Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 949: Vancouver, BC – Our End Of Work Week!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting with someone from the company early on in the day to ask them about a new software they are thinking of trying out, and seeing what would be required from Curtis’ team on that one.

Curtis finished that meeting and went right into a meeting with his team to discuss project work.

After that meeting, Curtis had to write up a project for the earlier meeting and then he had a 1 on 1 with his boss.

Curtis then had some tickets to do followed by creating some more things within a new software the team will be hopefully starting to use in a couple of weeks, which is exciting!

Curtis had two offboards to do after lunch and that took up most of the afternoon, but he did have a security incident to deal with too, which was interesting.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim had a meeting with a potential vendor and then she had a meeting with the finance team to go over a few upcoming costs and make some plans. After those Kim took a little break as the lack of sleep from the heat really started to get to her today.

After a mini break Kim had a chat with a consultancy firm to discuss next steps on a few things and make some plans for the next few weeks. She then had a call to go through a few things with a teammate and then she has a connect with a candidate for a new role to answer some questions they had.

In the early afternoon Kim joined a the weekly recruitment meeting that was on today instead as tomorrow is a day off. It was the same situation for the weekly team leaders meeting, they all met in the afternoon, gave updates and sorted out a few things too.

Kim then had two 1-1s! She had the first with a manager to discuss a new starter and then she had a one month check in with a teammate. Then to finish the day Kim worked with the recruiter and the development managers to finalise a couple of job descriptions.

A Little later in the evening Kim joined a games night too! It was so great as it felt like ages since the last games night


We have two days off coming up, or at least Curtis does, and Kim has a ‘be available’ day on Friday, so this is really our last working day before the weekend, so a nice 4 days off!

We celebrated with pizza, but from a different place! There’s a place that does thicker crust pizza and we had it a couple of times and really liked it, so we went to get that! It was a short walk away and we really enjoyed it.

We watched some TV together and then headed to bed. Kim hasn’t slept well over the last few days due to the heat, so she is excited to sleep!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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