Place 41 – Day 7: Adelaide – Shark Chase! 

Today is our final day in Adelaide!

Curtis watched hockey in the morning and then we had breakfast and got ready before going to the beach!

The weather was much warmer today, so a beach day was ideal. 

We walked along the beach before we realised that a helicopter was coming in and a life boat was out to sea.

We thought at first that someone was drowning and it was a rescue, but then it didn’t look like one so we thought it was training. 

We saw a life guard on the beach and, like everyone else was, we asked what was going on. He explained that a small (2m!) shark had been spotted and they were chasing it away! This went on for a while before it was all clear. The shark wasn’t too far out either!

After this, we walked along the beach and found a spot to sit and chill. We sat and drank a drink and listened to some music.

We needed to go to the shop so we made sure that we left with plenty of time and made the walk back to the apartment and grabbed the car.

We got some pesto for cheese and tomato pesto pasta, which we also made for our host!

We are leaving tomorrow morning for a 9 hour drive. We leave early and we will no longer be in Adelaide but will be on our way to our next adventure! 

The weather is meant to be getting nice, too!


-Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 41 – Day 6: Adelaide – Mt Lofty

We were intending to wake up at a decent time, but we didn’t get out of bed until around 12:00!

We went to the shop quick to get some groceries for breakfast. 

We had hash browns, beans, French toast and bacon!

By the time we got ready and left it was around 14:00, but this made no difference!

We took the 35 minute drive to Mt Lofty. We were going to walk up, but decided that as we had the car and it was fairly warm that it would be rude not to drive up!

We drove to the top and stopped in at the Cafe for a cappuccino!

We then went to the viewing deck which had beautiful views of the city!

We walked the ‘discovery’ path which was just a 15 minute walk around the summit which was through a forest area with some funky trees and nice views!

We left here and went to the shop again but this time for dinner. We had chilli con Carne on top of potato wedges with a side salad and it was delightful!

We then caught up on some TV as well as looking at some places to stay in the future, but mostly just watching TV!


-Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 41 – Day 5: Adelaide – Museum pt. 2, picnic pt2 & first Couchsurfing experience! 

We checked out of our hostel but were able to leave the car there, so we did just that and walked to the museum. 

We finished the rest of the museum, which ended up taking 2 hours! 

We started at the discovery center, which had interesting animals like the redback spider along with snakes and other animals. 

We then went to the pacific section which is a section dedicated to areas like Papua new Guinea, new zealand, new Caledonia and areas like that. This was, again, very interesting!

We saw the space section as well as the Egypt section, which had real mummified bodies and body parts which are amazing! 

We finished the museum with the animal section which had stuffed animals from all different parts of the world.

The museum turned out to be really awesome and free!

We got back to the hostel and decided on a picnic again, so we took Merlijn, Emily (a German girl) and Merlijn’s friend to the Botanic garden for a picnic! We had a great time but then it got cold so we went back to the hostel.

We left the hostel after about 1 hour to get to our first Couchsurfing host! We turned up at what we thought was the right house but it turned out to be incorrect and we had a chat with a nice English man and saw his lovely borer collie dog! 

We then figured out we went to 35 instead of 53 which made sense as to why it was incorrect!

We got to our Couchsurfer and had a chat for an hour or so before we went for a walk to the beach and a spot to eat!

We had a beer and a lovely pie dinner with our host at a pub which was lovely! We were right in line with where the sun was setting which was absolutely stunning!

So far, couchsurfing is awesome!


– Mr & Mrs Hale


Place 41 – Day 4: Adelaide – museums & Picnic 

Kim went out with Merlijn (our Dutch friend) to the art museum which had some dresses and other art. Kim spent a couple of hours doing this as well as getting some coffee!

During this time, Curtis watched the Leafs play and then went to join Kim and Merlijn outside the South Australia Museum.

We finished our coffee and then went to the South Australia Museum. We weren’t able to see most of the museum, but we saw the aboriginal part of the museum which was awesome! We learned a lot and saw a lot of boomerangs.


We left here and went to the shop to get some food for dinner. We decided we were going to have a picnic!

We got everything we needed and headed to the main river in Adelaide. We met a guy from the hostel on the way, Jed (from Birmingham) and we took him with us!

We sat and ate food and had a great time! We were there during sunset and just had a chat, listened to music and time passed so fast!

We had a great time and actually ate a lot of the food we bought, even though it was too much!

We got back to the hostel and chatted with people so more and finished our wine. 


– Mr and Mrs Hale


Place 41 – Day 3: Adelaide – Botanic Garden

We had pancakes and then made sure we got out at a good time. 

We went to the Botanic garden. This was free so we thought why not go!

It was actually really big and actually very beautiful. There were a lot of cool trees there, too. It’s odd because we don’t normally like things like that but it was very interesting. 

We then went to the rainforest area which was at the back and in a large beautiful building. 

We then came back and watched the bake off final because it would get spoiled for us if we didn’t!

We then went to the supermarket and bought some tomatoes to have pesto pasta again as it was delicious!

We spoke with some people in our hostel for a bit too, which was nice. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 41 – Day 2: Adelaide – Chinatown & City Exploration 

We woke up at 08:30 for pancakes which were included in our hostel price!

We had a few of these each with cinnamon sugar/lemon & sugar. This was a tasty way to start the day!

We spent the day at the hostel messaging people on workaway and helpx for our next few places to ensure we get it booked before we get there and hopefully for a decent price!

We did this for pretty much the whole day and then went quickly to the supermarket to get some pasta, cheese, pesto & tomatoes to make pesto pasta!

We had our pesto pasta which Kim made along with a side salad and then we went back to the room to sort out our clothes which we had to wash due to bed bugs which Kim was clearly attacked by last night! We had to wash everything today, including our shoes and bags! This took us a part of the day just before dinner where we wanted to go out, which meant we could only go out in the evening.

We went out after dinner to Chinatown which is a 2 minute walk from our hostel. It wasn’t that interesting but we got the usual photo of the beginning of Chinatown. 


We went to explore a few areas around us including a small square and we saw some nice buildings!

We got back to the hostel and tried to get some more places to stay. We are a little paranoid about having to sleep in the car after driving around trying to find somewhere again so we are forward planning… Probably not ‘proper’ traveling, but oh well!


-Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 41 – Day 1: Adelaide 🇦🇺- Civilization 


We left around 08:00 this morning to get to Adelaide.

This was an 8 hour drive and one of the parts of the drive was through port augusta.

This was the first place in a long time that seemed to have a decent amount of people in it! It was right around lunch time so we stopped here for a coffee (milkshake for Kim).

 Just before we came into Port Augusta, we saw a beautiful view of the mountains around the area. It has been a while since we had seen anything other than flat ground around us, so it was very beautiful and so we had to snap some photos! We also saw a pink lake or two!

At some point throughout the drive whilst Kim was driving, we saw what looked like a dead kangaroo in the middle of the opposite lane of traffic. There is a lot of dead kangaroos on the roads here, but it was only until we were only about 1 meter from the animal that we noticed it was alive and in fact a cat.. Let’s just say that when you run a cat over, it makes a lot of noise! Kim did her best to get out the way, but there is only so much you can do when you are driving 90-100kph and a cat jumps in front of you!

We think that the cat was an engdangered cat which lives in the outback, but hey… Whatcha gunna do?

We arrived in Adelaide and saw ‘Saliabury’ so that was a little nod to home!

It is very odd to be in a major city again! We got to the hostel and we were meant to be in separate rooms (male/female dorms) but they were kind enough to move us to a mixed dorm together! We got our stuff and then went straight to a shop to buy something for dinner.

We found tuna & a baked potato which we put together with sweetcorn and it was tasty! We also had a nice side salad which topped it off nicely.

We spent the rest of the evening trying to get some things booked because we have decided that we hate ‘going with the flow’… We’re such old people!


– Mr & Mrs Hale