Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 941: Vancouver, BC – New Office Setup!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a lot of meetings booked for today, so he was up a little early to get ready for those.

The first meeting was a team meeting to discuss the projects coming up for the next two weeks.

After that, there was meant to be another meeting but that got rescheduled so Curtis had a little bit of time to go through some tickets and get other admin done.

Curtis then had another team meeting to discuss random things.

There was a little more time for a break and then Curtis had to join another workshop to learn more new things. This lasted for most of the day and then he had a few things to do at the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a meeting heavy day today, but it was all super interesting! She started with a quick chat with her teammate to check in and make sure they have everything they need the. She gave an update in the weekly company meeting.

There was then an hour break where Kim was able to log costs and pull information together for finance. She then gave a quick update to the finance meeting before having some lunch.

After lunch Kim joined an interview and it was so interesting. She then had a call with her teammate to update them on how the interview went and next steps. She then had a quick planning meeting with another teammate.

To finish the day Kim had a great conversation with a department lead to discuss career progression with their teams. It was so interesting and Kim really enjoyed it. She then had another planning meeting with her teammate to make agendas for meetings coming up, start some early stages events planning and get organised on a few projects.

Later in the evening Kim set up a laptop to swap out for a current employee.


Kim worked for a while and then we took out the recycling and made dinner. We had garlic and herb chicken skewers, mango and chilli chicken skewers and corn on the cob with potato salad leftover from yesterday.

Kim got her new desk setup whilst we waited for dinner to cook and setup her office in a new configuration!

We watched a small bit of TV once Kim was done with work and that was it!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 919: Vancouver, BC – And They’re Out

Curtis’ Day

Right at the start of the day, Curtis had an onboard orientation which went really well and the guy was really nice!

After that, Curtis had some other bits of work to do and then a team meeting. 

Curtis finished up some tickets until lunch and then post lunch he had a demo to attend for some software.

After the demo, he did more work and then watched the Leafs game.

The Leafs managed to lose, meaning they’re now out of the playoffs. Incredibly disappointing for Curtis.

Kim’s Day

Kim had only a few meetings today so she was able to get a lot of admin done. She spent some of the morning getting things ready for two new starters in her team for the next couple of weeks. Then she had a quick team meeting to get ready for the day before helping a few people with some IT stuff.

She finished the morning with more admin and then had a good collaborative work session with her colleague to clean up the department folders and get a little more organized.

In the late afternoon Kim ordered some chairs and contacted a vendor to see if they could support multiple orders to different addresses. She then had a quick hiring forecast meeting.

In the evening Kim spent time organising meetings, documents and contracts.


We had chilli for dinner and watched a bit of TV before Kim had to do a bit more work.

Curtis played some games whilst she did that.

Once Kim was done with work again, we watched a bit more TV and went for a nice night walk.

Curtis is debating if he should stay awake tonight to watch the final GB hockey game, but he’s unure yet as it’s a 2am start!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 907: Vancouver, BC – Candidate Reviews

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a 09:00 meeting which was a company wide meeting to get information.

Once that meeting was done, he jumped on a call to help someone with a process flow and then he had a team meeting right after that.

After all those meetings, Curtis spent some time trying to figure out a strange issue with installing some software that someone was having.

Curtis had some lunch and then had a team meeting to discuss the team’s vision. This went really well and took the full hour!

Curtis got some more ticket work completed after this and then did his Norwegian homework.

Kim’s Day

Today, Kim started the day with some research and completing a few quick wins. She then joined a weekly recruitment meeting before joining a meeting discussing the structure of a department.

She then had a quick interview review meeting with a couple of people who had interviews over the past couple of days. She had a sit down with her team to discuss a few items and plan for the next few months and balance work. Then she had to call UPS to figure out what the delay with a delivery has been and get that all sorted out.

After lunch Kim joined a meeting with the consultancy firm she used and then had a team planning meeting where they started outlining work and assigning tasks.

Kim joined a candidate review and processed next steps for a few applicants and then she had a quick call with a teammate to catch up from the week. Her teammate was heading into an evening meeting so Kim gatecrashed and had a great surprise meeting with wine!!


Kim needed to work a bit later than normal, so she did that whilst Curtis played some games.

After working, we had some more of our homemade 3 bean chicken chilli and just watched some TV for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 906: Vancouver, BC – Gift Basket!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had no meetings today, which was a nice break!

Curtis used the time mostly for tickets but he did get some admin done and some project work, as well. It was a little strange to have no meetings, but having the time was excellent.

Nothing super fancy to report for his day today, but a productive one!

Curtis got a gift basket from his work today as a thank you for hard work, which was very nice! Lots of fancy snacks in there for us to devour.

Kim’s Day

Kim joined an interview after taking some tim to do some research in the morning. She then joined and gave an update in the company meeting before settling down to get some admin done.

She then had a quick success of a few smaller meetings, a couple of check ins and she provided an update to another department.

In the afternoon her first meeting was cancelled so Kim did a few smaller things before she joined a training session about benefits. Kim then had a quick call with her teammate to go over a few things before she had a long call with another teammate to get their opinion and work on a few things with them. To finish the day Kim had another pipeline review of candidates for a role.

3 Bean Chicken Chilli

Throughout the day, Kim got a 3 bean chicken chilli made, which simmered away for hours and was incredibly delicious!

Curtis ran to the shop after work to get a few things for it, but most of it Kim just did during the day.

We ate this in wraps tonight, but we have plenty to put in the freezer now!

We watched TV and relaxed and we had some more admin to do, so we did that too.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 873: Vancouver, BC – Evening Event

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was meant to have a Norwegian lesson this morning, but his teacher was sick so that didn’t happen.

As a result, his morning was very quite, right up until just before lunch when he had to reach out to some people to check some things on their laptops.

After lunch, Curtis had a project meeting and then after he did more work with people on getting laptops setup how they should be.

Once he got that done, he had an interesting thing to get done for someone, but he had to do some research and some playing around but still couldn’t get it done quite right, so he’ll have to take a stab at it tomorrow.

Curtis then watched hockey and played games for a lot of the evening, whilst Kim was in her interviews.

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day with a quick meeting with her teammate to discuss a virtual event happened in the evening. She then attended a webinar before joining two recruitment meetings back to back.

Just before and after lunch Kim had two interviews and then she joined a chat to discuss how they went and the next steps.

In the afternoon Kim had a few meetings. The first was her weekly meeting with her teammate and then she had another chat with a different teammate. After this Kim decided to take a break and run a couple of errands as she was joining an event in the evening so she wanted to actively take time off to recharge and get fresh air before.

Kim timed her break terribly and had to join a call while out and about. Once she was home Kim hosted a quick introduction meeting to discuss the event they were all about to join. This was a speed dating style networking / interview event. It was so interesting and Kim met some wonderful people through 1-1 chats and by being on the virtual booth. After the event everyone joined a call to discuss candidates and what happens next. It was a long day but so interesting!

Late Evening

Once Kim was done, we had some chilli for dinner and watched a little TV before heading to bed. It’s been a busy week this week!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 574: Vancouver, BC – Hand Delivery, We Can Stay & A Desk

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly quite and slow day today.

He got some tickets done before his team meeting at 10:30 and then he got an uncommon request to move something to another location which took some research and was far more difficult than it should have been.

He got that done eventually and then post lunch was filled with tickets and some admin. He also setup the monitor he bought for Kim so she can use it whilst we’re at the old apartment.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent most of the day out and about! In the morning she worked on getting some HR stuff set up before she joined a meeting to help marketing.

When Kim arrived at the cocktail place she started labelling the cocktail boxes and sorting them out. That way when her teammate arrived they knew which cocktails were going in who’s car. Just before they left their other teammate came to pick up a couple of the kits too! Just before she left for the first delivery Kim received a notification in regards to her work permit, she has been given a work permit for the same amount of time as Curtis!

Kim then spent a lot of the day driving to a couple of colleagues homes to drop off cocktail kits. Everyone was masked and distanced so it was a really lovely and safe way to finally meet people!

While she was in the area Kim also grabbed a Popeyes for lunch!

Once she was done Kim got home and managed to get some actual work done.

First, she walked over one more kit to another teammate! For the rest of the afternoon Kim was able to get her head down and finish a few things, she first set up an interview, made a couple of calls and sent some more emails.


Kim found out today that she got her work permit and can also stay until 2023! So we both now can stay which is a huge relief.

We went to pickup a desk in the evening to use in our new place. Whilst we were on the way back, the person we bought it from said they forgot to give us a piece for the desk, so we had to go back again and get it!

We got that and came back home and then had some veggie chilli for dinner.

We ate our dinner and the did the usual TV watching for the remainder of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 566: Vancouver, BC – The Worst Timing

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had to get an onboard done this morning, but as with ever, something broke which prevented him from getting the accounts created.

He spoke with him team as the figured out the issue so he could get the work done and also get the system working again. Luckily, this only affected Curtis’ team and no one else.

Once that was done, he was able to get the onboard completed and get on with other work.

Curtis was able to get a lot of tickets done and then in the late afternoon he had to do some project work and some project admin, too. Overall, a very successful day!

Kim’s Day

Kim was able to get a few smaller admin tasks done in the morning before all of her meetings. She then hosted her first team meeting where Kim went over some of the projects and everyone had a nice little catch up. She then presented and gave a lot of information in the weekly company wide meeting before joining the weekly project catch up.

Kim arrived late to the project catch up because she joined the wrong call and didn’t notice for 10 minutes.

After lunch Kim worked with a teammate to update a guide send out information, send out a form for everyone to complete and update a process for new starters. It was a very successful and productive hour!

Kim then worked on a guide for another project that she has been working on. Then into the evening Kim made a few orders for people before working on some job descriptions.


Curtis watched hockey whilst Kim worked a little more in the evening and then we had some veggie chilli for dinner. We couldn’t be bothered with rice, so we had it in a wrap with a nice fresh salad on the side.

We watched some TV and played some games as usual in the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 490: Vancouver, BC – Permanent Residence Invite!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day started great, getting invited to apply for Permanent Residence!

It also turns out that Kim gets to piggy back off of this, so she doesn’t have to apply for anything herself (though we still need a lot of documents!).

Curtis spent a lot of the day gathering and uploading the documentation as well as trying to get information and documents that we don’t have yet.

He did also did do some work. He had some admin to do and he had a call with someone to help them with something.

There was also a team call to explain how to do something, which was interesting.

Curtis had to do an offboard in the afternoon so he got that done and then signed off for the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim was planning on heading into the office to wait for another delivery, but then she was informed that it had arrived the day before. As she had no where to be, Kim decided to snooze for a bit in the morning.

Kim had a call with a new starter in the morning so she got up and was ready in time for that. She had a great chat and gave the new starter the accesses and log ins that they need.

After the call Kim popped out to pick up a delivery for Curtis, a colleague of his made and sent some holiday treats! So kind and lovely! Kim quickly popped home before heading back out to collect the delivery from the office. On the way home Kim stopped at the supermarket to pick up a few items that they were out of stock of yesterday.

Kim then made some fancy chicken hot sandwiches for lunch when she got home and they were tasty! She had a couple of small things to do for work, so Kim decided to quickly sort that out. She sent some information via the HR system and created a template to use in the future.

One thing that Kim and Curtis enjoyed earlier in the year was having the English food to snack on. So Kim popped out to the same shop to pick up a few English goodies, she even got some party rings, which was exciting!


We went out for a walk and to the liquor store to stock up on booze! We actually really enjoyed the walk, too.

We got back home and Kim made a vegetarian chilli which was terrific!

We watched some TV and chilled out for the night.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 403: Vancouver, BC – First Time Driving Here

We got up a little earlier today and had some toasties for breakfast.

We then did some laundry and got showered, then Kim chatted with her dad and went over her CV and got some of his feedback.

Once Kim was done with that, we left the apartment and jumped in the car.

Curtis has found out that Kim is not allowed to come and watch his hockey games and Kim had been driving since we got to Vancouver, so Curtis needs to drive to hockey himself when it starts on 7th October.

Kim drove to an industrial area and we swapped seats, and Curtis tried driving for the first time on the left side of the car and right side of the road.

Curtis didn’t mind it, though lane discipline was a bit tough. Curtis is going to drive a little more over the next week or so and then he can get used to it before he drives to hockey for his first game!

Curtis then drove onto the supermarket and where we park was absolutely full, so it took a while to find a space.

The supermarket was just as full as the parking around it and it was a little crazy in there, but we got it done and drove back home.

We got back home and had some leftover pizza which we had from yesterday.

We had that and watched a bit of TV, then played some Tony Hawk.

Kim made a slow cooked chicken chili and we ate that whilst watching some YouTube videos.

We watched some more TV and got ourselves off to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 334: Vancouver, BC – Marinaded Chilli & Ginger Chicken

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the day with admin as usual, and then purchased some licensed followed by helping someone with a strange issue regarding docusign.

Curtis created a form for someone to complete with regards to wanting some new software.

Curtis got that done and provided it to them, so he just has to wait for them to complete it.

A lot of Curtis’ work today’s was ticket based, so he got a lot of those done and then had some lunch.

After lunch, Curtis had a project meeting followed by finishing off the Google account work he was doing yesterday.

Curtis finished the day with some training.

Kim’s Day

Kim started the day chasing about a shipment that still hasnt been picked up. Then after that Kim checked on a coffee order and it turns out that that hadnt gone through, so she placed it again.

She then attempted to finish opening the UPS account, but she was unable to, and will try again next week when she has an invoice for them.

In the early afternoon Kim hosted a rerun of the latest Who Are You game and that was super fun! It was a smaller group than is ideal, but all fun people, which was brilliant.

For the afternoon Kim and bee colleague worked on clearing up the storage locker. They removed boxed of documents for shredding and took them back to the office to organise and shred. Kim then got the cleaning bug and finished the day by cleaning up the meeting room where she dumped everything during the office clean up. So the whole front desk area looks much more smart!

Marinaded Chilli & Ginger Chicken

When Kim got home, she marinaded some chicken in chilli and ginger sauce and then we went out for a walk.

After the walk, we took the recycling out and made our dinner.

We ate our dinner which was delicious, as expected, watched some TV and played some games, as usual!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale