Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 170: Vancouver, BC – A Crazy Busy Friday!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got to work and wanted to spend some time looking for some training and certifications to do.

He was able to find a few things, but nothing major. It was good to see what was out there though.

After that, he did some security based things, answered some tickets and then it was lunch time.

After lunch, Curtis was meant to have a meeting, but something urgent came up which took over an hour to do.

Curtis then had an offboard to complete and then his final thing to do of the day was to fix someone’s outlook on their Mac as it was being very slow. He fixed that and then went home.

Kim’s Day

Kim found more tshirts and sorted them all out into sizes. Halfway through this she joined a few people for hot chocolates from a cafe joining in on the hot chocolate festival, she finished folding the shirts when she got back.

Kim then popped out to pick up a bun and some cheese for lunch, she also grabbed the beer for the Friday drinks while she was out.

When she got back she had a great meeting with a colleague where they went over a few things and also had a catch up, which was great!

Kim then spent a while sending things out through different couriers. After this she also worked on the Wiki project for a while!

Just before 4 Kim set up the Friday afternoon drinks and joined for a couple of glasses of wine! She hasn’t been to one in weeks so it was really nice to catch up with everyone.


We ordered Korean food for dinner! We had some food from Disco Cheetah and it was pretty good!

We had a rice bowl with Korean chicken and vegetables which we shared and then we had a bao each, too.

We watched a few episodes of TV and then went to bed. Seems it’s been a long week and we’re incredibly tired!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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