Place 36 – Day 7: Perth – Camping ⛺

We had to checkout this morning, so we did so around 10:00. 

We got ready and packed the car and then drove to our friend Hayley’s hostel where we brainstormed what to do. 

Hayley is staying in Perth though we decided we may go for a short camping trip, just for tonight. 

We went for a quick shop around some camping and car shops to pick up our final items and then came back. 

When we got back, we all agreed it was too much effort to go tonight, so we’re going to drive to our next place! 

We cannot get anywhere to sleep tonight for a good price, so camping it is! We just need to drive for the 3 hours and then find somewhere to kip. 

We’ll see how it goes…But we’ll be in a new place tomorrow for sure! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 36 -Day 6: Perth – Pinnacles & Festival 

We took the car today and met with Hayley before we took to the road and went to the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are naturally formed rocks within the desert which are all in funky shapes and sizes. 

It took about 2.5 hours to get there, including a bit of a trip in what felt like the outback, which was basically just the desert. 

We got to the Pinnacles and paid our entrance. There were a lot of flies around so we decided to do the driving tour instead. We stopped a few times to take some awesome photos! 

We got back in the car and drove back but we stopped in a cafe as we were very hungry! We got some toasties before we continued our journey back to Perth. 

We noticed a place on the way back which said there was koalas. 

We stopped but instead of koalas there was kangaroos! We stopped and looked at the kangaoos but then looked for koalas (which we didn’t find!). 

We got back eventually and went straight to the beer and wine festival which is right next to our hostel. 

We paid $40 for the night where we got 4 hours of free drinks! This included wine, beer, cider and spirits. These were just tasters but enough to get us drunk!

We finished the night with a McDonald’s for dinner and then slept! 

We technically leave tomorrow but we have no plans so we’ll see what happens! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 36 – Day 5: Perth – Shakira Zafira 

We bought the car! 

We are now owners of a Holden Zafira, which we have aptly named ‘Shakira Zafira’.

We got the car and immediately drove to the department of transport to hand in the transfer of ownership form and pay for registration. 

We left here and realized that the stereo didn’t work! We took it to a place right by our hostel which does car modification and asked if they can do anything. They said if we come back at 4pm they will have all the stuff for it and they can fit it then!

Knowing our time restraints, we made sure we left for IKEA as soon as possible! We got to IKEA and went straight to the restaurant, as you should! 

We bought a lot of items we needed for camping in the car if we need to. A blow up bed, table etc. 

Some items we had to get from other shops which we went around to after 4pm when we got our radio fitted. Unfortunately, the radio we had didn’t work, so the guy did us a deal for a new one instead! 

We got back and made it to Nando’s for dinner around 21:30. We got their deal for $11 which has 3 chicken meatballs, 1/4 a chicken, 1 side & 1 drink. We also got a large coleslaw! 

We made our way back to the hostel where we are now so incredibly tired and we won’t be stopping tomorrow as we have some plans! 

Our plan with the car in general is to drive across the south of Australia over to the east coast, which will be fun! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 36 – Day 4: Perth – Fremantle Prison & A $10 Pub Crawl 

We took the train to a place called Fremantle, which is only about 7 stops away. 

We got off at the train station and walked for about 5 minutes before we got to the prison. The town we walked through, Fremantle, was beautiful and very much like a British town/village. 

We got to the prison and paid for a ticket to do 2 tours. These tours were one within the prison and the daily life and another was all about escapes. 

The escapes was the first tour we did which was mostly just being told stories about attempted escapes as well as seeing some rooms. We were on this tour for 1.5 hours.

We finished this tour and waited for just 5 minutes before having the ‘daily life’ tour.

This tour consisted of seeing all of the cells as well as the punishment rooms, solitary confinement and the gallows. 

We finished this tour and that was a total of 3 hours. 

We then went back on the train and met up with Hayley, our friend, again and had a couple of drinks before going on the pub crawl ran by our hostel. 

We paid $10 to get one free drink at the tour location before going to a bar and getting a burger and 2 drinks. 
We then went to 2 more bars, getting 2 spirits here. 

We certainly had enough to drink! Enough to get some food after! 

We then went to sleep waiting for an early morning to buy our car!


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 36 – Day 3: Perth – Car Purchasing Problems, Elizabeth Quay & $5 Burger & Beer

We were up at a good time to grab breakfast and leave to get the money for the car we’re buying…This did not go to plan…

We could only take a certain amount from our account due to our account having limits, so we knew this would be a fun day! 

We met with the guy we are buying from and discussed our options in terms of payment and we eventually decided to create a contract and organise that we get out the money over the next few days and hopefully buy the car on Friday! 

We did this throughout about 4 hours and were tired and hungry so we got a snack and a drink before we went out to actually do something. 

We had heard that Elizabeth Quay was nice, so we headed down there and luckily the weather had improved and it was nice and warm as well as sunny. 

The quay was very relaxing even though it was right next to the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

We walked around a little bit and took a seat occasionally at different points just enjoying the heat and relaxing which was nice after having to use brain power for a few hours! 

We left the quay and walked back to the hostel before we walked to meet Kim’s friend again and we walked to the Mustang Bar where we got a burger and beer for $5! The burger was actually really good and the beer wasn’t bad (though very small!). 

We got another drink and then went to the supermarket to get some muffins! 

Hayley invited us to her hostel and we had a beer each and just chatted for a few hours. On the way back, we saw a guy running and noticed he was running from the police! There was then a lot of police cars and vans so that was an interesting thing to see! 

Hopefully we get the car soon! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 36 – Day 2: Perth – We Have a Whip! 

We have a car! (Kinda)

We planned to visit a few car dealerships today looking for a car and they were all a little bit of a distance away, so we took the train. We rode a few stops and the dealership was right next to the train station so it was easy to get to. The dealer was really nice amd helpful and was able to show us a car which he just had in. It was a Toyota Corolla and fairly old but in really good condition and nice to drive. It was also a good price so it was definitely an option! 

We then took a walk to another place called a ‘warehouse’ which when we got there it was a little expensive for us and we were told about a place down the road which will have cheaper cars. The place was run by a Brit who was informative and had a few cars for us to look at but there wasn’t much that was great there. 

We then went to the shopping centre to get some WiFi and organise some meetings with some private sellers. 

We organised a few and walked back to the train station to get back to our hostel. 

After a bit of waiting and about 3 hours later, we had seen 3 cars and pretty much made our decision! 

The first car we saw was a Holden Zafira which was basically perfect for us and the guy was very nice. 

We then had to wait for the next guy which was 35 minutes late and then the car was okay but not amazing.

We saw the final car and the guy turned up and the car was much smaller than we though but it was nice. The guy took us for a quick ride in it but we weren’t really interested.

After this we basically made our decision to buy the Holden Zafira and so we called him to let him know and we get it tomorrow! 

This means we can drive around Australia and save a lot of money! 

We saw a poster in our hostel that said at 20:00 at a nightclub there is a free BBQ and a free drink, which sounded perfect! This then turns out that this had changed and was at 21:00 instead. 

Kim has a friend that was staying just down the road and so we met with her to go to the club. 

We took a train to where the club was and got to the club, ready for our free dinner! 

We got to the security and were ready with our ID…This wasn’t good enough and we actually needed our passports which we didn’t have, so back on the train it was! 

We got back and found McDonald’s and grabbed some chicken nuggets to go with our beer and we just sat and chilled with Kim’s friend at her hostel and had a chat. 

We get a car tomorrow! 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 36 – Day 1: Perth 🇦🇺 – Visa Medical Appointment & Car Hunting

🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺 G’Day!🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

We flew to Perth last night! 

We arrived around 23:30 and got an UBER to our hostel. Our hostel is classed as a ‘resort’ which is an interesting way of putting it. 

We noticed on our way to our hostel that it seems very much like an English city, similar to a city like Coventry or Birmingham, which was interesting. 

Apparently, the weather is the same, too! 

We got up and had our breakfast and then left to go about 30 minutes walk away to a BUPA clinic which we had an appointment with to get a visa medical. Our medical took a long time! We had to have;

  • A physical examination
  • A mental examination
  • 7 blood tests (only one needle!)
  • Chest X-Ray 
  • Height & Weight Check

All of this took just over an hour, and we got to wear sexy blue shirts! 


We finished up here (after Curtis had to chill for a bit due to getting blood removed!) And then we went to find some lunch. We went to a supermarket and got a pizza bun and some chocolate to tide us over until dinner time! 

We got back to the hostel and found a used car dealership nearby to see if we could get a feel for car prices around the area. When we got there, they were very much overpricing cars, so probably won’t go there! 

We found another dealership which Kim saw on the way yesterday and there were nice supercars there! An orange McLaren, 2 lambos and a Ferrari! All were actually well priced and we were tempted but strayed away. The guy actually said he has some cheaper cars, but didn’t have anything cheap enough for us. 

We came back again and looked online for some cars for most of the evening, and it seems pretty successful and we may be able to find some. 

Our hostel does $5 meals and there was a lot! Today it was sausage & mash curry and it was beautiful and there was a lot! 

We promise they’re sausages!


– Mr & Mrs Hale