Place 2 – Day 7: Barcelona – Gothic Quarter & Sunsets

Today, we had the goal of going to the Gothic Quarter, and then to a mountain to see the sunset! 

First off, we needed to go to CeX again to return our SD card for a micro SD, so the gopro works! 

We made our way from CeX to the Gothic Quarter. We actually managed to stumble across it, as we were unsure where to go, and we managed to find it by accident! 

After much more walking, we went back to the hill we went to the other day and setup the GoPro for a time lapse of the sunset. 

It seems we are not too good at using a gopro, as it didn’t seem to work to well! We sat there quite cold for a couple of hours, but it was very nice to chill, with a homemade sandwich and snacks! 

Tomorrow, we get on a bus for 9 hours to travel to the next place… Where will it be? 

We will be posting a photo to see if you can guess, when we get on the bus! This will be on our Facebook Page. 

Now, we’re making sandwiches for the travel, and packing everything then we’ll be done! 

Until tomorrow, goodnight! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 2 – Day 6: Barcelona – Laundry, Park Guell & Sangrada Familia 

What a busy day today! 

We began our day with laundry! Woo! We’ve needed to do this for a few days, but haven’t had the chance. Once we washed them in the apartment, we took a trip round the corner to the local laundromat to dry the clothes. The remaining clothes are hung up on a make-shift clothes line in our room, which Kim made! 

Once we were done with laundry, we needed to buy an SD card for our Gopro, so made the walk down to CeX and bought one there! 

We made our way to Park Guell, which was about a 1hr 20min walk! When we got to Park Guell, we walked around the free area, which is pretty much a garden, and then purchased tickets for the Central area, which has all of the monuments/buildings in. Take a look at some of the photos below! The rest will appear on Facebook! 

After Park Guell, we walked to Sangrada Familia, which again, much further than we thought! Once we got there, we just took photos and decided we didn’t need to go in! 

We then made our way back to the apartment, via a shop, as we’re making fajitas for dinner! 

Tomorrow, we don’t have anything planned, so we’ll see what happens! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 2 – Day 5: Barcelona – Tibidabo

Today, we put our walking shoes to the test! We walked up Tibidabo to get to the Temple on the top…It was a LOT longer of a walk than we thought! 

In total, we walked for about 6 hours straight. It was good fun, though, with a lot of great views! We walked up dirt tracks (because it’s more fun that way!) and eventually made it to the temple on the top, only to find out that we couldn’t take the cable car down as it was closed for the day! So, we had to stroll all the way back down the mountain, that being said, it was great fun, and a good workout for our shoes, which withstood the test! 

What a beautiful day it was, too! We had lovely beaming sun, with about 20-22 degrees heat! Though a lovely day, would not  recommend doing a lot of walking and climbing mountains in that heat! 

In other news, we booked our next place! This will be revealed in a short while! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 2 – Day 4: Barcelona – Marina, Ports & Beach! 

Last night, Barcelona FC were playing, and although we didn’t have tickets, we decided to walk to the stadium anyway. There were many ‘oooo’ ‘ahhh’ moments coming from the stadium, which is funny to hear without seeing the game! 

The plan for today was to visit the beach! 
This, however, was not close! Luckily, it’s a nice walk to the beach, and in 15C temperature, it’s nice but not uncomfortable. 

We took a walk through the ports, across a bridge and to the marina, where there were many boats we cannot afford!

After a few hours just walking around, we came to the beach which was very busy! We decided we fancied a beer, so we purchased one each, took off our shoes and took a seat on the beach with a beer! 

Nice relaxing Sunday, as it should be! 

Tomorrow, the plan is to find out the name of the castle on the top of the hill and how to get there, and we want to get there before sunrise on Tuesday so we can see it from the hill, which would be amazing! 

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


Place 2 – Day 3: Barcelona – Walking

Relaxing walking was on the schedule today, as well as a look around the Art museum, as it’s free after 3pm on Saturdays! 

We left the room at about 12pm and stopped off in a cafe for a coffee, though it was good fun explaining what an Americano/Black Coffee was! 

After this, we decided to get lunch…found a place we know well! 

Once we ate, we headed off through town and just kept walking! There are a lot of large buildings here in Barcelona, and a lot of cool looking buildings! See a couple below and more on our Facebook page! 

We found an IKEA,but decided not to enter,  as it was Saturday so very busy! 

We turned back and walked through town, and then headed to the museum for our free entry! Turns out, art museums are not too interesting, so we left that and made our way home. 

Tonight we’ve got not much planned, but need to look into and potentially book our next place, which we will be moving on to Thursday! We have some ideas! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 2 – Day 2: Barcelona – All the things! 

This morning, after a long night of traveling, we woke up and decided we needed to go for a shop! 

After finding a local supermarket, we did our should for what should be 3-4 days, costing just the equivalent of £12! 

We found some cheap croissants, €1 for 2, and ate those for breakfast. 
After breakfast, we went for a walk to find the Olympic park. Just the Olympic park…This soon changed! 

We walked past the Art Museum and found the Olympic park, which was awesome with great views of Barcelona. 

After the Olympic park we found another park which again had great views of the city, but also some nice areas within it. We kept seeing parrots in the area too, which was strange! 

We managed to… ‘borrow’… Some oranges from a nearby tree, too! 

Now we’re back making dinner in the apartment, planning what we will do tomorrow. We may go for a walk later, too! 
We’d also like to introduce a new feature which will take place on our Facebook page (Click ‘Social Media’ link at top of page) which will be called ‘Phrase of the Day’. This will be a phrase in the language of the country we are in! Be sure to check that out. 

Also, another notice to please remember to check out our photos on Facebook also. You can click the ‘Photos’ menu at the top of the page, which will take you there! 

– Mr & Mrs Hale 


Place 2 – Day 1: Barcelona – Travel Day! 

We have arrived! 


We have had a travel day! 

Waking at 10am, we had to checkout for 11, so we checked out and sat on the terrace for a bit before heading off for lunch. Our thinking was to have a large lunch so no dinner was needed… But we’ll get to that! 

Arriving at the airport, we had a while before we needed to board, so we sorted the bags for transit and waiting in line… Turns out that waiting would take an hour! Around 3pm we were able to check our bags and go through security. We had a quick drink and then we boarded the plane. 

We had an easy flight and landed in… BARCELONA! We’re here for a week, and then we’re off! 
Oh.. And we found a Mcdonalds for dinner… 

– Mr & Mrs Hale