Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 948: Vancouver, BC – STILL Too Hot

Curtis’ Day

It was never going to go away that fast, was it?

It was still super warm today, so another full day of trying to combat the heat, but at least we drink a good amount of water!

Curtis had a Norwegian lesson at 10:00 and that went really well! We’ve been watching a Norwegian Netflix show and Curtis thinks that has helped with getting his brain in gear, so he was able to talk right away and at a good level.

Once his Norwegian lesson was done, it was all go with tickets and messages coming in left right and centre.

Curtis then had the final workshop of the many he’s been doing recently and then he had a bit of lunch.

There were a lot more questions/tickets in the afternoon, plus a meeting to discuss a new integration as well.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day on a call with a vendor and then joined a recruitment chat to discuss next steps on hiring someone new into a team. She joined the company wide meeting and gave the weekly update before having 1-1 with her teammate. After the 1-1 they had another teammate join the call so they could review a process that had been put together.

They then joined an interview review and set up the next interviews for a couple of candidates. Then she joined the finance meeting to give an update.

In the early afternoon Kim joined another recruitment meeting that discussed two new roles that have just started the hiring process. Then she had a quick chat with a manager to go over the attendee list for a few recurring meetings.

To close the day Kim had a process chat with her team to figure out the best way to display information to the company and then she joined a recruitment meeting with one of the department heads.


After Kim got back from pole, we just had cold showers and a bit of salad. It was still far too hot to eat anything else, really!

It was announced today that British Columbia is moving to stage 3 on Thursday, meaning that masks are optional (among other things) This is pretty scary for us, and we’ll be wearing masks for sure.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale


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