Place 72 – Day 215: Vancouver, BC – Sleep Recovery

What A Party!

We woke up at 12:00, after getting home for around 03:00 this morning!

We stayed to help tidy last night, after Kim’s holiday party, which she organised excellently!

We had a great time, and got to dress up which was fun.


After we woke up, Curtis went up to McDonald’s to get us some breakfast.

Sleep Recovery

We do not over exaggerate when we say we didn’t do anything today.

We watched TV, Curtis watched hockey and that was entirely it!

For dinner, Kim had soup and Curtis had tortellini with a homemade tomato sauce.

And that was our day. Not all all exciting, but we were very tired (not hungover, though!) From the party last night.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 214: Vancouver,BC – Holiday Party

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work quite early and that was good as he had a few tickets to get sorted, so that gave him time to do so.

Curtis had a few meetings today. One was regarding the helpdesk software that the team is moving to, and another was regarding an upcoming hackathon.

Curtis is helping out on a team with the hackathon, so he had to have a meeting to discuss their idea, which he thinks is great!

In the afternoon, Curtis did a few more tickets as well as some configuration setup of the new helpdesk.

He sat and had a few drinks with some colleagues before racing home to get ready.

Kim’s Day

Kim got to go to work a little later today, but her day was filled with setting up the venue for tonight’s holiday party.

Holiday Party

Curtis got ready for the holiday party and walked to the city, with a stop at a clothing store for Kim.

This blog is going up pre-party as it’ll be a late one, but Kim organised it so it should be amazing!

We will update you tomorrow with any interesting tid bits!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 213: Vancouver, BC – Glamming Up!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work early today, so that he can make time up for a couple of hours he wants to take off next Thursday.

Curtis had a bit of time to himself in the quite, in which he was able to be very productive!

Curtis did pretty much just ticket work for most of the day, but he also watched a demo for some software that the team is looking at getting, as well as a bit of work on the team’s new helpdesk software, which he has to get configured for the team to use.

Curtis was asked to be one of the people to help look after the new nitro brew coffee. They recently got nitro hot coffee and nitro cold brew, so Curtis had to learn about how to maintain that.

Curtis left the office and met Kim so we could go for a bit of shopping!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent most of her morning running around and collecting the last few things she needs before the party tomorrow and closing up a lot of mini tasks.

Before Kim left to go on lunch she was surprised with a bottle of wine and some coasters from a team in the office! It was totally unexpected and so lovely!

Kim then headed out to the hotel for a holiday lunch that they put on! Kim and a colleague went down, had a brilliant couple of hours catching up with our reps, enjoying great food and even winning prizes!

When she got back to the office Kim had a small meeting with her teammate about the party and all the other upcoming events!

Kim then stocked the mini fridge with drinks so it can be ready for an all day meeting that is taking place tomorrow.

Glamming Up

We went to a couple of shops before heading home.

We went first to find Curtis a waistcoat and tie for tomorrow’s Christmas party.

We stopped at Topman, but there weren’t any options he liked there.

We then went to H&M and he found the perfect combination.

We went down to Gastown for Kim to look in a shop she had been recommended to look at for dresses.

This was an independent store and the staff were incredibly nice!

Kim found the perfect dress and so she bought that.

We took the train back home and then Kim left to go to training.

The class tonight was hard, but Kim really enjoyed it! She managed one of the moves and even learned a new way to invert, which is amazing!

Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim was out.

Kim was going to come right home, but found out that her friend had the nail varnish she was looking for, so she went to her place to borrow that instead!

Kim stopped off at a couple of shops on the way home, so that she could return a few items she had bought.

Once Kim got home, we watched some TV and then got some sleep…Curtis felt tired after his early start today!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 212: Vancouver, BC – Charity Laptop Auction

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and had to fight with him Outlook just to get it to work, which took up about 15 minutes of his morning!

After that, he started setting up a new user that will be based in Denver. This also included setting up the laptop remotely, so that took quite a bit of the day.

Curtis’ whole team had a meeting with a vendor to get onboarded onto the software which the team are making a switch to.

After that meeting, Curtis was asked a lot of questions regarding the charity laptop auction that started yesterday.

Curtis’ company is allowing people that work at the company to bid on old, unneeded laptops in a silent auction, with the proceeds going to charity. Due to this, Curtis had to answer a whole host of questions about it.

Curtis’ afternoon was filled with the tickets he was unable to get to, as well as helping people with their migration as they hadn’t done it yet, but it’s due tomorrow!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by putting together a final fridge clean out of the year, it was a very silly sign and she is very proud of it.

Kim then went to the post office to send a letter quickly, it was great to get out of the office in the morning. When she got back she arranged catering for a colleague to arrive on Friday.

Kim then spent a while fixing up some forms. She took one apart and made it into 2 forms, making each form easier to process and read. She also updated the internal website with these forms so they are nice and easy to find!

It was then suddenly 2pm so Kim nipped out to grab some lunch, as Curtis said he was having mexican Kim decided she wanted tacos too, so she popped to tacofino and had some lunch!

After lunch Kim cut up the melon for slices and also made a fruit salad. She then spent the rest of the afternoon chasing things and adding to the holiday party decorations, they are coming together nicely now!

Helping at Pole & Hockey

Kim went right from work and took the train back home to get the car.

Kim was helping out at pole dancing today, again, so she drove out there to help.

Curtis got his gear ready for hockey and then when Kim was done and got back, we went right to the rink.

Kim went to Winners whilst Curtis got changed and bought herself a dress!

Curtis’ hockey game was another close one, with back and forth goals!

Curtis’ line got the 1-1 equaliser and then his team got the 2-1 goal!

The other team tied it and then scored with 2 minutes remaining to make it 3-2.

Curtis’ team pushed and also pulled the goalie for an extra skater, but were not able to get that extra goal.

Certainly a fun one!


Today, we hit 25,000 blog views… 25,000.

What a number. Thank you all. Thank you all so much for sticking around over these 1024 days!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 211: Vancouver, BC – 2nd Ever Leafs Game!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis didn’t have much planned again today, but it soon added up!

Curtis did a lot of tickets and then his afternoon was taken up with starting a project in which he needed to contact a lot of users and ask them some questions and give them some advice and feedback, and then he needed to discuss with his team.

Curtis got a bit of reading done for his Business Analyst training done and then left work.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by catching up on some emails before heading into the remote workers quarterly social catch up. They had a great 30 minute catch up with new and older employees! It was wonderful!

After this meeting Kim spoke with the taco company from yesterday to complete the order for lunch for the other office. She then moved on to organising a FedEx delivery to go out.

Kim then set up the catering for a day long meeting and about an hour later cleared it away.

A while after this Kim had the monthly first aid meeting which went well, a lot of good questions were bought up and some great plans made for the new year!

2nd Ever Leafs Game!

We met after work and went out for some food.We walked past a Japanese place, which looked authentic and delicious so we thought we would give it a go.

We were not disappointed!

We both got chicken katsu curry and it was a huge portion and incredibly delicious.The chicken was excellent (maybe a little too fried, but still great) and the sauce was perfectly thick, combined with terrific rice.This filled us up perfectly!

We left here and walked to Rogers Arena to watch the Maple Leafs play against the Canucks.

This was our 2nd time watching the Leafs play, but this time, we went lower down in the seats to watch the warm up, which was amazing!

The game began and right from the start it was a pretty good one!

The 1st period ended 0-0, but there were some chances at either end.The Leafs took the 2nd period 2-0, with 2 pretty nice goals.

The leafs managed to seal the deal, after Vancouver made it 2-1, and the leafs got another goal and an empty net goal to get the win!

The leafs eventually won 4-1!

It was a really, really fun game to be at, and we loved every second!

After the game, we walked home.

Once we got back, we watched a little bit of TV and then went off to bed as it was 22:00 by the time we got back.

Curtis has a hockey game tomorrow, but probably won’t have the same amount of people watching it!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 210: Vancouver, BC – More New Moves!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and did his usual admin before his short team meeting.

A backup he had left over the weekend doesn’t seem to have worked, so he contacted a company to see if they can do what he’s looking to do, which has to be done by Thursday!

Curtis also did a few tickets, and a lot of new tickets came in today, too, so they took priority.

He did have a plan to start a project, but there wasn’t time for this anymore!

Curtis purchased some licenses today, as well as setup a replacement laptop for someone.

The day was pretty varied, which meant it went fast, too!

Kim’s Day

Kims days started with her ordering 2 sets of catering, one was pizza for today and another was sandwiches and salads for tomorrow.

She then spent most of the morning picking up random tasks and keeping on tip of emails. She did pop out at one point to pick up glue for the party decorations.

After lunch Kim saved a bunch of receipts she had lying around, which puts her way ahead of schedule in comparison to the past few months.
Kim had her biweekly 1:1 with her boss where they had a great catch up and went over some things coming up over the next dew weeks. During this meeting one of the hotels Kim works closely with popped by top drop off some chocolates as a holiday gift!

Kim spent a good amount of the afternoon catching up on voicemail messages. She also made up the main part of the little snowmen table decorations.

The fruit arrived towards the end of the day as Kim used a proper supermarket this time as they stocked a few extra things that Kim needed so it seemed silly to be paying for 2 deliveries.

More New Moves

Our humidifier died recently, so we had to get a new one.

Being an adult is fun and exciting.

We have to use a humidifier as we have the air conditioning from the hallway seeping into our apartment through some vents, so we have to have the humidity to counteract that.

At pole this evening, which was 2 hours long, Kim learnt a fair few moves. She wasn’t great at many, but she loved the doubles move that they tried and Kim nailed a move called hanglider which is cool!

Once Kim got back home, we watched a little TV and then went to bed.

We have a fun evening tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 209: Vancouver, BC – The Tree Is Up!

Morning Pole

Kim went out to pole right away in the morning. She was really excited to try a few moves that she was yet to try, and she got some more moves sorted and put together that she may be able to use for a routine!

Curtis did the laundry whilst Kim was out and it felt like a productive morning.

Coffee With A Friend

Kim got back but went right back out again, for a coffee with a friend from pole.

Once Kim was done with her coffee, which she got to chat about a lot of things with her new friend which was great.

An Iron & Bulbs

We went to get some food dinner, but also stopped at Canadian Tire as we finally need to buy an iron for us to use when we go to Kim’s Holiday party. We also got some lightbulbs as we need to replace a few in our apartment.

We got back home after getting all we needed to and replaced the bulbs we needed to and then we did a bit more laundry.

Veggie Roast

We watched some TV and then decided we wanted to make food, so Kim did just that.

We had a veggie roast again, because that’s proper Sunday food!

The food was delicious, as ever.

Tree Is Up!

We put up the Christmas tree, and put some decorations on it.

We haven’t finished yet, but it’s pretty much done…It looks a bit like a Christmas tree!

Messy Lunch Fail

We watched more TV, most notably the Last Leg.

Curtis made lunches, and originally Kim was going to have leftovers from tonight, so Curtis put some in a pot and went to put it in the fridge. As he did so, it somehow opened and dropped from his hand, throwing all the food inside the fridge!

Due to this, we had to take a shelf out and 2 draws and clean it. It was probably overdue anyway, so was good to get done.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale