Place 37 – Day 1: Walpole 🇦🇺 – Car Sleeping, Margaret River, Augusta & Walpole


As mentioned last night, we set off into the night to drive to Margaret River. This is a small town about 2 hours from Perth which is apparently a big tourist attraction.

We arrived at about 23:00 and we assumed that a camp site would be open…we were wrong!

We were so tired and we drove around the whole town for a while trying to find somewhere to sleep, but to no avail! All hotels and hostels had no reception after 19:00 either!

At around 01:10 we got fed up and ecided just to drive to the next town, Augusta. This was about 30 minutes drive away. We got just into the highway and noticed a layby…This quickly became our camping spot for the night.

We just slept in the front of the car for about 4 hours or so before heading back towards Augusta at 05:30.

In Augusta, it was very pretty and  there were a lot of secluded beaches as well as an old waterwheel and a lighthouse, both of which were stunning! Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good enough for the beaches, so we just saw them, took photos and continued on the road to Walhole.

Walhole was a bit down the road from Augusta and was just somewhere we found a place to stay! We had booked a few places through hotels.com and so had a free night and managed to get the price down to a decent price!

We have been in this lodge for most of the day, other than going to the shop to get some food. We were far too tired to do anything and so have just relaxed and napped.

We don’t really want a repeat of the issues we had with accommodation again, so we have been planning our next locations, booking some places or at least finding some places to stay.

We had some ravioli and garlic bread for dinner, which was delicious!

Let’s hope this all works!


– Mr & Mrs Hale