Byron Bay

Place 47 – Day 2: Byron Bay – Lighthouse Walk & Swimming

We got up early to go and do the lighthouse walk. The weather forecast said it was going to thunderstorm from 11:00 so we were expecting rain so we left whilst it was still nice.

Low and behold, the weather stayed lovely for most of the day! It was hot and that didn’t help with the 2.2km walk up to the lighthouse.

We had to go up a lot if steps and through some forest areas but the views were incredible!

We got to a stopping point which was the most easterly point of Australian mainland, which was a cool thing!

We went to the lighthouse just up from that point and it was beautiful! Amazing views and the lighthouse looked awesome.

We got back down to the bottom and went to the house to get changed to swimming gear as we didn’t think the weather would be as good as it was!

We got to the beach and headed right for the water. We got battered by the crazy big waves but it was great fun.

We then got our and dried off then we proceeded back to the house where we got our things to head out. Our host was kind enough to drive us to the bus stop. 

We got to the stop and were able to leave our bags with the bus company who were across the road. 

We left there and went for a coffee to kill the time. Kim had a mocha and Curtis had a cappuccino. They were delightful!

We got to the bus stop and boarded the bus for what we thought was a 2 hour journey. Because of time difference, it was actually 3 hours but this made no difference for us really.

We got to Brisbane and the coach stopped at the transit centre and we ordered an uber. The first driver parked across the road and we have a lot of large bags… He refused to come to us so he canceled and we had to get another.

The second guy turned up and was nice so we got a lift to our apartment. 

The guy had left the key outside and we were hoping it wasn’t stolen! Luckily, the key was there and we eventually figured out how to get in.

We dropped out stuff off and headed nextdoor to the supermarket to get some dinner items. We had some pasta, meat and mushrooms… Something quick and easy as we were so hungry!

We have no plans tomorrow so we will wake up whenever and just chill out. 


– Mr & Mrs Hale 

Byron Bay

Place 47 – Day 1: Byron Bay 🇦🇺 – Byron Beach & Meeting Up With Hayley


So, we got a bit of sleep… We were up again at 10:30 but felt pretty good and were ready to start the day!

We had a spot of breakfast and watched a TV show then we got ready and went to the beach. We walked a bit of a wonky way to find it (and saw a man having a poo against a tree) but got to Byron Beach eventually. The weather today (and tomorrow!) wasn’t great, but it didn’t stop us or anyone else!

We went to the beach and just walked along… The sea was freezing!

We walked for a bit and then went to the Central Street in Byron Bay for a bit of window shopping and just some general wandering.

We stopped at the Bottle Shop for a much needed bottle if wine (and a small bottle of Victoria Bitter) for this evening.

We got back and got some admin done then we went to meet our friend Haley who is doing an east coast tour and happened to be in Byron bay at the same time!

We bought a Domino’s and then met with Hayley to go to the beach. 

We found a quite area and ate our dinner with the sun setting around us. What a sunset it was!

The sun was reflecting of everything and even on the sand. It was a great view!

We left the beach and headed back to our apartment with Hayley and shared our wine and beer with her whilst just chatting and having a laugh!

Around 22:30 we walked Hayley to her hostel and then came back to get some more sleep!

We have more fun planned tomorrow and we also are leaving on a bus tomorrow, so more public transportation… Which makes sense given our car situation…


– Mr & Mrs Hale