Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 558: Vancouver, BC – Offered An Apartment!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis didn’t have many meetings today, which was good as he had quite a bit to do!

He did have a team meeting at 10:30 but then the remainder of the day was mostly free to get tickets done.

At 15:00, Curtis had a meeting with an external company and some colleagues to discuss some integrations and that was very successful.

At the end of the day, as well as some tickets, Curtis had to review an invoice and see how some money can be saved.

Kim’s Day

Today there were two new starters and one is in Kim’s team, which is exciting! To start the day Kim had a quick catch up with her colleague to go over tasks for the week and chat about on going projects.

Kim then hosted the onboarding for the two new starters. It went well and they finished early, which was good! The team Kim is on then met for an informal chat to welcome the new starter. It was really lovely to make some time to hang out on the first day!

To end the morning Kim joined the HR meeting to go over the projects going on for that side of the team. So much happened towards the end of last week so there was a lot to update people on.

In the afternoon Kim was in various team meetings with the new starter to ensure that they have everything they need and give them some direction on things that need to be done. It was a busy and good day.


We found out today that we got offered the apartment we really like, who is exciting, and we think we’ll take it but we want to go and have another look tomorrow just to make sure.

We went out for a nice walk after work just to get out.

We got back and made the last Hello Fresh meal, which was chicken with lemon pesto and couscous. It was actually very delicious!

Curtis then watched hockey once we ate and we the chilled out together once that was finished.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 557: Vancouver, BC – A Day of Playing Games

We woke up at the same time as yesterday and got ourselves ready to go to another viewing.

We got to the viewing and took a look around. We weren’t massively impressed, to be honest, it was mostly just ok.

We left here and went to the place we got breakfast yesterday to get another one today! As well as our croissant and coffee, we got a cinnamon bun to share as they always looked so good. It was actually pretty nice.

For some of the day, we watched TV and got some tax documents done.

For most of the afternoon and evening we played some games which was super fun!

We eventually got pretty hungry so made another of the Hello Fresh meals, which was vegetarian and the best one yet. It was a Greek inspired dish with chickpeas and vegetables with a tasty sauce. Very delicious.

We watched TV and Kim had a bath to round out the day.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 555: Vancouver, BC – Recruitment

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting at 09:30 with his team and then had quite a few small tasks to do up until his one on one with his manager.

After having his 1:1, he had another long team meeting followed by lunch.

Post lunch, Curtis walked down to the office to get someone’s items from them as they were leaving the company. He had a nice chat with them.

Curtis left shortly after that and had to wait a while for the elevator as the building was done to just 1!

He got back home, did a little work and then wrapped up for the day.

Kim’s Day

Most of Kim’s day was related to recruitment! There were lots of interesting meetings, things to sort and figure out. It was a challenging, educational and interesting day, Kim really enjoyed it and enjoyed having the option to learn!

To start her day Kim had a chat with a friend to discuss a local vendor and see if they would be a good fit for Kim to use at her company. It was also really nice to have a little chat and say hello!

She then focused on doing the final set up of a laptop and arranging a pickup time. She then a few recruitment meetings towards the middle of the day and Kim went over some job descriptions with a couple of department leaders.

In the afternoon Kim had more recruitment meetings and she organised a few things for the event coming up. She also took some time to organise some training for a new starter joining on Monday.


Kim worked on making a spreadsheet for all the apartments we are looking at or interested in. This will help us keep track and note down the pros and cons of them.

We ordered some Korean chicken and ate that whilst relaxing for the evening.

We have some viewings to go to tomorrow and Curtis had a haircut, too.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 554: Vancouver, BC – 4 Apartment Viewings

Curtis’ Day

Curtis began the day with a meeting to go over some application settings and decide how it needs to be setup. He and his colleagues got through quite a bit before they had to stop and go to another meeting.

The next meeting was with the entire team to discuss some new project processes which should really improve how projects get done and get tracked.

Curtis was meant to have another meeting but that got cancelled, which game him time to do the rest of his tickets which were all about checking old user accounts and seeing if they are still needed or not. That took the rest of the day, with a few other tickets thrown in.

Kim’s Day

Today was had less meetings for Kim. She started her day by setting up a laptop, unfortunately she was greeted by an error message so the set up took a little longer than anticipated.

Kim joined a department lead to discuss a few job postings, Kim got some fantastic direction for the postings that she has been working on for the week. After this meeting Kim worked on the laptop for a bit before joining the weekly recruitment meeting.

At the beginning of the afternoon Kim dropped off a laptop to a new starter. It was lovely to give them a friendly, masked wave and say hello.

Once she got home Kim hosted a little dance party as a wellness break. Then she ran out to go and see a potential apartment. It was really lovely! The apartment building is further away from downtown than their current home, but it’s in a nice and quite neighborhood, it’s a smaller building and it’s closer to the beach! Kim and Curtis later submitted an application and are excited to hear back!

On the way home Kim picked up a couple of coffees and got some admin done before a small training session with her colleague.


We left at 16:30 and went to view an apartment. We had 3 back to back which was 4 in total for today!

The first apartment was a very strange layout but the realtor was very nice. We liked the space and the sizes of the rooms, as well as the large amount of storage, but the layout was just too strange for us.

The second apartment was alright but the lady was rushed and brought in another couple at the same time as us which stressed us out a bit so we left as you’re not meant to do that at the moment due to COVID. She also didn’t give us any attention whatsoever.

After that one, we went to one pretty close to home and the man was really nice. Unfortunately, the second bedroom was far too small and there were a few things wrong with the apartment that we couldn’t look past.

We got back home after a quick trip to the shop and made another Hello Fresh meal. This time, it was a deconstructed fajita which was alright but a little bland and dry.

Kim did a little more work, which ended up taking most of the night!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 553: Vancouver, BC – Training, Training, Training

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a small team meeting at 09:30 and then at 10:30 he had a training session from someone on his team that was showing everyone how to do some something with a security software. This was very helpful and interesting!

After that was done, they’re was another team meeting that lasted for 2.5 hours!

Once Curtis had some lunch, he then had a training session in which he went over some software with someone so that they knew how to use it and had the chance to ask any questions. The person really appreciated that and Curtis felt good helping them!

He did a bit of admin after that and then the day was over and it was time to watch hockey.

Kim’s Day

To start the day Kim set up accounts for new starters and set up a few things for them. Kim then joined a meeting in regards to hiring with another department. She then joined a team meeting to discuss all things operations.

At midday Kim hosted the social lunch and they played a couple of games of among us. It was so fun and everyone had a good time!

In the afternoon Kim sent out a few emails and worked in some projects. She also had a meeting about HR things and then hosted a training session with her team mate. To finish the day Kim continued setting up a laptop for a new starter.


Kim went to go to a viewing of an apartment whilst Curtis was watching hockey, but the person was late, which actually meant that Curtis was able to go too as hockey finished in time.

Curtis met Kim there and we looked around the apartment. It was large and very nice, but there are a few things that we aren’t sure about.

We got back home and Kim chatted with a former colleague and then made Butter Chicken from our HelloFresh box which we got for free! It was pretty tasty and super easy to make.

We watched some TV and relaxed and chatted about the apartments we have seen to decide our current rankings.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 552: Vancouver, BC – Late Evening Working

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had little planned for the day, but that gave him good time to get some tickets done. Most of the day was spent doing that, just getting tickets done, and he also had a quick training session with a colleague who showed him how to do a few things.

Kim’s Day

Kim started on event planning in the morning before she jumped into a recruitment meeting with a couple of department heads. It was such an interesting meeting and Kim got great clarity on the next few months.

She then joined the weekly meeting and gave an update before joining the weekly project meeting where they went over the action points.

From those two meetings Kim then joined a finance meeting to go over the HR system to make sure that the team have the accesses that they need.

Kim took a quick stop for lunch and then went to host a wellness break of meditation that one one person came to. So they used the time to have a quick catch up.

Shortly after that Kim joined a casual interview / chat with a candidate. Once the interview was done Kim had a round up conversation with the department managers to figure out the next steps.

Kim then did some training with her colleague on onboarding. Kim showed her the process and then watched as her colleague tried it too. It went really well and Kim is so excited to pass these things over to her colleague.

She then went out for a masked walk with her colleague and it was so nice. The fresh air was amazing!

When she got home Kim got some admin done and spent most of the evening working on job descriptions.


Kim worked a lot of the evening as she had to get some things done, but she really knuckled down and got them done which she was happy with, although she had to work fairly late into the evening!

We had some pizza for dinner and Kim had a bit of a relax before Kim got right back to work.

We did get to watch a bit of TV together in the late evening and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 551: Vancouver, BC – Re-Viewing An Apartment

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had to help someone that messages his last night and was able to fix their issues!

Curtis then had a meeting with his team, followed by a meeting to go over a process flow with some of the members of his team.

There were some changes needed to the flow, so Curtis spent some time doing that and then had some lunch.

Once that was done, Curtis had some tickets to do in the afternoon.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by sending a few emails and making plans. She then had two meetings with her colleagues to discuss the week coming and what happened last week.

Kim then had a meeting with someone from another team to discuss a project that they are working on together. The meeting overran but they managed to get so many things done, it was such a success!

Around midday Kim cohosted an interview that went really well. Then once she was back from lunch Kim managed to get some more paperwork done before meeting with the other person from the interview to discuss how it went.

In the afternoon Kim also managed to take some time to get a few things done for an event happening soon. Then she popped out to look at the apartment that they saw a few weeks ago. Now that Curtis and Kim are getting a bit more serious about looking for places Kim wanted to see the unit again to be sure it might be a good fit for them.

When she got home Kim continued working on paperwork and the event.


Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim viewed the apartment and whilst she did a bit more work once she was back.

Once that was done, Kim made a delicious egg fried rice and we relaxed for the remainder of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 550: Vancouver, BC – Busy Sunday!

We woke up around the same time as yesterday, with really no plan.

It was meant to rain all day, so we didn’t think we would get out for a walk, but the weather wasn’t bad so we went out!

Before that, though, Kim ran out and got us a croissant each for breakfast and a coffee and we chilled out for a while.

We did a bit of laundry and got ourselves ready, then left.

We got a coffee and just walked and talked for way longer than we planned to, but it was nice and wasn’t actually too cold outside.

We got back home and watched a bit of TV for a bit, as well as doing some more laundry and house work.

We had another apartment in the building to view, so we did that and then went right to do our weekly shop.

We got the shop done and got back home, fairly hungry! Kim made a really nice white wine chicken pasta which was perfect.

We took out the recycling after dinner and then we watched a bit of TV before Kim had a nice relaxing bath.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 549: Vancouver, BC – New Coffee Shop?

We had a late start today but had a really good sleep!

We got up and had a cooked breakfast, similar to our dinner we had the other night, and then got ourselves ready for the day.

We went out for a short walk, just in time to beat the rain!

We had a coffee at a shop we had walked past a lot but never been in called Matchsticks.

We really liked the coffee from there, so it may be a new one we visit from time to time!

We had our short walk until it just started to rain, then we headed back home.

Curtis then watched hockey and Kim looked at some apartments and watched Happy Feet.

We then had a nice easy dinner, some chicken with rice, and then relaxed watching some TV and playing games.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 548: Vancouver, BC – Another Fun Games Night!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a team meeting at 09:30 and then after that he had some tickets to get done.

At 11:00, he had a little training session which was ran by someone who is on his team. This was informative and very helpful!

Once this was done, Curtis had a call with somebody to get an integration setup which took longer than expected, but then after that, Curtis had lunch with Kim, which she went and bought!

We had that and then Curtis had a meeting to surprise a boss at work as they got a promotion!

Once that was done, Curtis did some more tickets and some admin and then was done.

Whilst Kim was having her games night, Curtis played some games with some colleagues.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by completing paperwork ahead of a meeting, she also arranged a few other meetings for the day. She then joined her first call where she went through paperwork with her colleague. Then they went into another meeting to complete other paperwork.

After the calls Kim popped out to pick up a laptop for a new starter. She also picked up some lunch on the way home.

After lunch Kim had a call with her manager to discuss budgets for some things. Then Kim had a call with her teammate to show her part of a process for new starters. They also went over a document that they are working on together.

Kim then popped out to a shop to see if they had any of the mailing things that she needs. She couldn’t find any, but was able to get an idea of the size of the packaging that she needs so went back and ordered it online.

Kim then hosted another games night. It was a smaller group of people but it was still so fun! At the end of the games night Kim ended up having a strategy chat with a couple of people in regards to hiring. It was really interesting and so useful too!


We had pizza from dinner as it is easy and also delicious.

We went to buy that and then chilled out together for the rest of the evening.

We played some more games and more card games as well as watching TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale