Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 961: Vancouver, BC – New Glasses!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a quick onboard orientation in the morning and then joined his team to use a new software for 2 weeks!

Curtis had to setup accounts for another new hire and then he got right into a team meeting followed by some project work, which lasted really for most of the day.

After work, Curtis got the remainder of his Norwegian homework completed and thrn played some games whilst waiting for Kim to finish up work.

Curtis’ new glasses arrived today, so he can actually see well again!

Kim’s Day

Kim went to start her day with a meeting just as it got moved. So she was able to get some admin done. She then joined a meeting about a research project that will start over the next week or so.

Around mid morning Kim joined the recruitment meeting that was pushed from earlier in the morning. It was interesting and involved lots of interesting discussions. She then joined three different one week check ins before also having a one month chat. Kim really enjoys interacting with new employees and seeing how things are going.

In the afternoon Kim joined a team meeting before having a quick break for lunch. She then joined another recruitment meeting for a department to see the new roles they may want to hire for over the next 12 months.

Kim then had a a while to get a bit of admin done before she had a chat with a few people about another new role and how one team is likely to look and be shaped over the coming months.

In the evening Kim worked on setting up some laptops. Two worked fine and the final one has been a nightmare. Kim has totally set it up yet it still isn’t working as expected. The plan is currently to leave it overnight and try again in the morning. If that doesn’t work she will have to factory reset and start the whole process again!


We had a delicious dinner! Kim had a mushroom sandwich with caramelised onions and relish whilst Curtis made a steak sandwich with caramelised onions and relish. Delicious! We were still a little hungry after though, so we had some salad.

Kim finished up a bit more work and then we went out for a night walk.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 949: Vancouver, BC – Our End Of Work Week!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting with someone from the company early on in the day to ask them about a new software they are thinking of trying out, and seeing what would be required from Curtis’ team on that one.

Curtis finished that meeting and went right into a meeting with his team to discuss project work.

After that meeting, Curtis had to write up a project for the earlier meeting and then he had a 1 on 1 with his boss.

Curtis then had some tickets to do followed by creating some more things within a new software the team will be hopefully starting to use in a couple of weeks, which is exciting!

Curtis had two offboards to do after lunch and that took up most of the afternoon, but he did have a security incident to deal with too, which was interesting.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim had a meeting with a potential vendor and then she had a meeting with the finance team to go over a few upcoming costs and make some plans. After those Kim took a little break as the lack of sleep from the heat really started to get to her today.

After a mini break Kim had a chat with a consultancy firm to discuss next steps on a few things and make some plans for the next few weeks. She then had a call to go through a few things with a teammate and then she has a connect with a candidate for a new role to answer some questions they had.

In the early afternoon Kim joined a the weekly recruitment meeting that was on today instead as tomorrow is a day off. It was the same situation for the weekly team leaders meeting, they all met in the afternoon, gave updates and sorted out a few things too.

Kim then had two 1-1s! She had the first with a manager to discuss a new starter and then she had a one month check in with a teammate. Then to finish the day Kim worked with the recruiter and the development managers to finalise a couple of job descriptions.

A Little later in the evening Kim joined a games night too! It was so great as it felt like ages since the last games night


We have two days off coming up, or at least Curtis does, and Kim has a ‘be available’ day on Friday, so this is really our last working day before the weekend, so a nice 4 days off!

We celebrated with pizza, but from a different place! There’s a place that does thicker crust pizza and we had it a couple of times and really liked it, so we went to get that! It was a short walk away and we really enjoyed it.

We watched some TV together and then headed to bed. Kim hasn’t slept well over the last few days due to the heat, so she is excited to sleep!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 947: Vancouver, BC – Many Fans

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting at 09:00, to orientate someone new, but before that we both got all our fans and placed them strategically around the apartment as well as ensuring all blinds were closed so we could keep the apartment as cool as possible whilst we worked.

Curtis finished up his 09:00 meeting and then completed a rushed onboard for a contractor.

After that was done, Curtis had a team meeting, a 1 on 1 and then a LOT of tickets and messages from people to deal with.

He had one further meeting in the afternoon around a piece of software, but luckily that didn’t late too long.

Kim’s Day

Today was super hot, so Kim decided to drop a laptop off for delivery in the morning after she was able to get some admin done. Once she got back Kim popped to a couple of shops down the road to pick up a couple more drinks and snacks for the day.

Once she was home Kim joined a meeting to discuss how an interview went then that meeting turned into a 1-1. She then joined the team meeting and then had lunch.

In the afternoon Kim worked on a lot of admin and wrote up an invite for a picnic that will be happening in a couple of weeks. She had a quick call with her manager to discuss a few things then finalised the invite and sent it out.


It was far too hot today, around 40°C, so we didn’t really want to cook. Kim went to the coffee shop across the street and got us caprese sandwiches for dinner and we watched a bit of TV for the start of the evening.

When it began to cool down, we went for an evening walk, though it was still stupidly hot outside!

We got home and watched a bit more TV and tried to stay cool, before heading to bed and hoping we can sleep!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 927: Vancouver, BC – Hiring Discussions

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had just 1 meeting planned for today, which was in the afternoon, so plenty of the day to get stuff done.

There were plenty of new tickets to do and then there was an issue that was ongoing and Curtis had to do some more troubleshooting with that. He eventually got that working, which was really great and he was happy he could get the person working again.

Curtis also setup accounts for a new user and got that all setup and ready to go.

It was more of the same after lunch but he did a long meeting about security and some software.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day with some admin before joining a first week check in with her teammate to see how they have been settling in. She then joined the weekly meeting and gave an update.

Around midday Kim had another one week check in and had a fantastic catch up with a new starter! She then gave an update to the finance team before having some lunch.

After lunch Kim joined a hiring meeting where they made plans for a couple of roles that are being hired for. She then went straight into a planning meeting that ended up snowballing into several other meetings that lasted a couple of hours.

To finish the day Kim hosted a meeting to discuss hiring needs of a department and see what needs to be sorted.


We made vegetable couscous for dinner which was actually really good! It was a Moroccan inspired recipe and it was delicious! Had some spiciness to it, as well, which was great.

We went for a walk after dinner and when we got back it was relax and TV time.

We are both out for a bit tomorrow for work, which is the first time we’ve both been out during the day during the week for a while!

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 561: Vancouver, BC – New Processes, Staples & Date Change

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had the meeting that he postponed yesterday at 10:00 this morning and that lasted for 1.5 hours, but got that part of the project done.

When that was done, he had a lot of tickets and other things to get done up until lunch.

Curtis also had to change the date of our move in with all the relevant parties as one of the buildings couldn’t accomodate our original day.

After lunch, someone informed Curtis that they had purchased some software and wanted to get it connected to some other systems. There was no official process for requesting this, so Curtis decided to make the process and create all the documentation required for that. He quite enjoyed doing that and happy there is a process now.

Kim’s Day

Between meetings today Kim was able to get a lot of admin done, it was fantastic. She worked on plans for the next few weeks and worked on a free projects too.

Her first meeting was to discuss a process and how it will work with a few team members and it went really well. She then joined a planning meeting for a project she is helping with and that was really interesting. Kim learned a lot and is really enjoying being involved.

At around midday Kim joined the recruitment meeting and helped with updates. Then after lunch Kim hosted another dance party and it was fun!

Kim joined another meeting to discuss a potential project and how it might work. She then went to Staples before picking up the car from her friends apartment complex. On the way home Kim stopped by the old office to collect any mail.


We had some Nando’s sauce marinated chicken in the freezer, so we had that for dinner in a wrap, along side some waffle fries and a ceasar salad.

Curtis then watched hockey whilst Kim did some work and watched a movie.

We watched a bit of TV together after hockey.

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Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 547: Vancouver, BC – Really Great Conversation

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had no plans today, other than one, long, meeting to discuss kicking off a project in which they would setup and roll out a new software.

Whilst not much of the planning got done, a lot of information was found and after some playing around with the software, more capabilities became apparent and that was really promising!

Curtis spent a while playing around with the software after the meeting and got a lot of tickets done.

The day went incredibly fast and before Curtis knew it, it was time to watch hockey!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning amending documents and catching up on a few things. She was also invited to a meeting at midday so Kim started preparing for that.

At midday Kim joined the meeting. It was so interesting and she learnt so much. She then had a quick call with her colleague and to show her a process and have a quick catch up.

Kim also had a call with another colleague to go over some hiring and the plans around it. She then got to call a candidate to offer them a job, which was so great.

For the rest of the afternoon Kim sent out contracts and worked on documents.


Once Kim finished work and Curtis finished watching hockey, we made some orange chicken (it was just frozen) with rice and ate that for dinner.

Once we finished dinner, we played a new game that came out called Wreckfest and it was actually way more fun than we thought it would be!

We then watched some more TV for the evening and it is do crazy that it’s Thursday already!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 442: Vancouver, BC – It’s So Dark Now!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a lot of tickets to do this morning so he got those done.

At 11:45, he left the apartment and went to get a haircut! The haircut was fairly quick and once he got that done he got a coffee for himself and Kim and then headed back home.

When Curtis got home, he ate some food but also had a lot more tickets to do so he did those.

Curtis also did a little bit of project work at the end of the day and then finished up.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a busy day today. She started by drafting up and invite for a potential event next month and then did some research into activities and things that can be done virtually. She also did some more research on a different software that the company needs.

Just before lunch Kim decided to see if anyone would like to play a game of Skribbl, no one had time today but were interested in doing it next week, so she sent out an invite and how to play for next Friday!

In the afternoon Kim got stuck into her research for the new software, so much so that she was late to a HR meeting. The HR meeting went well and it was great to see how they work. She took notes and had a quick meeting after with her colleague to go over some questions Kim had.

Before a catch up meeting with the HR software company Kim has been talking with this week Kim took some time to make some plans and notes for the next few weeks and added to processes that she has started writing up.

Kim had a few questions for the HR management software company so they organised a call to go over all the questions. It really helped Kim have a better understanding of the product and how it will help and work within the company, so that was great!

To end the day Kim had training on how to set up a new mailbox. Kims colleague toom her through step by step so Kim could do the process and take notes!


It got dark around 16:00 today, now the days are so much darker!

We did a lot of housework once we finished work and then we had some pizza for dinner.

We played some games and watched some TV, the usual stuff.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 368: Vancouver, BC – Preparing For Awesomeness!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a busy morning. He had to help deal with someone’s broken laptop, which looks like it’ll need sending off and fixing, so he and his colleagues discussed what they’re going to do with that.

For a lot of the day, Curtis helped with an ongoing issue a couple of people were having with logging into some software, but it turned out it was actually an issue with the software itself and not Curtis’ company, so that’s good!

Curtis had a team meeting in the afternoon which was just a casual chat.

Curtis started to get a bad headache in the late afternoon, so he had a bit of a lay down.

Kim’s Day

Kim hosted a call from home, but no one joined so she headed into the office. Before she started on stuff for the summer party, Kim sorted some admin and went through her emails.

Once all that was done, Kim worked on the last quiz before heading to a couple of shops with her colleague. They first picked up some stuff for the cocktail class tomorrow that they are hosting, before picking up a few other items from the supermarket.

Once they got back to the office Kim worked on the quiz some more before running a test call for the wiki race game. She had a few people on the call and did a full run through of how it works and it was great!

After that call, a few people left and then the remaining people went over how the marking of the quiz will go. There will be winners each round and a final winner. They also then helped with testing the audio and visuals for the party tomorrow. They have a great set up planned and it all works brilliantly! So that was a big relief!

For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on the Quiz and she managed to finish it. This is great as the Quiz Kim just finished will be used in the two other summer parties next week!

Once everyone had gone home for the day Kim tried to get a last minute project for the parties, but it didnt work. So instead Kim set up the kitchen with decorations and all the stuff that will be needed tomorrow.

She then tried the plan again, but the laptop would load up fully so she abandoned that idea! Instead Kim did a final review of all the questions in the quizzes with her colleague and eventually called it a day at 9pm! Kim is very excited and and a little nervous for the first party tomorrow! Hopefully it goes well!


When Kim got home, we had a chicken ceasar salad for dinner and watched some TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 212: Vancouver, BC – Charity Laptop Auction

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and had to fight with him Outlook just to get it to work, which took up about 15 minutes of his morning!

After that, he started setting up a new user that will be based in Denver. This also included setting up the laptop remotely, so that took quite a bit of the day.

Curtis’ whole team had a meeting with a vendor to get onboarded onto the software which the team are making a switch to.

After that meeting, Curtis was asked a lot of questions regarding the charity laptop auction that started yesterday.

Curtis’ company is allowing people that work at the company to bid on old, unneeded laptops in a silent auction, with the proceeds going to charity. Due to this, Curtis had to answer a whole host of questions about it.

Curtis’ afternoon was filled with the tickets he was unable to get to, as well as helping people with their migration as they hadn’t done it yet, but it’s due tomorrow!

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by putting together a final fridge clean out of the year, it was a very silly sign and she is very proud of it.

Kim then went to the post office to send a letter quickly, it was great to get out of the office in the morning. When she got back she arranged catering for a colleague to arrive on Friday.

Kim then spent a while fixing up some forms. She took one apart and made it into 2 forms, making each form easier to process and read. She also updated the internal website with these forms so they are nice and easy to find!

It was then suddenly 2pm so Kim nipped out to grab some lunch, as Curtis said he was having mexican Kim decided she wanted tacos too, so she popped to tacofino and had some lunch!

After lunch Kim cut up the melon for slices and also made a fruit salad. She then spent the rest of the afternoon chasing things and adding to the holiday party decorations, they are coming together nicely now!

Helping at Pole & Hockey

Kim went right from work and took the train back home to get the car.

Kim was helping out at pole dancing today, again, so she drove out there to help.

Curtis got his gear ready for hockey and then when Kim was done and got back, we went right to the rink.

Kim went to Winners whilst Curtis got changed and bought herself a dress!

Curtis’ hockey game was another close one, with back and forth goals!

Curtis’ line got the 1-1 equaliser and then his team got the 2-1 goal!

The other team tied it and then scored with 2 minutes remaining to make it 3-2.

Curtis’ team pushed and also pulled the goalie for an extra skater, but were not able to get that extra goal.

Certainly a fun one!


Today, we hit 25,000 blog views… 25,000.

What a number. Thank you all. Thank you all so much for sticking around over these 1024 days!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 184: Vancouver, BC – Back to Pole Training

Curtis’ Day

Curtis actually got to work at the perfect time, but then emptied the dishwasher which took him perfectly to his daily meeting.

After the meeting, Curtis spent all morning doing ticket work and it was perfectly busy!

At 12:00, there was a demo for some antivirus software which was very interesting, so he really enjoyed that.

After lunch, Curtis had to figure out who owned a software as someone was leaving and someone new had to take it over. Once he figured that out, he started the setup for that.

Once he got that done, he had time to look over a few different helpdesk software and compare them to see which is the best and which his company should start using.

Curtis walked home and watched the leafs game.

Kim’s Day

When Kim got in she decided to start getting into the habit of having something to eat before starting to work. She grabbed her cereal and sat down, just after it dawned on her that she has a visitor coming in for someone at 9 so she hid her cereal ans waited to greet the guest. Once the guest was in Kim pipped back to the kitchen to have her cereal.

Kim then spent a while trying to get hold of someone who would be able to send across the missing receipt from a hotel. In total it took over an hour, many calls to different numbers! It was a whole kerfuffle!

She then went into a meeting to have a chat about the upcoming winter party. Kim and her colleagues agreed on decorations and a plan for cracking on with the to do list.

After the meeting Kim sent out a few emails asking a vendor for some information and updated the spreadsheets with new RSVPs.

Just before lunch Kim went out with a friend so that she could grab her colleague a birthday cake and so Kim could grab nappies for a baby shower themed Friday afternoon drinks. Kim will also be making mocktails!

Kim spent some time ordering pizzas and creating templates for possible Congratulations cards for winter party prizes.

Then Kim went into another meeting with one of the ladies from earlier to discuss plans for the social side of the quarterly new hire meetings. They discussed possible dates and games that could work.

Kim then worked through more party stuff by emailing the venue for some info and finally making an RSVP list for the people in the UK office.

Back to Pole

Curtis finished watching hockey and then went up to the shop to get some ham for lunches.

Once Curtis got back, Kim left to go to pole training for the first time since her competition.

Kim loved going back to class today as she learned a crunch spin, which will be great on other combos and a shoulder dismount, which hurt but again is very useful!

Kim went for a swim and to the gym when she got back home. After that, we watched some TV and then went off to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale