Place 72 – Day 193: Vancouver, BC – Kim’s Turn For The Dentist

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a few tickets he wanted to take care of today, and he did just that!

Curtis got some settings changed on a few computers and got a big ticket that had taken him over 9 hours to complete but he finally got it done!

That took a lot of the day, but Curtis got a few other tickets at least started and also got some other things sorted, including helping a colleague with a project of theirs.

Curtis did a bit of training and then walked home.

On the way home, Curtis returned one of his visors. He got one from someone at work to try but unfortunately it was the same as the one he has already tried!

Curtis changed his mind again and thought it was safer to use his old visor on his new helmet for now and he contacted a company as was able to ask for exactly what he wanted and they were able to point him in the right direction, so he has ordered that and now will need to take back the other visor!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a lot of her day answering calls and emails and tackling small admin tasks. During the morning Kim focused on chasing a few missing invoices. In the afternoon she worked on getting a few things sorted for St Patrick’s day and ordered pizza for the two offices for the social talks coming up on Friday.

Kim the left work early to head to the dentist which went well and the dentist said she had healthy teeth!


Not much happened in the evening. Curtis sorted his visor and Kim went to energy exchange and then made a veggie spaghetti bolognese for tomorrow’s dinner as we finished the risotto tonight.

We watched a bit of TV when Kim returned and that was that for the day!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 192: Vancouver, BC – Back To The Dentist & Charity Run!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and started doing some admin and then some ticket work.Quite a few new tickets came in today, which is a change from the last few days as it’s been quite quiet for Curtis.After doing some tickets, around 11:30, Curtis left the office and walked to the dentist again.This was a follow up clean of his teeth.After this was done, Curtis headed back to the office and more tickets came in, so he did those as well as some existing tickets.The end of the day became even more filled with tickets, which was rare, but it made it go fast.Curtis walked home and watched hockey.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim drove to work as she had to take all the donations to the Youth Shelter later in the day.When she got to work, Kim spent a little time on her application for the project management exam.Kim then went into a meeting with her colleague and they sorted a slideshow for a presentation coming up. They also went over some events that are due to happen soon.After this Kim worked on putting together a slide for the presentation.In the early afternoon Kim had a meeting with her manager and colleague to talk about events that the company do.Kim went over what happens for smaller events and her colleague explained some if the background behind some of the others. The plan is to work together to get started on all the big parties of the year.Kim then sat down for a quick lunch before the while team sang happy birthday and gave cake to Kim’s manager.Kim spent the afternoon working on a new form and going through some emails. Towards the end of the day Kim started packing up the car with all the donations. They took up the whole back seat and boot area! It was great! She dropped it off at the youth centre who were very appreciative and also helped unload the car!

Mind Changed Again

Curtis decided that he wanted to change his visor again…One has too big of a gap at the top of the visor, but the visor width is much better and more what Curtis is used to, so he went with that one, which meant swapping it out again! He’ll need to take the other one back tomorrow.Once Curtis did that, he made himself some dinner which was sausages, roast potatoes, peas and gravy.He played some games and just lounged around, really.Kim went to pole after work and then took the train to Richmond to do another class, too.Kim got home and it was already late,so we watched a bit of TV and Kim had so good and then we headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 191: Vancouver, BC – Delicious Risotto!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis, around meetings, spent most of the day doing just 2 things.

He had to look into some databases for a ticket, which he was doing last week too. He eventually got it to do as he wanted today, so he was able to send that to the external company so they could assist with troubleshooting.

As well as this, Curtis had to speak with lots of different people to see if they required some things that they had on the system and also educating them regarding the correct way to do these things.

Curtis’ meetings today we’re useful! One was the weekly team meeting which got a few things ironed out and the other meeting was to discuss as a team around what the plan will be with the main software we are using, such as changing permissions and settings on each individual part of the software.

Curtis got some training done at the end of the day and headed off to sportchek.

Curtis bought a new hockey helmet and another visor to give that a go.

Kim’s Day

As Kim was away at her course on Friday she had a few emails to catch up on. She did a few on Friday night, but there were some that required a little more attention so she left them until then.
Mid morning she had a meeting with her manager to discuss the plans for when she is not in the office. It was great to know that they were on the same page with a lot of things.

Kim spent a lot of time on the Wiki project again as all the links broke due to a different migration happening over the weekend. She also had a tidy up and uniformed some of the pages too.

Kim finished her afternoon by working on some course stuff!

Another Visor

We got home and Curtis attempted to fit the new visor to his new helmet.

This worked perfectly, but it’s a bit bigger of a visor than he usually likes, so he’ll either have to get used to it or use another visor!

Kim got some training and planning done and then made a chicken and mushroom risotto, which was delicious.

We ate and watched one episode of a TV show and then Curtis made his lunch whilst Kim studied.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 187: Vancouver, BC – Company-Wide Meeting

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got a response from an external company that he was waiting for, which meant he had to do some things he didn’t really know how to do.

He did it anyway and it went as expected, but didn’t yeild the results he was really looking for, so the issue still exists.

Curtis started a project today, which involves a lot of messaging people, asking them if they still need something and deleting it if not.

This took up most of Curtis’ day, with a few other tickets sprinkled in.

Curtis got home and watched hockey, as well as did a few things around the apartment and got his keyfob (which was being replaced) back.

Kim’s Day

In the morning Kim joined a company wide call that is a Q&A for the meeting yesterday. After this meeting Kim spent some time putting the information she collecrd over the past few days on aocial events into a nice and easy to read table. She then took this into a meeting with her colleague about social events.

Kim then ordered the shopping for next week and spent the afternoon going through emails, sorting receipts and setting up for tomorrow. Kim is away on her first day of her course and made sure everything is set up for her colleague tomorrow, so she tidied up and picked up the drinks for weekend windup.


Kim had training this evening which she used to get more of her routine sorted and then when she got back, we had sweet chilli potato wedges for dinner!

We watched a bit of TV but it was fairly late again, so we went to bed shortly after.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 184: Vancouver, BC – Valentine’s Festivities

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had, as with most Friday’s now, a meeting filled day.

His first meeting was his daily team meeting, which was then followed by a meeting with a colleague to discuss some notes they’d made regarding their project and to see if Curtis could help out at all.

After that meeting, there was a couple of hours break in which Curtis got some tickets done.

Curtis then had a 3 hour long meeting with his team to discuss the week’s work, projects and plans for future projects.

After that, it was 14:00 and lunchtime.

There was a cookie decorating thing happening at Curtis’ work for valentine’s Day, but he didn’t take part.

After lunch, Curtis didn’t have anything planned but then had to help someone out with some password issues they were having, which took an hour or so.

Curtis did a couple of other things and then chatted with a few people who were in the lounge having some drinks.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent her morning doing a virtual clean up. She deleted old files and emails and reorganised folders too. She also listened to her voicemails.

Just after lunch Kim went out to get a hot chocolate with a lady from work as it was the last day of the hot chocolate festival!
In the afternoon Kim set up and enjoyed the valentines day celebrations!

She put the games and fun things out that she made: draw the heart on the emoji and match the foreign love phrase to the English translation and its language a TV with Romcom best moments playing. She also put out a few plates of snacks and made an alcoholic slushie.

She then ordered catering for the office in Toronto and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon catching up with everyone!

Kim worked out the winner of the game and then headed home a little early as she had a doctor’s appointment to get to.

When she was at the optician last week, Kim mentioned that she had lost a little vision temporarily when she had the migraine a few months ago. The optician then suggested that Kim look into that further and made a referral to head to the doctors.

Kim spoke with the doctor about this and she now has more tests and appointments to head to over the next couple of weeks. She is all fine, just taking steps to keep healthy and safe!


We have a busy weekend!

Firstly, Curtis had a hockey game this evening.

After Kim got back from her appointment, we had some leftovers for dinner and then headed to the rink.

Curtis’ hockey game was close! Curtis didn’t continue his point streak, but did score a shootout goal and his team won in a shootout against the top placed team!

We got packed for the weekend and went to bed!

We are heading off to Comox tomorrow to spend some time with Brody, who is Canadian but we met him in New Zealand! We’ve got some fun stuff planned so it should be a fun filled long weekend!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 183: Vancouver, BC – Cupid

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a couple of meetings in the morning.

One meeting was about a project which is just getting going. This had to involve some people outside of Curtis’ team so that he could gather some information from them.

The other meeting was to meet a new person in one of the teams, who replaced someone that recently left the company. This was a good meeting and was good to get introduced to him. He isn’t new to the company but he is new to the role.

Curtis got a laptop setup for someone and also did a lot of tickets during the day, some of which were in person so he got a bit of a walk, too.

Curtis ended the day with some training which he was glad to get in.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day by moving furniture in the kitchen to make room for the pizza party at lunch time!

After this Kim worked on the shopping for next week and sorted that order out. She then went back into the kitchen to set up the laptop and help with the pizzas being set out.

The pizza party today was in celebration of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics as the company did a lot of work for that! Kim had the projector set up playing highlights of the Olympics and everyone ate pizza!
In the afternoon Kim made a few more games / things to do for valentine’s day tomorrow.

She also cleaned up all the cupboards in the kitchen, organised things behind her desk and attempted to fix the latch on the boardrooms door frame. Unfortunately she didnt have the right screws so will try again tomorrow.

Kim stayed a little later again today and then ran around and played cupid to give everyone little choccies on their desk to come in to tomorrow as ‘cupid has been overnight’! The only headache was that she ran out, so she had to run across the street to pick up a few more for the last desks.


Curtis got home and watched hockey.

Kim had to rush home from work after leaving late so she could make it to training!

Kim got to training but struggled with the first class. She bounced back in the 2nd class and had a really successful and good time.

We packed a little for our weekend trip, but we don’t need to take too much!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 72 – Day 179: Vancouver, BC – Sunday Training & Hockey Game!


Kim had pole dancing training at 12:30 which she was really looking forward to and was doing it with a friend.

She had a pretty good session, but she was quite tired.

Kim had booked a foot scrub for 14:00, but wasn’t able to get there in time and they didn’t have any more spots, so she had to not go.

Instead, Kim went for a coffee with her friend and chatted.


Curtis walked up to the shop to meet Kim to do the weekly shop.

After that, Curtis went up to get himself a coffee from Starbucks.


We had a phone call with a friend who we are going to visit at the weekend! We spoke With him to get a few things planned for the weekend.


We had homemade qasadillas for dinner which were really tasty!

We watched some TV for a bit and then we headed off to the ice rink for Curtis’ hockey game.


Curtis’ team needed to win to pull away from this team in the standings…and they did!

Curtis had different linemates for this game, but played on the 1st line and continued his point streak, getting 1 assist and was +2 on the night, too.

The team won 3-1 and had a very well played defensive game, considering there were a lot of spares playing.

Curtis got a penalty, but he thinks it was more of a collision then a penalty, but it was called as ‘interference’.

Curtis now has 8 points in his last 5 games, taking him to 14 points in 21 games. He’s pretty happy with that (and he’s top of the team!).

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale