Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 949: Vancouver, BC – Our End Of Work Week!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a meeting with someone from the company early on in the day to ask them about a new software they are thinking of trying out, and seeing what would be required from Curtis’ team on that one.

Curtis finished that meeting and went right into a meeting with his team to discuss project work.

After that meeting, Curtis had to write up a project for the earlier meeting and then he had a 1 on 1 with his boss.

Curtis then had some tickets to do followed by creating some more things within a new software the team will be hopefully starting to use in a couple of weeks, which is exciting!

Curtis had two offboards to do after lunch and that took up most of the afternoon, but he did have a security incident to deal with too, which was interesting.

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim had a meeting with a potential vendor and then she had a meeting with the finance team to go over a few upcoming costs and make some plans. After those Kim took a little break as the lack of sleep from the heat really started to get to her today.

After a mini break Kim had a chat with a consultancy firm to discuss next steps on a few things and make some plans for the next few weeks. She then had a call to go through a few things with a teammate and then she has a connect with a candidate for a new role to answer some questions they had.

In the early afternoon Kim joined a the weekly recruitment meeting that was on today instead as tomorrow is a day off. It was the same situation for the weekly team leaders meeting, they all met in the afternoon, gave updates and sorted out a few things too.

Kim then had two 1-1s! She had the first with a manager to discuss a new starter and then she had a one month check in with a teammate. Then to finish the day Kim worked with the recruiter and the development managers to finalise a couple of job descriptions.

A Little later in the evening Kim joined a games night too! It was so great as it felt like ages since the last games night


We have two days off coming up, or at least Curtis does, and Kim has a ‘be available’ day on Friday, so this is really our last working day before the weekend, so a nice 4 days off!

We celebrated with pizza, but from a different place! There’s a place that does thicker crust pizza and we had it a couple of times and really liked it, so we went to get that! It was a short walk away and we really enjoyed it.

We watched some TV together and then headed to bed. Kim hasn’t slept well over the last few days due to the heat, so she is excited to sleep!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 929: Vancouver, BC – Making Lots of Plans!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started his day right at 09:00 with a meeting which lasted for about 1.5 hours. In this meeting, he set out a whole project and got it ready to start! This has been a long time coming, so it was good to get it all flushed out and ready to go.

After that, he had a quick meeting with an external provider who will be doing some workshops for the team.

Curtis then had a task to help someone through which actually took about an hour, though it did work at the end!

He had a meeting after this with regards to returning to the office and planning all the work that needs to be done for that.

The remainder of the day was busy with tickets and other things, and then Curtis did some of his Norwegian homework. Today was a busy day, but in a good way!

Kim’s Day

Kim had another long and interesting day today! It started with two interviews back to back, with a little time to chat between them. She then joined the department update and was able to do some admin during it too!

She then had time with her new teammate to see how they have been doing, give them direction and assigned some new tasks too. They both then joined the weekly recruitment meeting.

After a quick lunch Kim had a 1-1 with her other teammate and they went over goals, plans and things coming up. It was a great chat! Then towards the end of the day Kim had two 1 month check ins sandwiching an end of day catch up with two managers.

She then popped out to pickup a new laptop and on the way she stopped at her hair salon to exchange a product she bought for some that will work better for her hair.

Once she was home Kim accidentally worked on a bunch of mini projects and fun tasks. Then after dinner she had a call with an exec to discuss an onboarding plan for a new starter while she set up their laptop. A successful day?


Kim worked fairly late, so we just had frozen pizza for dinner.

We were going to have a walk but then Kim had to do some work and ended up having a chat with someone from work and then it got too late for a walk! She got some stuff done that she needed to, though!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 893: Vancouver, BC – Back To Evening Walks

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had an orientation planned for 09:00 but the person didn’t know about it so didn’t show up until 09:20.

Curtis got that orientation completed and then had a team meeting, followed by a meeting to discuss a new project and get that project started.

After that meeting was done, Curtis wrote out the project which led perfectly to lunch time.

After lunch, Curtis had a meeting with Microsoft to scope out a software rollout project with them and that has been scheduled in for next week!

Once that meeting was done, there was another one right after with his team to just talk about random things.

The remainder afternoon was then filled with tickets and he had to help someone urgently get something working that seemed that it should have no issues. He was actually able to figure it out with some help from a colleague, but it was a strange one for sure.

Kim’s Day

Today is Kim’s most busy day of the week. For the rest of the week Kim will be resting more. To start her day Kim joined an interview and then the quick chat after. She then joined a recruitment call to discuss an upcoming role.

After a little break Kim had another interview and review after. She then joined a colleague in a review of the candidate pipeline before she joined a meeting to discuss a couple of interviews that took place with the exec team for the day. She then went to join the pipeline review again, but then another interview finished so she reviewed that one with two other people and made a plan on next steps for a few candidates and roles.


We had leftover salad from yesterday for dinner and then we took out our recycling.

After the recycling was dealt with, we went out for a nice evening walk again.

We stopped off at the liquor store to get some drinks, seen as we were out, but really it was a nice walk in some lovely evening weather.

We got back home and relaxed, watching some TV and decompressing for the day.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 884: Vancouver, BC – SPUD

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a first day IT orientation at 09:00 and the person was very lovely!

Shortly after, Curtis had a team meeting followed by helping someone get their computer working as it should.

Curtis had yet another meeting with his team, then lunch, then he had a project to get done. That project only ended up taking 45 minutes which was excellent!

The rest of the afternoon was admin, tickets and also getting another computer working correctly for someone.

Curtis played some games whilst Kim had her evening meeting and then went up to the shop to get some chicken. We had received an order from today, which is a very environmentally friendly supermarket that delivers (we had a discount code, so thought we’d try!) But the chicken was frozen and we needed some for tonight, so Curtis went to get some.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her week with a team meeting to get updates and see if anyone in the team needs help with any projects. She then joined a recruitment meeting to discuss a couple of roles that are open and the next steps for them.

In the afternoon Kim had an interview and she joined the review after to discuss what is happening next and how it went. They also discussed a small event that will be happening.

She then went on to update some paperwork with a couple of colleagues. To end the day Kim caught up with a couple of hiring managers to review the candidates who have applied for roles. It was a productive and fun evening!


For dinner, we had lemon pesto couscous with chicken & vegetables. Delicious! It was another recipe we kept from our Hello Fresh box a while ago.

We ate that and watched some TV together for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 856: Vancouver, BC – We Have The Keys!

Curtis’ Morning

Curtis had a 09:00 IT orientation with someone which went well, and then he got some work done before he had a team meeting for 1 hour.

New Apartment!

After the meeting, we both went to get the keys to the new apartment! We also did an inspection and asked a few questions etc to our new landlord.

We now have the keys and could start moving a few things there, if we like, which is exciting!

We got back home and had some lunch and then got back on with working.

Curtis’ Afternoon

Curtis had another team meeting about projects and then he got some accounts setup for a new user.

Once that was done, it was the end of the busy work day!

Kim’s Day

Kim had a lovely slower morning where she was able to prepare for the week. She then had her weekly team meeting where they planned their projects for the next few weeks.

Once she got back from picking up the keys to the new apartment and had lunch Kim did a little admin before joining an call about rolling out a project Kim had been working on for the past few months. The call was with a vendor and went over how it will be implemented. It was great!

She then worked on booking interviews and updating job descriptions.


Curtis watched hockey and Kim finished up some work and then we had sausages and mash for dinner!

We ate and watched some TV as well as discussed which things we might start taking over to the new apartment.

We went back to the new apartment after dinner to take over the desk we bought. It was so nice and quiet and the elevators were no issue at all, unlike our current place.

We then went to the liquor store and bought some prosecco and a few other bits as it’s our 10 year anniversary tomorrow!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 377: Vancouver, BC – Well Deserved Massage

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day was pretty busy!

He had a quick meeting in the morning to discuss some changes that need to happen at the office.

After that, he had a couple of team meetings. The first was his daily meeting and then after that he had a discussion about a few different things with his team.

He did some tickets and then after lunch he had a project meeting followed by his bi-weekly team planning meeting.

After that, Curtis had some free time but he did some tickets and also met a colleague outside the apartment to collect some keys.

After that, Curtis did an onboard but stopped part way through to meet Kim to take her bag home for her.

After he did that, he got back home and finished the onboard to finish up his day.

Kim’s Day

Kim took her call for the day from home. She had a great chat with a new starter in the UK and it was lovely!

Once she was in the office she had to slowly remember what it is she is meant to be doing on a day to day basis. She started off by cancelling the social events for the day as people had summer parties this week and no one signed up for the social talks. After that Kim sent out invites to all the social events going forward to all the new starters.

A colleague popped into the office to pick a few things up late in the morning. So Kim helped her with finding and getting the things she needs to her car. After that Kim worked on tallying up all the scores for the east and west coast parties to find the overall winners. It was a lot of copy and paste, but totally worth it.

Kim had two sets of visitors in the afternoon. Two colleagues came in to pick up items and one person dropped off their laptop. She helped with finding the furniture they need and getting it down to the loading bay.

Kim finally managed to get round to sorting the post from the past few days.

After work Kim booked in for a massage and it was so lovely! It felt very safe and clean. She wore a mask the whole time, it was optional, but Kim felt better with it on. As the facilities are currently closed Kim was offered a glass of wine! So she sat in the lounge area and just chilled out.


Kim went for her massage and on her way back she ordered some food.

The food took a while to arrive, but we ordered from a place called The Union which is a South East Asian place which sounded great!

We got some chicken gyoza which were just fine and Kim got Nasi Goreng and Curtis got the peanut noodle bowl.

Kim’s food was way too spice and just OK tasting, but Curtis really enjoyed his.

We watched some YouTube and Lucifer and just chilled for our Friday evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 214: Vancouver, BC – Quarantine Cheese Night!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ morning was pretty busy, just with tickets, really. He did have to review a document, though, which he did for about 30-45 minutes.

Curtis answered a lot of questions today, too.

He got quite a lot done and then had lunch with Kim around 12:30.

After this, he had meeting from 13:00-15:00 with his team to discuss projects, priorities and all the projects which have changed as everyone has to work from home at the moment.

Curtis had a pretty slow afternoon, but did things where he could.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a lot of her morning working on plans for remote social activities. The main thing she worked on was a rough draft for schedule for events and drew up invites too!

Kim then sat a mock test for her exam. It wasn’t great, but is shows the areas Kim needs to work on. Its not like she isn’t short on time to study right now!

After the mock Kim hopped on a social call with one of the other offices while they played games! It was nice to have a chat with some people that she wouldn’t usually and to just have a little chatter in the background while she worked on a few other things.

After the call Kim worked on a plan for an online quiz and she set up the draft invites in meeting requests ready to be sent out. She also saved the last few invoices and sent an email out chasing a few missing ones

Quarantine Cheese Night

We decided to have a bit of a cheese night, despite the quarantine!

But first, it was cleaning time.

We got the apartment cleaned from top to bottom, which felt really good.

After that, we went for a walk just to get outside. The weather was amazing but there were far too many people out.

We got back from our walk and had our cheese whilst watching some YouTube videos.

After that, we watched Ready Player One which is an amazing film, we thought!

We watched a little more TV and then went to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 212: Vancouver, BC – First Time Working From Home

Curtis’ Day

We were up at 08:15, which is about 45 minutes later than usual, as we both have to work from home.

We both had our breakfast and got ready for the day with showers and what not.

Curtis had some admin to do and then a general team meeting at 10:30. Around this time was when Trudeau gave his speech indicating that he was closing all of the borders into Canada!

Curtis did some of the abundance of tickets that were coming in and then had a meeting at 12:00 for one of his projects.

He then had a team meeting and then another meeting about a project.

Curtis then had lunch with Kim which was really lovely to be able to do!

Kim’s Day

This was Kim’s first time ever working from home! She now has to do this for a while, so she has to get used to it!

Kim had a team catch-up to see how everyone was doing which was nice to chat with everyone.

Kim then worked on health and safety documents, getting those ready to go.

Kim had another meeting about an events project which was positive.

Kim went up to the shops to get a few things we needed and then did some reading in the late afternoon, but that wasn’t too thrilling.

Risotto Again

Kim went to an appointment and when she got back, we had leftover risotto, but had a salad to start!

We watched some TV and ate some food…that will be our life for the foreseeable future now!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 128: Vancouver, BC – Wrapping Presents!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis spent most of his day dealing with auction related things.

He took quite a bit of cash from people and gave them the laptops they bought.

Curtis got some ticket work done and got started on a new project.

He was able to get some answers from Zoom finally, after the person was off sick yesterday, which was why he didn’t join the call then.

After lunch, Curtis configured the new software they were going to use and that was also when he started the new project, so he was busy but not too busy.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a fair amount of her day catching up on invoices but she did have a catch up with her colleague who has been gone for the past few weeks.

They had a great chat and went over everything that she had missed and she told Kim a little about her trip, it was great!

Kim then started to set up for the potluck and had to quickly run out to a shop to pick up some table cloths.

When she got back Kim set up the hot chocolate and Baileys station and a table for the cookie decorating. Kim then joined everyone for some lunch.

After lunch Kim had a 1:1 with her boss. Kim asked if she could head out early on Thursday to catch a bus, but then her boss said that Kim could just take the whole of Thursday off, as a thank you for the long hours on Friday for the party! It is very nice, but strange, for Kim to feel so appreciated and supported.

She then continued with invoices and spent the final part of the day clearing down from the potluck.

Wrapping Presents

We both got home and then Kim went out to pole.

Curtis watched the leafs game and during so, he had cheese and crackers for dinner.

Whilst Kim was out, Curtis wrapped her Christmas presents, so she didn’t see!

That was all done, which is great, and then Curtis just chilled.

Kim got back home and had some food whilst we watched some TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 41: Vancouver,BC – We Enjoy Our Jobs!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis arrived at work and had 2 people waiting for him before he could even turn on his laptop.

The first person had forgotten their laptop at home, so Curtis had to find a temporary replacement and set that up for them.

Curtis then had to sort out the second person who had some issues with their monitor not connecting to their laptop. When Curtis went to investigate, he realised that the cable connecting the two had slightly come out of the monitor, so when he plugged it back in, it worked. Nice and easy. This was all before 09:00!

Curtis had a really busy morning, but it was great! Lots of different things to do as well as some incidents Curtis was able to resolve.

The afternoon was much quieter so it was some regular tasks and onboarding that Curtis did to keep himself busy, before walking home.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim was so busy and she loved it.

Kim got into the office and started with a few of the receptionist tasks to start her day and then went and settled down in the HR area to practise a few more tasks there.

Just as she got comfortable Kim was invited out for a coffee and handover of some events stuff with two colleagues. So they went to a nearby coffee shop, grabbed a drink and pastry and ironed out some details. It was lovely to get out of the office and sit outside while still working!

When she got back Kim spent the morning between the 2 desks balancing HR back office stuff and front desk project stuff. Kim then attended a meeting for some more HR help and set up a few other meetings for the afternoon. A big part of the project Kim is working on takes place over the weekend so now is the time to get cracking!

Kim then treated herself to a whole 15 minute lunch break and spent it in the sun on the roof with some of her colleagues.

Kim was then back in the office and setting up for a meeting with people from our other offices. It was great to get there opinions on the project and try to answer any questions they may have.

Kim then had 15 minutes between that meeting and her next, which was back to HR for more training on the back office stuff. Kim had some guidance on one part and was then left to try one on her own! She only made 2 minor mistakes that were easily fixed, so it was a great success.

She went from that meeting straight into another meeting about the project! This was great as Kim and her counterpart in IT were really able to explain the project to people and the next steps we were taking.

After this meeting the IT person suggested that they sit down and finalise the details with the project for an hour or so! It’s really nice to have someone who actually knows about the project a lot more than Kim does!

By the time that was done Kim only had another 30 minutes left in the day! It just flew by! So she did the 3rd and final bit for HR and it went really well. Kim sent out one more email and finished at 5 on the dot.

Kim is really enjoying her new role, it has lots of challenges to pick up and great support from her teammates! She is feeling very happy and excited for the coming year!

Dog Park!

We met each other from work and walked home in the beautiful sunshine.

We got home and Kim made a delicious pork meal, with a creamy mushroom sauce, potato hasselback & balsamic vegetables.

Once we finished eating, we walked the other way around the seawall at the perfect time of day where the sun was going down, so it was very beauiful!

We got to the dog park and Kim went in to say “hi” to the dogs in there and then we walked back home to watch TV for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale