Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 977: Vancouver, BC – Team Laptop Setups

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting at 09:30. This was a company wide meeting which was very informative!

After that meeting, Curtis had a team meeting followed by a 1 on 1 with his boss.

Right after that, there was a meeting about a project. Curtis then got hungry so had some lunch.

There was another 2 team meetings and then he had an external meeting for another project.

The whole day was basically meetings, but he got a few contractor onboards completed and finished the day by creating a guide for something.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a low meeting day planned as she went into the office to train a colleague on laptop set up. Her colleague said she would pop by between 8-8:30 so Kim was up and ready to go, as a result she was able to get some admin done before being picked up. Curtis helped her load up the car with all the laptops that need to be set up.

Once Kim and her colleague arrived at the office they dropped off the laptops and then made an important trip out for coffee! When they got back to the office Kim walked her teammate through the laptop set up process.

The plan was to not have meetings or to have a meeting light day to be able to support on the training of laptop set ups. This did not happen, unfortunately! Her first meeting was with a consultancy firm and she had a quick chat after to discuss the meeting internally. Kim then joined a 2nd round interview with a candidate to have another chat with them and dive more into their experience and interests in the role.

Kim then had a quick break where she and her teammate went to pick up lunch. Before they ate Kim had a quick connect with someone to help them plan their meeting. She then sat down and ate her lunch with her teammate before checking the laptops and closing down the office so her colleague could get home before she it crazy traffic.

Once Kim was home she joined an interview review meeting to discuss a candidate and next steps for the role. To finish the day Kim had a meeting with a department about processes and next steps in a few hiring pipelines. She then had a really long call with her manager to exchange information of the day and catch each other up on things and make decisions and plans for the next few weeks and projects.


after Kim finished her meetings we had some dinner. Kim had leftover lunch so she had that and Curtis had some soup.

We watched some TV together and then headed to bed. Curtis is at the office for the morning tomorrow.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 976: Vancouver, BC – A Patio Lunch

Curtis’s Day

Curtis woke up and got ready and did some work in the morning, after a nice scrambled egg breakfast made by Kim!

Curtis then had a Norwegian lesson and right after that he walked down to the office.

Someone that works with Curtis but out of a different office was in Vancouver, so he got to meet them in person and the other people from the Winnipeg office that were doing work in Curtis’ office are still in Vancouver, so they all went out for lunch!

Curtis was able to actually eat some food, slowly, too! He had a blackened chicken rice bowl which was actually quite nice.

This lunch overran quite a bit but it was a lot of fun. Nice to sit and chat and feel a little normal, though it was a little weird at first.

Curtis went back to the office briefly and then walked home.

Once Curtis got home, he caught up and completed a few things he needed to do and then was done for the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a great start to her day! She had a meeting with a potential new hire and then she had a 1-1 with one of her teammates. She also gave the update in the weekly meeting before hosting a post interview review to see how it went and the next steps!

Towards the end of the morning Kim had a connect with her manager about a few things that needed to be sorted out before giving an update in the weekly finance meeting. After that call Kim had a couple of minutes to make some lunch so had a chat with her manager while she made and ate lunch.

Both Kim and her manager then went into a weekly recruitment meeting to discuss a lot of roles that are in process. She then had a quick meeting to do some event planning and give everyone updates on the couple of catch ups that are being hosted next month.

To finish the day Kim had an interview, a quick review and then she joined a meeting with a department leader to get them set up for interviews and iron out the phone screen questions they would want to have being asked in that stage.


Kim got back home from pole and we watched a bit of TV and relaxed together. Kim is going to an office to work all day tomorrow and Curtis has meetings all day!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 975: Vancouver, BC – Actual Food?!

Curtis’ Day

We started the day together, actually, and had a different breakfast! We are looking to get Kim eating breakfast, so we had a smoothie and Kim had some overnight oats! Something a little different, fairly healthy and easy to eat.

Curtis got ready for the day and then began work. He had a lot to catch up on but luckily, his mouth was feeling quite a bit better today.

He had some admin to do to catch up from his time off and then throughout the day he did some product work as well as some tickets that came in.

There was one team meeting to attend, so he attended that, and in the afternoon he was able to write up and send an email with regards to a project, which was the next big step.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a good day today! She started in a meeting reviewing job descriptions that are ready to send out to new starters soon before joining an interview. After the interview Kim assisted with a discussion about process and questions to ask that would make the screening process easier.

Kim was then able to make a couple of purchases and then join a product review to see if it is the right purchase for the company. She then joined the weekly team meeting to discuss projects and next steps.

To start the afternoon Kim had a quick hiring and planning meeting with a department to make sure that the current plan aligns with what they may need into the future. She also had a check in with a manager to make sure their new starter is settling in nicely.

For the rest of the afternoon Kim joined two interviews and their reviews. She ended the day with a call with her managers where they went into more detail on plans, projects and next moves for the department.


Once Kim finished work, we had some gnocchi with pesto and tomatoes for dinner. The first ‘actual’ food for Curtis since his surgery. It wasn’t super easy to eat and there was a little pain, but he managed it and was happy to have some solid food.

Kim did a little more work in the evening and then we watched some TV and relaxed.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 974: Vancouver, BC – Tired Body

We woke up around 11:00 and Curtis’ body felt very tired. He assumes this is from the vaccine.

We had some breakfast, Curtis had scrambled eggs and Kim had french toast.

We relaxed for a bit at home and slowly got ready. Then, Curtis started to feel a little bit better, so we went out to get a coffee and had a bit of a walk.

It was apparently hot outside and neither of us felt 100%, so we stopped a few times and sat on the grass in the shade and just relaxed. In the second spot we sat at, we ended up being next to a cat-gathering, where people had their cats playing together. Weird, but Kim loved it!

We walked back home and when we got back we just sat and did nothing for a while, letting ourselves recoup.

Curtis didn’t feel too great again in the afternoon and his mouth was playing up a little, so Kim went out to the supermarket to get a few things. Curtis will likely be eating soup for the next few days anyway, whilst he still waits for his mouth to heal up.

Kim got home and Curtis had soup for dinner whilst Kim had a meat alternative chicken and rice meal which was…okay.

We relaxed together and got ourselves prepared for work tomorrow.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 973: Vancouver, BC – Double Vaxxed!

We woke up at 10:00 and had some breakfast. Curtis finally got to have some more solid food, scrambled eggs!

We then got ourselves ready and walked downtown to get our 2nd vaccine shot.

We got there and there was actually less of a wait than last time and we got through pretty quick. Curtis was glad as he got to lay down for his again and we were in and our fast!

We got a coffee on the way home and once we got home we watched some TV and relaxed for a bit, just making sure we took it easy.

Curtis’ mouth is feeling pretty good still. A bit of a weird feeling now, but not pain and there’s just a tiny bit of swelling.

Kim built our ‘bar’ that we bought from IKEA a while ago! This is to house our booze but also to be used as a coffee bar! Curtis got that setup as so and it’s not perfect but it’s closer to being so. Just need a tray for underneath everything.

After that, Kim hung up our awesome Highland cow picture we have had for a while but just not got around to hanging up. This also cleaned up a bunch of room and looks amazing!

We did a bit more tidying after this and then decided on some food. Curtis still can’t really eat anything too solid, or at least he doesn’t feel like he should yet, so he had soup and Kim had a salad.

We relaxed and watched a movie for the rest of the evening, we’re expecting to get hit with the post-vaccine symptoms any time tonight or tomorrow, but we’re drinking a lot of water to hopefully stop that from happening.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 972: Vancouver, BC – Still No Pain & Blood Taken!

We woke up around 08:50 and Kim had a meeting and then Curtis woke up and led in bed relaxing for a whole. He still had no pain from his surgery, which is great! He took his pills during the night, which likely helped.

Kim went out to get her blood taken for something and whilst she did that, Curtis got out of bed.

Once Kim got back, she brought us coffee and then we hung out for a bit.

Kim did some more work, had an interview to conduct and a couple of meetings.

When it became the evening, Kim went to meet some work colleagues for pizza and drinks and had a really nice time! Just relaxing, chatting and pizza (which is the best bit, of course!).

Curtis stayed home and had some soup for dinner and played some games.

Kim got back home and we watched some TV before heading to bed.

It’s time for vaccine number 2 tomorrow at 12:45, which is exciting!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 970: Vancouver, BC – Rushed Equipment Shipping

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went to the office in the morning once he was ready as he needed to do a rushed equipment setup and shipping, so that it arrives this week.

Curtis got that done in the morning and helped a little around the office with a few of the upgrades that are being done there.

He walked home around 12:00 and picked up a coffee for us both. Once he got home, he was nice and busy answering questions and doing some tickets. This was what he did really for the rest of the day, with one meeting sprinkled in there.

After finishing work, Curtis played some games and then went to pickup some laptops with Kim.

Kim’s Day

Kim had three interviews today! She started her day with the first and had a quick review after before joining a check in with an employee finishing their first three months. Her second interview happened before the end of the morning and then she joined a call with a couple of her teammates to discuss the candidates and next steps.

Kim had a meeting with her other teammate to review an ordering process and align everything. She then had a meeting with a colleague to discuss the next few months and do some planning.

Before her final interview Kim had a great training session and discussion. It was so useful and interesting! She finished the day with an interview and a quick review.

Kim was super lucky that Curtis helped with the laptops! She joined a meeting when she got home and joined a really long, interesting and problem solving call with two wonderful colleagues!


Tonight is the last night for solid food for Curtis for a while! Due to this, we ordered some take out, so at least it’s a nice meal!

We are our food and relaxed. Curtis cannot eat or drink after 12:00, so he ensured he got enough water in him!

Tomorrow is surgery day… Curtis is incredibly nervous and he has to get an IV, which doesn’t work great with his fear of injections!

We’re sure all will go well.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 968: Vancouver, BC – Exciting Interviews!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was up early to have a call at 07:30, for a new hire onboarding in Denver. He did that, which went very well, and then he started his day of meetings!

He had a team meeting at 10:30, followed right after by another team meeting and then a meeting to discuss something regarding a the main project Curtis is working on at the moment.

After that was done, Curtis finally had time for some lunch, after he helped someone with their password issues.

Curtis did some more tickets and some project admin after lunch and then he had a call with someone to help them do something.

Once he finished that chat, he had a bit more project work to do before the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a really long and interesting day today with a couple of surprise meetings. As she went to start her day Kim got a notification that her teammate was sick so Kim stepped in to do the onboarding for two new starters! It has been many months since Kim did an onboarding and she had to set up a secondary meeting so they can talk directly with her teammate to get information on part of the onboarding. Other than that it went really well!

She then joined a call with a manager to discuss how a new employee is settling in. They also had a chat about a few processes and procedures, it was a great call! Kim then just didn’t turn up to a meeting with the CEO and COO, for no reason at all other than that she was in the zone and forgot about the meeting entirely!

When Kim joined her team meeting she was greeted with a ‘oh here she is!’ as a result of missing her last meeting, it was so funny! They had a great team meeting and got everyone up to speed in terms of things that happened on Friday and some ideas that Kim had over the weekend. It was such a great meeting! From this meeting Kim and her manager both joined an interview to find the newest member of their team. They also had a quick review after the interview and Kim then took some time for lunch.

Just as she was finishing her lunch Kim had a message to see if she could join a meeting to help out with some communication and it was great to jump in and help out!

She then had a end of day chat with the new starters to check in and see how the day went! Both seemed happy and to have enjoyed their day which was amazing!

Kim then went into a meeting to discuss the breakdown of roles within the executive support team and they really managed to work out the responsibilities and description for an upcoming hire. She then joined a surprise meeting to discuss hiring with a couple of hiring managers as they seemed concerned about the status and possibly a little confused / out of the loop. So they all got on a call to ensure they were all on the same page, thus then spiralled into a really important and interesting meeting that ironed out a fair few things. It was great!

Kim took a break for some dinner and then went back to update paperwork and move it from one area to another to make it easier to read and understand. She then had a call with her manager to help them with an update and then they worked out and brainstormed a bunch of things and it was wonderful.


Curtis played games whilst Kim worked and, as Kim had to work late, we just had frozen pizza for dinner.

We were able to watch a bit of TV before heading to bed.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 966: Vancouver, BC – White Rock!

We woke up lazily and had some scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast whilst we watched some of the F1.

We got ourselves ready, slowly, and then drove out to White Rock, only about an hour away from us and on the US border!

We got there and parked up, with the first mission to find coffee and snacks, which we did. We got ourselves coffee and Kim has an Oreo cheesecake and then we went for a walk.

White Rock is a small seaside city with Canada’s longest pier, which is where we went!

We had to cross some railway tracks to get there, which are in use, but we took a quick cool photo!

We walked onto the pier and saw the US opposite us! We looked down into the water and saw a lot of purple starfish, which were cool, and then Curtis looked up and noticed an eagle sat above us!

We walked back along the pier and down to the water, where Kim dipped her feet a little to cool off.

We walked back up to the car, up the large tiring hills, and then drove back home. It was a wonderful day out and much nicer than we expected! We definitely want to do a night or two here soon and just relax.

After getting back home, we had leftovers from yesterday and then went out for a nice evening walk.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 965: Vancouver, BC – A Chair Adventure

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had more of his project to do, which he did in any spare time he had today. He actually found more work to do for it, again, but he did make progress.

He had quite a lot of tickets to get done today, so he did those around his project and the meetings he had.

Curtis had a team meeting followed by a discussion about a project.

Once that meeting was completed, he got more tickets and project work done before having lunch.

After lunch, Curtis had a team meeting to discuss the previous set of projects they got done and then after that he did some tickets and part of an offboard.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a wonderful day today! She started with a recruitment meeting and was able to work with the exec team and recruiter on four roles to get them ready to go live next week! She then joined a planning and storm session with a big group of people and really enjoyed it. It’s so interesting to see how people want to tackle big and difficult hurdles.

Kim then joined a product demonstration and had a quick discussion after about it. She then joined a 1-1 with a manager to discuss how things are going with their new employee. To then finish her ‘in office’ part of the day Kim had a 1-1 with one of her teammates.

The first errand Kim tackled was to send a laptop out to a colleague. She met a teammate at the courier drop off, they sorted that out and then went to Apple to pick up an order, then they picked up coffee.

Kim dropped her friend / colleague at their home and went to go and pick up another colleague to run an errand with them. They then went to that person’s old apartment to pick up a deliveryof a chair that ended up at the wrong address and on the way home popped by the CEOs house to pick up a TV that was leant to them by Kim’s friend / colleague.

She then dropped her colleague and their new chair off at their house and then she popped by her friends house to return the TV. She also stopped by to day hello to the kittens. After all of that Kim went home!


Once Kim got home, we ordered ourselves some Chinese food and watched a quiet place II.

We relaxed for the evening and were very excited to do some sleeping tomorrow!

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