Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 539: Vancouver, BC – Xbox Series X, Applying for PR & Work Permit!

Curtis’ Day

Once Curtis was ready, he walked down to the office as he had a laptop and some equipment to setup for a new hire.

He was there for a few hours but was glad to get it sorted.

During the morning, Curtis checked on his delivery that was re routed to the store down the road, which was expected tomorrow, but it had been delivered already!

Curtis finished up at the office and grabbed himself and Kim a coffee on the way home.

Once he got home, he took his lunch break and walked down to the store to pickup his package.

Curtis finally got the new Xbox, the Xbox Series X and so he got home and set that up!

Curtis had a chat with his boss in the afternoon and got a bunch of tickets done.

As Kim got her letters she needed for PR, Curtis uploaded those and paid for that, meaning Kim should hopefully now be able to get a permit!

Speaking of permit, whilst Curtis was there, he checked on the status of his permit and he has received one! He can work in the country (for the current company) for until Feb 2023! This is great news and makes it even easier for Kim to get a permit herself.

We now have much less stress now as we thought we may have to leave here in May, but it’s looking more and more promising!

Curtis watched hockey after work.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim spent a lot of time sat in interesting meetings taking notes! Between some of those meetings she also arranged other meetings and sent our emails.

In the afternoon Kim also discussed a new hire and the process for this particular candidate and they had an team meeting to discuss other upcoming positions they would like to hire for.

In the evening Kim had a quick catch up with her friend and then she spent the evening finishing the quizzes for tomorrow’s party.


We watched a bit of TV together whilst our baked potatoes cooked.

We then ate dinner and watched some TV, but then Kim needed to get some more work done so she did that whilst Curtis played some games.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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