Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 169: Vancouver, BC – Goodbye Lunch & No Traction!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a day full of meetings!

The first meeting was his usual daily catch up, followed by a meeting to discuss and learn about a new software the company is trialling. This helped him get some clarity on how it works and what to look out for.

Shortly after that meeting, Curtis had a 1:1 with his new manager. His colleague got promoted to be his manager now, so that’s great! Curtis got to chat about some things he’d like to see and other things.

Curtis then went out for lunch to say goodbye to someone leaving the company.

This person has been at the company for a while and tomorrow is their final day.

Curtis had a blackened chicken burger with fries. It was a lot but it was good!

Curtis got back to the office and had another 1:1, this time with someone else.

After that, Curtis had some ticket work to do and then he looked into ordering some new Macbooks for the office as some more are, or will be, needed.

Curtis left after what felt like a day of just meetings, and met Kim on the way home.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent her day doing two things, orgnaising catering and listening to voicemails.

When she got in she helped set up the breakfast catering and then went over some emails.

During the morning we moved things to the top floor so that the meeting could move up there towards midday. The meeting was meant to be in there for the while day but the elevator to get up there was broken. As they weren’t sure when it would be fixed they decided to keep the meeting on the companys floor so had to go back up to collect everything.

They then set up all of the lunch catering and while they waited for the group to come out and eat kim checked her voicemail. She had messages from back in mid December! So she would intermittently listen to it between people asking for things.
After their lunch Kim helped clear it up and then continuted listening to the messages. Towards the end of the day Kim sent out a FedEx.

No Traction

Kim popped out to the doctors to get a check up for the other recent doctors appointments.

Everything is fine and Kim is all healthy.

On the way home Kim saw cars going around a car with their 4 way lights on. Kim drove down the road and parked before running back up to the car.
It turns out that the lady driving wasn’t able to get traction up a hill. Kim stopped the people coming up the hill and directed the lady about 2 meters back to flatter road where she was able to get traction and head on up the hill.

People need their winter tyres here! Its rains a lot and the roads are steep!

Kim was going to go out to some shops and get stuff done after, but really couldn’t be bothered!

We did some cleaning, had some leftovers for dinner and just watched some TV, binging some shows.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale


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