Place 49 – Day 186: Auckland – Meeting NHL Players!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis’ Day was productive today! Curtis relaxed for an hour or so this morning whilst having breakfast and then emptied the dishwasher.

Once that was done, he showered and then had to call the tax department of the government here in New Zealand to get some questions answered.

Once that was done, Curtis drove to Mitre 10 to get the incorrect lightbulb swapped out (and finally got the right one!). On the way back, Curtis got fuel and then went to the supermarket for bread and milk.

Curtis got back home and relaxed for a bit and had some noodles for lunch.

Curtis then ironed and brought the dry laundry up from the garage. Once he did that, he sorted out the cabling and added an extension cable to our room to make it a bit more manageable!

Curtis then went to pick Kim up from work and brought her home.

Both of us;

We got home, Kim got ready and then we drove to the city.

We were going to a bar in the city called Brew on Quay.

At this bar, thanks to our volunteering, we were able to have a drink or two with the players from the USA & Canada teams!

First of all, we were treated to a haka, which was awesome especially inside the pub.. The sound echoed even more.

Once that was done, we mingled. Unfortunately, Curtis was unsure of who any of the players were, other than two former Maple Leafs players!

Curtis approached one and started a conversation, which he then got Kim to join in on also. It was awesome for Curtis to speak with Peter Holland and we both thought he was an incredibly nice guy! We spoke for a while about why we’re in NZ, the fact Curtis is a Leafs fan and how he got into hockey and our travels! After speaking with Peter, we spoke with Byron Froese, another former Leafs player! That was a brief conversation but he was also very kind and welcoming! Shortly after, those two players and their girlfriends/wives left we followed suit. It was very busy and crowded and we weren’t sure who was who so we left to get food.

We went to the Korean place Kim had been to recently and got some chicken and potato waffles!

We finished up and headed home.

What an awesome day! Curtis got to meet NHL players that he’d cheered for on TV a few years ago and just had a normal, down to earth chat with them.

It was incredible.

More awesome stuff should be happening tomorrow and Friday too!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 185: Auckland – Dramatic TV

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis has no work at all this week, but also wasn’t volunteering today either, so it was a relaxation day! Kim went to work and Curtis woke up at 08:45 (for some reason!).

Curtis had breakfast and watched his usual movie YouTube videos, showered and turn played games all day!

Both of us;

Kim got home and we are leftover chili con carne and watched our new favourite TV show, The Bridge!

The episode was incredibly dramatic and awesome!

Nicola got home so Kim watched love island with her for a bit.

Kim then showered and we finished the night watching the series 1 finale of The Bridge. Such a good show!

Something awesome happens tomorrow! You should check the blog then too!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 184: Auckland – Building an Ice Rink!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at 04:00 to get ready to get to Spark Arena for 05:30.

There is a charity USA vs Canada ice hockey game happening there, so the ice needs to be built within the arena! Curtis received an offer to volunteer to help with this process and he accepted the challenge!

Curtis was told that it started at 06:00 and to be there 30 minutes before, so he did.

Someone else that he knew also arrived then, but they then later found out it had been changed to 08:00 and they hadn’t been informed!

Curtis waited in his car until it was time to go in.

Once they got in, it was running a little behind schedule so all volunteers were taken to the green room of the arena to wait. Curtis had a coffee and waited.

Curtis and the team were eventually called out to start doing some work around 10:00.

There are metal sheets that go around the edge of the rink so the first job was to grab those and put them where required.

Once that was done, 9 large rolls of tarp were required to be rolled out and taped together, which is what Curtis and the team did for most of the morning.

A delivery arrived with lots of North American confectionary, which everyone took good care of!

Once that tarp was laid and correct, all volunteers had to get the piping that freezes the ice down and lay it (carefully!) across the tarp. There were 3 large pallets of these and they got them all done!

Once this was done they had a little break followed by helping with moving the boards and glass into the arena. Once that was done, it was home time! Curtis was incredibly tired, but happy with what has been achieved, though it doesn’t look like much at the moment!

The yellow looking parts are the pipes!

Once Curtis got home he chilled out and contemplated sleeping!

Both of us;

Kim got home and we had chilli for dinner. Kim then watched Love Island with Nicola.

Kim then went out to a restaurant called ‘The Elephant Wrestler’ with a friend and had dessert!

Kim got back home and it was bed time. Kim had a shower and then slept.

Curtis doesn’t have work or volunteering tomorrow, so it’s a free day! Wednesday there is no volunteering but an awesome event as well as Thursday and the (2!) games Friday! A Busy week but an incredible experience!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 183: Auckland – Grocery Shopping, Cleaning & Light bulb Hunting!

We woke up at 11:30 today and Kim made a similar breakfast to yesterday.

We ate our breakfast and then we cleaned the apartment. We vacuumed the whole place, cleaned the kitchen and cleaned the bathroom, mostly the shower!

Once we did that, we did the normal Sunday run to the supermarket. We also went to the Warehouse to buy a extension cable and a light bulb for our lamp. Before we left, we took a photo of the lamp so we were pretty sure what we needed to get.

Once we got that, we did the weekly shop and then grabbed a coffee. Kim had an iced caramel Mocha and Curtis had a Cappuccino. We also got Kim a peppermint slice and Nicola a long black.

We got home and tried the light bulb but it wasn’t the right one still! For what Curtis is doing tomorrow he needs some work gloves so we headed to Mitre 10 to get that and try and find the right light bulb… We needed an ‘e14’ bulb, apparently.

When we got to the shop, we asked a worker there which light bulb we need and it seemed correct so we bought that, as well as some nice work gloves for Curtis.

We got home and, of course, the bulbs don’t fit! We need to figure out what we’re doing wrong!

Kim watched TV with Nicola and then we started dinner. We had mint lamb kebabs. They were outstanding!

We finished the evening with games, whiskey and ‘the bridge’.

Curtis is up at 04:00(ish) tomorrow…but it should be fun!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 182: Auckland – Free Cinema Tickets!

We woke up at 09:30 and had some breakfast! We had pancakes, bacon, eggs and beans.

Kim had plans to go out for the morning/early afternoon with Danielle. Kim wasn’t out for too long and when she got back we watched some TV until she had to go out again!

Kim had free tickets for the cinema so she went there with Nicola.

Kim got back from the cinema and then went out for some drinks! Curtis drove her to a friend’s house and then she went from there to the city for some drinks. It was nice for Kim to catch up with her former work colleagues!

Kim got home and we just went to sleep! It was a late one!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 181: Auckland – Multiple Client Visits

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and found out that no one would be in the office with him until the afternoon. Luckily, he had it go out in the morning so that was less lonely!

At 10:30, Curtis drove to a client and spent about an hour there helping with any issues and checking in on everyone.

Once Curtis was done there, he had to take a PC to another client about 20 minutes away. He got there and had to find some parking, but once he did that he went inside and it only took about 30 minutes to set that up.

Curtis drove back to the office and when he got back he was starving so he ate his lunch.

In the afternoon, Curtis did some more work for his Christchurch visit and then reassigned his cases to other people as he is off all week next week for exciting things!

Both of us;

We both got home and Kim started with dinner. We had Swedish meatballs which are amazing!

Kim sat and watched a few TV shows with Nicola and Curtis just chilled out and played games.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 180: Auckland – Evening Meeting

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work and didn’t have too much to do until he realised he had lots to do for an upcoming site visit to Christchurch so he did that for most of the day. This was mostly admin but also packing up some laptops and PCs to send down.

Curtis had to wait for his boss to get back with his car again so he left at 16:45.

Both of us;

Once we both got home, we had some dinner! Kim made Italian meatballs and spaghetti.

We ate dinner and watched an episode of TV then had to leave for an evening meeting.

There is some exciting things happening over the next week, so we had to do a meeting with the organizers to discuss the plans for this…You’ll find out more about this Monday!

Curtis had an early start Monday morning!

We got home and made lunches then had a hot chocolate and watched ‘The Bridge’ which took us perfectly to bed time.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 179: Auckland – Close Call

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis was on the way to work and a taxi decided to try and pull into his lane when Curtis was right next to him… It certainly means that Curtis was awake!

Curtis got to work and had some laptops to configure and then took some phone calls and answered emails.

Curtis had some planned remote sessions so he did those and then had lunch. Curtis had a pita bread with chicken, ham, lettuce, cucumber and mayonnaise!

At 16:30, Curtis was meant to leave but his boss had his car so he didn’t leave until about 16:50.

Both of us;

Kim went to get beer from the shop and then when she got home we made dinner.

We had chicken schnitzel, sweetcorn, Mac & cheese and potato wedges… Very healthy!

Kim then sat and watched love island again with Nicola. Once she was done with that, Kim showered and made lunch and then we watched the next episode of ‘the bridge’.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 178: Auckland – Oven Cleaning

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work early and the weather was dreadful!

Curtis got all of the admin for the morning out of the way and then he had to do a remote session for an hour to try and fix something.

Once that was done, he had some planned remote sessions and was pretty on top of things. A few emails came in and he helped his colleagues throughout the day.

Just before leaving, Curtis started to build some laptops.

Curtis drove home and waited for Kim.

Both of us;

Kim got home after popping to the shop and we ate our dinner. We had leftover sausage hotpot again!

We then cooked some chicken for lunches. After cooking this, we noticed a burning smell which turned out to be the oven so we thought it was a good time to clean it!

We cleaned the oven and the shelves and then Kim sat with Nicola and tried to watch Love Island which didn’t work too well. Curtis made lunches whilst Kim watched this.

Before we knew it, it was 22:30, so bed time. There was still enough time to sneak in a hot chocolate before sleeping!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 177: Auckland – Failing, Badly

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis woke up at the time he was meant to leave today… For some reason we both slept through the alarms and woke up at 06:48!

Curtis rushed to get ready and with the help of Kim getting some things for him, he was ready for 07:00 and got to work on time!

It took Curtis a while to get woken up but had to take some calls and do some work.

At 10:30, Curtis and his colleague left to visit a client. They were needing to look at their network to see where things were and how it will work with the new network connection and layout they’re getting.

This took a while and then they had to try and fix a ticket printer which has been a pain for a few weeks.

Eventually, at 13:30, Curtis got back to the office and had some things to get done. He drew up a diagram of the client’s setup and then took some more calls and answered emails and then it was time to go home!

Curtis drove home and did the ironing, then Kim got home.

Both of us;

Once Kim got home we had our dinner. Kim made sausage hot pot yesterday so we just had to heat that up!

Post dinner, we drove to New Lynn to compete in the quiz again, attempting to finish 2nd last so we get our usual spot and $20 voucher.

Our 2nd half of the quiz was diabolical and we got last place by about 10 points… We need to improve next time! We did get desserts though, not that they were that great. An oreo tiramisu and a chocolate and caramel tart (which had no caramel!)

We left there, got fuel, came home and went to bed.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale