Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 538: Vancouver, BC – Delivery Fun & Apartment Sold!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was eagerly awaiting a package for most of the day, so he was keeping an eye out for that…More on that later!

Curtis didn’t have any meetings today, so a lot of his day was tickets.

He did an onboard in the morning, with the plan to go to the office tomorrow to get the laptop setup and ready to go.

After the onboard, Curtis had to write up an email to send out everyone in the company about the possibility of adopting some new software in the future.

Once that was written up, Curtis had some more tickets to get done and then had some lunch.

After lunch, his package was apparently attempted to be delivered but failed due to an address error.

Curtis had to call the courier to find out what he can do now. Luckily, after a couple of tries, he was able to get them to deliver to the store down the road, rather than making Curtis drive all the way to Richmond (a 1 hour round trip).

Curtis went to check if there was any slip downstairs, there wasn’t, but he did find a gift from Kim’s Dad which had some games in it! Something fun for us to break out!

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim booked and confirmed meetings for the next couple of days. Then Kim joined, took notes and presented at the weekly meeting. She really loves these meetings. It’s really great that everyone in the company comes together once a week to catch up and share what’s going on in the departments.

Kim then went in to another meeting and took notes. After this meeting Kim spent some time organising more meetings and checking in on emails. She then had a quick call to discuss the facilities project just before joining a huddle to make plans for the next few weeks.

Before Kim hosted an interview she took a quick break and had some lunch. She waited with the other people but the candidate didn’t show up. So they used the meeting time to make plans and strategise for a project, which was so fun! They got a call 20 mins in from the candidate and so it was rescheduled.

To finish the day Kim spent a few hours working with two team leads to plan and allocate work for the next few weeks. What started as action points from a meeting earlier turned into a mini project plan. It was so much fun and Kim really enjoyed helping!


We had a call with the agent that sold our apartment to let us know that is seems to have been sold, but the person wishes to move in!

We have until mid/end of May to move out at the moment, which is fine and works with our plans, but we weren’t under the impression that the person buying it would want to move in, so that’s a little bit of a forced hand for us there. Either way, we’re glad there are no more showings!

We’ll have to start looking at new apartments in the next couple of months.

Kim made a chilli for dinner and we relaxed to watch some TV for the remainder of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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