Place 3 – Day 3: Marseille – Crepes! 

We had no specific plans for today, other than to book our next location, and so we woke up a bit later, had breakfast in bed and watched some TV. Just relaxing! 

Then, we left the apartment with no goal, other than to walk. 

We had a walk, sat a few times, found some rocks to walk and sit on, watching the world go by!

It was the definition of a relaxed but lovely day, especially with the atmosphere and the sensational scenery of Marseille.

We strolled into the main area and got a crepe each! Kim had chocolate (obviously!) and Curtis had Apricot Jam, even though he asked for Strawberry, but it was good anyway! 

Just preparing for tomorrow now! We are up nice and early tomorrow for our 6 hour bus journey! 
– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 3 – Day 2: Marseille – Walking & Forts

Marseille is a very nice place! 

We needed to do shopping, so got that out of the way, and then we made our way out to see the sights of Marseille. 

This place is very picturesque! Forts, old buildings, sea, castles, mountains… Pretty much what you would think of a southern France location! 

We visited a Fort, walked a bit through the dock/marina, all whilst in a nice warm 20 degrees! 

We went back to the apartment for food, and had nice beef ravioli (and cheese ravioli!!), with a tomato sauce and side salad! All very tasty! 

We then headed back out to sit on some rocks by the sea and watch the sunzwt which was lovely! 

Tonight, we have the task of planning our next few moves and booking something for Sunday! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 3 – Day 1: Marseille – Travel Day

Bonjour Marseille! 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷

We are spending a couple of days in Marseille before we move on again.

We are currently on a bus, and will be arriving in Marseille in around 3 hours time! 

We’ve crossed the boarder from Spain to France, made a stop at a service station, and then we made a stop in Perpignan, before continuing towards Marseille. 

We have then made a stop at Montpellier, and have another stop about an hour from now in Nimes. 

Once we leave Nimes, we arrive at Marseille an hour or so after that, and then need to get public transport to our accommodation. 

Here’s to a nice chilled couple of days in Marseille! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale