most of the evening though and ordered some Mexican for dinner! Chips and dips and a BIG burrito bowl!

At least there was no fire today, eh?

Curtis works for the morning and then flies back to Auckland in the evening.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 97: Auckland – Mini Sofa & Accompaniments

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim had a day off! This meant she had a lot of time to get stuff done.

She starts her day by making poached eggs on toast for breakfast.

It went well and they tasted lovely.

Kim then went on a search for a little sofa for their room and found one.

She arranged to pick it up in the evening. While looking for a sofa Kim also found a little suitcase for a bargain of $19 which meant that curtis could give back the one he was borrowing from a work friend.

Kim drove across Auckland to pick up the suitcase and on the way back stopped at Curtis’ office to see what it was like. It’s very big, empty and has bright colours.

Kim the headed home and made a light lunch while she waited for Curtis to come home.

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and had to figure out what was wrong with a laptop before sending it back to the client.

Curtis got the laptop figured out and then got prepared for the site visit he had to do as well as answering some emails.

At 09:30, Curtis drove to the client who were just down the road.

Curtis had to setup a new wireless access point which was incredibly simple. He then helped with a few questions and issues before leaving and getting back to the office.

Curtis spent the afternoon getting as much either done or handed off for next week.

Curtis is away with his boss in Wellington for the next two weeks so no point him having cases!

Kim popped in to see Curtis in the office at about 15:30 and left shortly after.

Curtis drove home at 16:40.

Both of us;

Once Curtis was home, we watched some TV and relaxed before driving down to Mount Eden to collect a sofa. The sofa just fit in the car, though we did need to strap the boot down a little.

We got it home and took it upstairs and set it up. We feel that it looks good!

We then went out for KFC and when we got home we shared some alcoholic drinks with our flatmate.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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Place 49 – Day 63: Auckland – Last Day Before Business Trip!

We both woke up at 09:30 and then had some breakfast. Kim had work at 11:00 so she had to get ready, whilst Curtis only got ready to take Kim to work.

Curtis then dropped Kim off at work. There was traffic due to a lot of tourists and a house & cart!

Kim’s Day;

Kim was on reception when she got in today. This meant she was in the way but trying hard! As this was her first proper normal restaurant shift Kim was still getting to grips with the menu and struggled a bit. Hopefully she was of some use!

She cleared tables, took orders and ran drinks.

At 14:00, Kim sat down at reception but still had her head in restaurant mode, it took a solid 10 minutes to transfer over and remember what this part of he job was about.

Kim spent her evening checking people in to their rooms and helping the guests with queries that they had.

She printed off many boarding passes for people heading home and added a few new bookings on to the system.

It was a good evening and Kim was pretty happy with how it went.

Curtis’ Day;

When Kim left, Curtis got his and Kim’s shirts ironed. Curtis only ironed his a little as they’ll need to be done again anyway.

Once Curtis finished with this, he packed for his trip tomorrow!

After he had done all of this, it was almost time for the Leafs’ game!

Curtis set the game up on the TV and watched that until 16:00. Curtis also checked in for the flights he has tomorrow.

Curtis made himself some dinner around 17:30. For dinner, he made a Mish Mash dinner of 2 chicken burgers (with BBQ sauce, of course!), pepper, tomatoes and buttered mushrooms.

Curtis at his food and then just played Xbox until he had to pick up Kim from work at around 22:15.

Both of us;

We got home and Kim had a shower and then it was straight to bed!

Curtis is working from home until around 11:00 which is when he will get an UBER to the airport.

Kim is planning to go in a little early so will be waking up at 05:00!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 49 – Day 49: Auckland – Cinema Take Two

We woke up and had the same breakfast as yesterday, but it was still delicious!

We played some Fortnite and then Curtis watched the Leafs whilst Kim played fortnite and baked some cookies with Ben!

The cookies were M&M cookies and they came out really well and they are tasty!

Once the baking was done, we left to go to the cinema!

We went to watch Pitch Perfect 3. We got there with plenty of time remaining but we had to queue for a while so didn’t have any time by the time we got our tickets. We also got some popcorn which was tasty.

The cinema had reclining seats in all screens, so we got to have our feet up whilst we watched the film! Very comfy and the film was pretty good.

We finished the film and got back into the car to drive home. On the way, we went to the supermarket and picked up a frozen pizza each as we were feeling lazy!

We watched the season 2 finale of Peaky Blinders and then played some fortnite.

Kim starts work tomorrow!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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Place 42 – Apollo Bay 🇦🇺: Day 1 – Blue Lake, Sunken Garden & Driving Up Mountains

🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺G’Day! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

We left our Couchsurfing host at about 06:30 and we had a 9 hour drive!

We ensured that we stopped at McDonald’s on the way because we needed a healthy breakfast!

We got on the road at astound 7:15 or so and headed to Apollo Bay. The journey was easy and we got to Mount Gambier in no time! Mount Gambier is a big tourist attraction which we were aware of, so we made sure to stop there on our way.

First off, we stopped for lunch which we got from muffin break for a decent price! Their coffee is delectable. 

We left here and headed to the blue lake. 

This is a volcanic crater which is used as a water supply and is incredibly blue!

We left here and headed just down the road to the sunken garden. This is a garden which has been crafted around a sinkhole, which was interesting! At least until we came across 2 beehives and decided to leave!

During the drive, we got more and more into a forest and more and more up a mountain!

We are actually staying just past Apollo Bay and basically on a mountain!

We got to a point where it was a gravel track and also very close to the edge, but we survived!

There was a lot of parrots flying around too, in beautiful colours. 

We arrived at our helpX an the lady is wonderful! We had a coffee and a chat and then had some food along with a chat, so we can’t complain!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

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Place 41 – Day 7: Adelaide – Shark Chase! 

Today is our final day in Adelaide!

Curtis watched hockey in the morning and then we had breakfast and got ready before going to the beach!

The weather was much warmer today, so a beach day was ideal. 

We walked along the beach before we realised that a helicopter was coming in and a life boat was out to sea.

We thought at first that someone was drowning and it was a rescue, but then it didn’t look like one so we thought it was training. 

We saw a life guard on the beach and, like everyone else was, we asked what was going on. He explained that a small (2m!) shark had been spotted and they were chasing it away! This went on for a while before it was all clear. The shark wasn’t too far out either!

After this, we walked along the beach and found a spot to sit and chill. We sat and drank a drink and listened to some music.

We needed to go to the shop so we made sure that we left with plenty of time and made the walk back to the apartment and grabbed the car.

We got some pesto for cheese and tomato pesto pasta, which we also made for our host!

We are leaving tomorrow morning for a 9 hour drive. We leave early and we will no longer be in Adelaide but will be on our way to our next adventure! 

The weather is meant to be getting nice, too!


-Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 34 – Day 4: Townsville – Magnetic Island, Koalas & Wallabies!

We were up nice and early this morning with a bag packed and swimming clothes on! We had french toast for breakfast and then left for the bus to the ferry terminal. 

We got to the ferry terminal, bought a ticket for both the boat and for all day travel on the busses on Magnetic Island. 

The island was only about a 20 minute journey across the water. Once we arrived, we just missed the bus so we walked to the first ‘bay’ called ‘Alma Bay’. Before we hit the bay, we walked to a spot where there are rock wallabies! We saw these wallabies, which are wild, and we watched them hopping around. They are beautiful creatures! 

 Alma bay was beautiful, quiet and relaxing! By this point we were so warm and just couldn’t wait to get into the water. We went straight into the water and spent some time there just poodling around and swimming. 

Alma Bay

We left this bay and caught the bus to horseshoe bay, which we were using purely for a food stop! We were looking for a pie again, but all we could come across was a lunchtime deal on lamb, chips & gravy which sounded perfect to us! We sat down and munched away at this delicious feast before continuing our day. 

We hopped back onto the bus and went to ‘The Forts’. This has a fort within it, as well as a demolished fort and also, we were promised koalas! 🐨

We didn’t see any koalas for a bit of the walk, but then we saw a baby followed by some more adult kualas! Everyone helps by telling you where they are, and people even make arrows on the floor with sticks to show you where they are. This area is a nature reserve and all of the koalas are technically wild! They are so cute and one was even reclining for us! 

Posing Koala

We took a while to walk around this area as it was a long, long walk to get to the top of the fort, which did have beautiful views! 

The view from the fort
A gun emplacement

We walked back down the track and took a steep hill down towards another bay. We were told that Florence bay was a great place to go and was remote, but it was a very long, hilly walk and we were far too hot and tired for that! We got to a beach called ‘Arthur Bay’ which was again, beautiful. We stopped here, relaxed on the sand for a bit but mostly played around in the sea, just messing around and being pretty childish, which is so much fun!

Arthur Bay

This was the perfect beach to end on! We left here and went back to Alma bay and to see the wallabies! Unfortunately, there were a lot of people around now but there was a lovely man that knows a lot about the wallabies and was handing out some pellets for them so you can feed them and get a stroke! Kim took the opportunity. We tried to see if we could get a beautiful sunset, but it wasn’t that beautiful. We did however get a very nice photo! 

We took a boat back in the dark which was nice, though we definitely both fell asleep! 

We got back and Kim made a wonderful Sheppard’s pie…it was delicious! 

Being in the sea all day is very tiring! 

We got to see wild kualas and wallabies?! How crazy is that? 

Traveling is awesome. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale