Place 49 – Day 213: Auckland – Playing Catch Up

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis left late but still got to work early!

Curtis had a few things planned throughout the day, but they all got pushed back due to other emails and phone calls.

Curtis helped with training his new colleague during the day also.

Curtis had a few long conversations with clients. One of them changed their specifications of what they needed, so Curtis had some research to do there!

Once he was done with this, he spent the afternoon trying to figure out some permissions based questions and issues. This was interesting and made the time go fast!

Curtis was able to leave work on time, too!

Both of us;

We had leftover Thai green curry for dinner with another homemade lazy egg which was even better than yesterday!

After dinner, Kim watched love island and Curtis played some games.

We then watched some TV and headed to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 212: Auckland – Homemade Thai Green Curry

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work at 07:11 which is a record! Just 10 minutes to get to work

Once Curtis got in, he got setup, made a coffee and checked his emails and the helpdesk emails.

Curtis had a client to get to for 10:30, so he left at 10:15.

Once Curtis got to the client, he had to look at some webcam issues and then some server issues. He was then asked to setup a laptop also, but he couldn’t complete that fully whilst there so he took the name down and planned to complete remotely.

Curtis drove back to the office, but before that he had to get coffee for the office. When Curtis went to the supermarket, he took about 10 minutes to find parking!

Curtis left the supermarket and had to get fuel, so stopped off for that.

When Curtis got back to the office, he had some lunch and then had to help train the new colleague at his work.

Curtis had a lot to do in the afternoon and wasn’t able to get it all done, but can do it tomorrow morning.

Both of us;

Kim made a wonderful Thai green curry with lazy eggs for dinner. We watched some of the first episode of season 2 of Ackley Bridge and then Kim watched love island with Nicola.

After love island, we finished Ackley Bridge.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 211: Auckland – High Tea, More Shopping & Another Goal!

We woke up at 09:00 but refused to get out of bed.

Once we did, we had muffins for breakfast again and then got ready for the day.

Kim had high tea in the early afternoon, which Curtis was driving her to.

Kim briefly went to her friend’s place to try on some clothes to see if she likes them. She did so she kept some!

After this, Kim and her friend came back to our place and waited for another friend before Curtis drove them to high tea.

Kim’s Afternoon;

Kim and the ladies went out to afternoon tea. Curtis dropped them off at the Sofitel and they went through to the dining room.

Each lady had a glass of bubbly, a coffee or tea and a third of the three tier tea. It was so lovely to catch up and have a good giggle.

After they finished the tea they all agreed to order another bottle of bubbly and continued the fun!

Curtis then came to pick everyone up and dropped everyone home, because he is amazing like that!

Tabitha kindly picked Kim up and they headed to the shopping centre. As Curtis had a hockey game in the evening it made sense to head over to Sylvia Park because itโ€™s on the way. The girls spent hours slowly plodding around the shops and catching up, it was so lovely.

About 45 minutes before the game Tabitha and Kim did the 15 minute car ride to the rink.

Our Evening;

Kim met Curtis at the hockey rink for his game and Tabitha came to watch, too, as well as one of Curtis’ colleagues!

The game was dominated by Curtis’ team and they won 3-0, with Curtis picking up one of the goals!

After the game, we had a chat with everyone that came to watch and then we drove to the supermarket to do our weekly shop. We didn’t have much to get so it didn’t take too long.

Once we finished the shop, we drove home.

We got some beef ravioli and red wine and herb sauce for dinner because it was quick and easy! We ate that when we got home and then it was almost bed time!

Curtis is at a client briefly in the morning but then back in the office.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 210: Auckland – Wedding Prep, Shopping & Babysitting!

We woke up fairly early at around 08:30 and had some breakfast. We had bacon and egg muffins with bacon and egg on the side!

Once we ate, Kim got ready to go out to help with Danielle’s wedding preparations!

Kim’s day;

Kim headed out to the wedding venue and met up with Josh and Danielle. It was lovely to catch up with them and be able to help out with their special day.

After this, the girls headed out to Albany to go shopping. They spent a few hours walking around and didn’t really buy anything. Josh and his brother then met up with the girls and then they all went out to lunch, just a quick stop in McDonald’s. Kim then headed home.

Both of us;

When Kim got back, we played some fortnite and relaxed before she got ready to go back out to baby sit!

Kim’s evening;

Kim headed out to babysit for Vicky and Mike. It was so easy and laid back, the girl where as wonderful as they always are. The youngest pretty much took herself to bed, there was no struggle or tears which was nice and then by the time Kim went back to play with the eldest she had fallen asleep in the living room, so Kim carried her to bed and relaxed for the evening. The eldest was a little poorly and woke up a few times, but it was all good. Kim spent some of her time watching TV and the other time she spent FaceTiming her family, which was lovely! When Vicki and Mike came home Kim popped to KFC on the way home to grab Curtis something for dinner.

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This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 209: Auckland – Finally Found Our Indian Takeaway?

Neither of our days were particularly special. Curtis had a pretty busy day with a lot of variety and Kim had a good productive day too.

Once we both got home, we had to decide on what to have for dinner.

Kim had been told that a nearby Vietnamese place was good so we went to look at it.

It didn’t look that great when we got there, so we went to an Indian instead.

The food was pretty good, if not a little spicy. Curtis had their special dish which was lamb in a thick gravy style sauce and that was great! Kim had butter chicken. We also had samosas and Naan bread.

Kim watched love island and Curtis played some Xbox. Once Kim finished watching TV, we decided we just wanted to lay down and chill out, so we did!

We then slept pretty early as we are both exhausted!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 208: Auckland – It’s NOT Coming Home

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work early again as he forgot that there was less traffic due to school holidays.

On the plus side, Curtis had some stuff to do and the England game was on, so he could watch that, too!

Curtis’ Day went really quick as a lot of phone calls and emails. Curtis was the only one in the office from 15:00. As Curtis got to work early, he left at 16:15 and drove home.

Both of us;

For dinner, Kim made chilli and lime breaded chicken with Mexican style rice and a cheese stuffed pepper. Another great meal!

Kim then watched love island and then we watched the final episode of the series of Humans.

We just chilled for the last bit of the evening.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 207: Auckland – Back In The Office

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work far too early this morning.

Once Curtis got to work, he had some things to do from yesterday evening and he had emails to reply to also.

Curtis answered a lot of phone calls throughout the day so spent a lot of time on the phone!

In the afternoon, Curtis went to a client to meet with a 3rd party to arrange an install, but this only lasted an hour or so.

Curtis left work a little earlier as he got there early and had a short lunch.

Both of us;

When Kim got home, we had a beautiful dinner!

Kim made honey, mint & rosemary lamb with cous cous and cous cous & cheese stuffed peppers.

Kim spent the evening catching up on love island!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 206: Auckland – The Car Is Fixed!

Curtis’ Day;

Kim dropped Curtis home and went to work whilst Curtis shared working for the day.

Today was much busier and Curtis got a few phone calls in the morning as well as emails from people in Christchurch at the client he was just at down there asking questions.

Part way through the morning, Curtis’ colleague arrived with his AA card and called them for Curtis’ car.

AA arrived and the issue was a slightly weak battery which didn’t allow petrol to get into the engine fully so it wouldn’t start! Once the battery was swapped out, it worked like a charm!

Curtis was pretty much flat out until lunch which was when he played some games and ate noodles!

The afternoon was a little less busy but there was still enough for Curtis to be kept busy and then it his 16:30!

Curtis played games until Kim got home from work and the shop.

Both of us;

Kim got home and Curtis put on a wash whilst Kim made dinner.

We mad steak fajitas)(which were delicious) and we watched half an episode of Humans before we finished eating.

Once we ate, Kim watched a few episodes of Live Island and Curtis played games.

After Kim showered later this evening, Curtis hung the laundry out and we watched a couple of episodes of The Bridge (obviously!) and has a hot toddy!

Curtis is heading back into the office for the next three days… So that’s an earlier start!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 205: Auckland – Work From Home & Deep Tissue Foot Massage!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had to work from home today as his car still doesn’t work.

We slept at the house sitting house last night, so Kim needed to drive Curtis back to our place in the morning.

Once Curtis got there, he got showered and ready to work.

The day started slow but picked up for Curtis who was able to work and be comfortable at the same time!

Curtis tried to get his car sorted, but unfortunately as it’s a company vehicle it’s a little more difficult, so nothing happened with it today. This means he’ll be working from home tomorrow, too!

Both of us;

Once Kim finished work, she picked Curtis up from home and we drove back to the house sitting place.

Once we got back, Kim’s friend Tabitha stopped by and Kim went with her to get a deep tissue foot massage!

Once they got back, they took the dog out for a walk.

After the walk, Tabitha left and we ate dinner. We had leftover meat from yesterday with potato croquettes. We watched the rest of Greg Davies’ company show which was hilarious!

We then went to bed to watch The Bridge and Humans, which both had excellent episodes.

This is the last night at this house sitting house so we are up early tomorrow to the house sorted and ensure we have everything before heading to work.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 204: Auckland – Incredibles 2

We woke up at 10:30 again, and eventually got out of bed.

We had breakfast and watched some LadBaby and then got ready for the day.

Curtis called his boss to find out what to do about his car and needs to sort that out tomorrow!

Kim had a light out on her car so we went to get a new one. We drove to Wairau Park to a Supercheap Auto shop.

When we got there we struggled to find the lightbulbs, but asked a man instead. As we were unsure of the bulb we needed, the man came to have a look at the bulb and it turned out that all the bulbs were working!

We were near a UK shop which stocks UK food and drink. We went there for a look around and saw many home comforts! Kim bought a packet of pickled onion Space Invaders.

We left here and went home to do some ironing.

We finished ironing and packed for the next day or two.

We got back to the housesitting apartment and gave the dog a walk. We found a waterside area which was nice to walk around!

We got the dog back and decided to go to the cinema. We got our tickets and then got a spot of lunch from the supermarket. We got a cheese and tomato twist each and a Fanta. We then walked back to the cinema and got there just in time for our film. We watched the Incredibles 2 and it was actually a solid film! We did look a little odd though as most of the other people there were children but it was worth it!

We left here and walked back. Once we got back it was perfect time for dinner!

We wanted Spaghetti Bolognese but we bought the wrong pasta so we had Fettuccine Bolognese instead. We watched a Greg Davies stand up whilst eating and followed up our dinner with the remainder of the carrot cake we bought yesterday.

Once we ate, we decided to watch TV in bed, so we watched two episodes of The Bridge and then went to sleep!

Curtis is working from home tomorrow due to the lack of car and needing to get it fixed, so Kim will be dropping him off to our usual place in the morning.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale