Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 963: Vancouver, BC – Plums!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis spent the entire day getting a project sorted. He was unable to get it fully done, but made some more really good progress on it.

For the project, he had to contact a few people and ask them if they still need something and if so, he had to talk them through what to do.

That was the entire day, as well as a few tickets here and there, some admin and 2 team meetings.

Kim’s Day

Kim started her day earlier than usual and met a colleague who had load of plums for Kim to give to other employees! So she collected all the plums then grabbed a coffee on the way home. Once she was home Kim managed to get a lot of admin done! She sent out reminders and notifications to the company as well as added to info pages.

She then had a connect with two of her teammates to discuss a bug batch purchase of stuff over the next few weeks. It was really helpful to have other people check that what Kim thinks needs to be ordered is in line with what they think would be a good idea. For the rest of the morning Kim was on a call to discuss policies, plans and other really interesting things.

Kim then had a 1-1 check in with a new employee to see how their first few weeks have been for them. It was such a great chat. She then popped out to a shop to pick up a few things ahead of a really interesting meeting.

For most of the afternoon most of the company joined a workshop on diversity, equity and inclusion. It was a hard workshop and required a lot of inward looking but it is was also so beautiful. People asked questions, interacted with each other and really got involved with discussion, it was a really amazing experience. They also spent a lot of time discussing hiring and how that can be made more equitable, which was obviously fantastic for Kim’s team! Kim feels really lucky to work with such amazing people who want to learn, do better and be better. After the call there were several messages stating that the call was amazing and Kim was really pleased to hear that people know the value in workshops like these and are excited to attend.

Kim then drove into the office where she met people throughout the evening to give them plums! She also joined a meeting once she arrived to discuss hiring and changes there withing a department. It was such a brilliant meeting. She then stayed on the call with just her teammates and they went over some of the amazing points from the training call earlier in the day.

While Kim waited for people to pick up plums she managed to get the laptop that crashed partially set up. Once all the visits were completed Kim met Curtis to exchange laptops for the remainder of the plums and she dropped them off at someone’s house. When she got back Kim cooked dinner while on the phone with a colleague, sent over an estimation to the finance team and then managed to finish the laptop and arrange a pickup. It was a good end to a really good day.


We had homemade veggie lasagne for dinner and watched a little TV before sleeping.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 900: Vancouver, BC – 2 Years In Vancouver!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis finally managed to get the project from yesterday sorted! It took most of the day, but he did eventually get it sorted, which he was pleased about. He learned a lot, too.

Curtis had a couple of team meetings throughout the day, too, which were not particularly interesting but needed.

After lunch, and after Curtis had finished the project, he did some training he needed to do to get ready for his two long days ahead! He has 7 hours of straight meetings tomorrow and Friday with Microsoft. These are workshops and should be good, but it’ll be a busy one!

Curtis watched hockey after work whilst Kim had a couple of work meetings.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a long but interesting day! She started off by having to pop out and do a pick up / drop off of something, it was lovely to go for a bit of a drive.

Once she got home Kim got a little admin done before hosting a team meeting and then having a quick chat with a teammate to catch up on meetings she missed.

After the social call and lunch Kim had a quick HR meeting with a couple of the executive team members before having a chat with a teammate about projects going on.

Kim then joined an interview and the post interview chat which turned into planning time and getting a few other things organised, it was great!

In the evening Kim has a mix of short quick meetings, longer impromptu meetings and a little mentoring session before she reviewed and updated a job description with the hiring manager.


We had leftover delicious risotto with some nice bread for dinner and wtshcrd a bit of TV.

Curtis needs to be up a little earlier tomorrow, so it was a fairly routine early night, just eating, watching TV and doing a bit of cleaning around the apartment.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 899: Vancouver, BC – Delicious Risotto

Curtis’ Day

Curtis thought he had a meeting at 09:30, but he didn’t. This freed up some time to get some work done.

At 10:00, Curtis had his Norwegian lesson and then right after that he spent a lot of time trying to get his project completed, which he thought he eventually did.

Curtis also had to talk someone through doing something to hopefully fix some issues that Curtis has been trying to fix for the last month or so.

In the afternoon, after finally being able to have some lunch, Curtis did plan to do some training he needed to do to prepare for later in the week, but unfortunately it turned out the thing be setup for the project earlier didn’t actually work as expected, so it was back to the drawing board and he discussed it with his team as well as trying to figure some things out himself. That means a lot of tomorrow will be taken up with that, too!

Kim’s Day

Kim had 9 meetings today! The first was to discuss a software that the company are thinking of putting in place but then it morphed into a planning meeting to discuss how to review software requests in general. It was a very productive and interesting meeting. Before the company meeting Kim had a quick call with a teammate to hand over a few items. She then joined the company wide meeting and took notes.

Kim then had a planning meeting with a couple of the exec team members and the meeting was crashed by a few people who jumped in. She then provided an update to the finance team in their meeting.

She then had a little break and got some admin done before joining a recruitment meeting and went from that straight into a meeting with Development and IT to organise a few things. She then had a chat with a hopeful new employee before ending the day by reviewing candidates in the pipeline.

Delicious Risotto

We went out for a walk after work and stopped by the liquor store to get some white wine to put in our risotto!

Kim was making her incredible risotto, which took about 45 minutes once we got back. It was terrific as ever and we watched some TV whilst we ate that and afterwards, also.

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Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 553: Vancouver, BC – Training, Training, Training

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a small team meeting at 09:30 and then at 10:30 he had a training session from someone on his team that was showing everyone how to do some something with a security software. This was very helpful and interesting!

After that was done, they’re was another team meeting that lasted for 2.5 hours!

Once Curtis had some lunch, he then had a training session in which he went over some software with someone so that they knew how to use it and had the chance to ask any questions. The person really appreciated that and Curtis felt good helping them!

He did a bit of admin after that and then the day was over and it was time to watch hockey.

Kim’s Day

To start the day Kim set up accounts for new starters and set up a few things for them. Kim then joined a meeting in regards to hiring with another department. She then joined a team meeting to discuss all things operations.

At midday Kim hosted the social lunch and they played a couple of games of among us. It was so fun and everyone had a good time!

In the afternoon Kim sent out a few emails and worked in some projects. She also had a meeting about HR things and then hosted a training session with her team mate. To finish the day Kim continued setting up a laptop for a new starter.


Kim went to go to a viewing of an apartment whilst Curtis was watching hockey, but the person was late, which actually meant that Curtis was able to go too as hockey finished in time.

Curtis met Kim there and we looked around the apartment. It was large and very nice, but there are a few things that we aren’t sure about.

We got back home and Kim chatted with a former colleague and then made Butter Chicken from our HelloFresh box which we got for free! It was pretty tasty and super easy to make.

We watched some TV and relaxed and chatted about the apartments we have seen to decide our current rankings.

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Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 552: Vancouver, BC – Late Evening Working

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had little planned for the day, but that gave him good time to get some tickets done. Most of the day was spent doing that, just getting tickets done, and he also had a quick training session with a colleague who showed him how to do a few things.

Kim’s Day

Kim started on event planning in the morning before she jumped into a recruitment meeting with a couple of department heads. It was such an interesting meeting and Kim got great clarity on the next few months.

She then joined the weekly meeting and gave an update before joining the weekly project meeting where they went over the action points.

From those two meetings Kim then joined a finance meeting to go over the HR system to make sure that the team have the accesses that they need.

Kim took a quick stop for lunch and then went to host a wellness break of meditation that one one person came to. So they used the time to have a quick catch up.

Shortly after that Kim joined a casual interview / chat with a candidate. Once the interview was done Kim had a round up conversation with the department managers to figure out the next steps.

Kim then did some training with her colleague on onboarding. Kim showed her the process and then watched as her colleague tried it too. It went really well and Kim is so excited to pass these things over to her colleague.

She then went out for a masked walk with her colleague and it was so nice. The fresh air was amazing!

When she got home Kim got some admin done and spent most of the evening working on job descriptions.


Kim worked a lot of the evening as she had to get some things done, but she really knuckled down and got them done which she was happy with, although she had to work fairly late into the evening!

We had some pizza for dinner and Kim had a bit of a relax before Kim got right back to work.

We did get to watch a bit of TV together in the late evening and then headed to bed.

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Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 541: Vancouver, BC – Unconscious Bias Training

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a training session for unconscious bias which was very enlightening and very good for everyone at the company.

That lastest for 2 hours and Curtis felt very informed afterwards.

Right after, he had another meeting which was all about security and that was interesting.

Curtis then had 30 minutes to get some work done then had some lunch.

After lunch, he had a team meeting that lasted for about 1.5 hours and was all about planning future projects.

After that meeting, Curtis had some work to do from that meeting, so he had to create an plan out an entire large project.

Curtis then did some other work followed by a Norwegian test which he’s doing out of interest.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a much slower day today. She had a quick call in the morning and managed to check back through the week and see the things she had missed. Towards the middle of the day she had a meeting with a couple of people to discuss new hires and a few other projects or topics. It was extremely helpful, interesting and fun!

After that call she had a quick chat with her teammate to go over the week and catch up, which was so helpful again. Kim also managed to give her a heads up on things happening next week, which was fun!

For the rest of the afternoon Kim caught up on work that she hadn’t managed to achieve during the week. Then to finish the day she had a quick call with a colleague. Kim then accidentally worked on the invite, budget and survey for another event coming up. She was super happy with the invite she pulled together!


For dinner, we ordered from Peaked Pies. We each got a pie with mashed potato and peas. Kim got a chicken, mushroom and leak pie, whilst Curtis got a traditional Aussie pie (ground beef, onion & gravy).

We really enjoyed that and ate it whilst watching To All The Boys: Always & Forever. Nice easy film to watch, and the third in the trilogy.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 526: Vancouver, BC – Anxiety

Curtis’ Day

Curtis did some tickets in the morning and then in the late morning he had a training session about a new piece of software for everyone in the company to use to track career development.

Once that was done, Curtis had a bunch more tickets to do, it was a busy day in general!

After lunch, there was a security incident that happened which meant Curtis had to call someone and get some stuff sorted as well as having a chat with his team to discuss what had happened.

This took up most of the afternoon and it was interesting, too.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a busy day today! Her morning was filled with meetings. The first two were with her team and went over plans for the department and the second was about the facilities project. Both were so interesting and Kim is really enjoying learning and experiening new things. Kim also joined a meeting with a potential vendor after those meetings and that went really well too!

In the early afternoon Kim joined the weekly recruitment meeting and went over the current open roles for the company.

For the rest of the early afternoon Kim set up a pickup for a laptop and worked on research and getting ready for another meeting. The meeting ended up not happening so Kim continued her research and did a few smaller tasks.

Kim then went to the doctor where they did a couple of checks on her heart and lungs to see if the breathing is related to an infection or something else.

After a chat and the checks, the doctor discussed the possibility that the breathing issues might be due to anxiety, specifically around COVID.

Kim has had one panic attack before and the feeling is like a less strong version of that. They spoke about what might be happening and Kim believes that she was so worried about having COVID and possibly getting someone else sick that she had a small panic attack on Saturday night. Then due to the stress showing up as shortness of breath, which is also a COVID symptom, Kim worried she had COVID.

As a result of worrying about having COVID due to the fact that the breathing didn’t stop, but it was the worrying that caused the breathing to be strange. Part of the reason for this is that Kim is not actively stressed or worried about anything, so she was questioning how it could possibly be anxiety!

It’s good for Kim to know that it’s an internal thing to deal with rather than a deadly virus. Kim now has an idea of the specific thing that could have bought this on and will just be more mindful of her mental health going forward.

Maybe even soon start talking to someone properly for issues like that!

It’s been a strange day for Kim, but she is very pleased to know that she doesn’t have COVID and has a bit of a better knowledge of what anxiety does, how it can manifest and what might cause it, in this instance.

Kim has been really lucky with a lot of support from her team at work, her family and Curtis.

Kim is very lucky and very thankful to have such wonderful people around her.


We had nothing in the apartment for dinner, so we walked to our favourite Vietnamese place, now that we are able to go out!

We got ourselves some food and watched some TV whilst we ate.

After that, hockey was on, so Curtis watched that whilst Kim watched a movie.

We hung out together in the late evening and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 506: Vancouver, BC – Evening Laughs

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a fairly busy morning with some tickets, a team meeting.

Once the morning was done, and so was lunch, Curtis did some training and then wrapped up the day with an offboard.

Curtis played a few games after working with a colleague.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a slow morning before joining a meeting to set up things in the HR system in a way that is more efficient and get a few hints and tips. After the call Kim prepared for her next meeting.

She then had a call with someone to go over candidates for a role that they are recruiting for. After they reviewed the candidates they went over the interview structure and questions to make sure all they would get all the right information and understanding of the applicants.

For the afternoon Kim worked on the document for the HR system, reviewed more candidates and set up a plan for the following week.

At the end of the day Kim had a chat with her new teammate to see how she was doing and just to catch up at the end of the week. It was great!


We ordered some Peruvian food as we wanted toast week but they were closed!

We atethat and watched some YouTube videos, followed by The Great Fat Quiz of Everything and we had a great laugh at that!

We watched some other TV and played some games.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 477: Vancouver, BC – Showing Off Some Projects

Curtis’ Day

Curtis checked on someone this morning with regards to the email work he did yesterday for them.

It didn’t work! So he scheduled a time to try and fix it for them.

After this, Curtis had another email fix to do for someone, but with a different mailbox. He’ll need to do this with a couple of others too, but he’s testing it with this person first. This one seemed to go well, but only time shall tell!

Curtis then did the fix for the other person from the morning and then he discovered a new project through something someone was discussing in the company.

In the afternoon, Curtis did some security training which is company mandated, which was just watching some videos.

He did some other work and admin and then was done for the day.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim arranged for another chat with someone who had interviewed earlier in the week, as they had a couple of questions that came up after reviewing the interview and their application. So before that happened Kim hopped on a call with her colleague to go over the questions they wanted to ask. They both then joined the call and had a wonderful chat with the candidate.

After the chat Kim and her colleague called again to go over some information needed for the HR software. They updated all the missing fields in one section, which means the software is pretty much set up and ready to go.

Today Kim was also showing the CEO and other executive members the facilities project, so Kim headed out to the location, showed them the projects, informed them of ideas and answered any questions. Kim was so pleased with how it went as everyone seemed to be happy with the options.

Once Kim was home and had eaten lunch she organised the delivery of the laptop thats going out to a new starter. She also sent out some invites for the connect four tournament games next week.

For the rest of the day Kim worked on the quiz for the winter party! She added all the media and answers for the first 13 questions and then added an additional 10 questions! So she only has a few more to do before its finished!


We didn’t have much of a plan for dinner, so we just had some frozen pizza.

We watched some TV and played some games then Kim watched the remainder of her film she was watching whilst Curtis played some games.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 414: Vancouver, BC – A Win & Phone Interview!

Last Night’s Game

Curtis’ drive to hockey last night was perfectly fine.

Once he arrived, due to COVID-19, getting changed has to be done before entering the rink, so everyone did so in the parking lot.

15 minutes before game time, everyone gets let into a staging area where you can put your skates on and then get onto the ice!

Curtis took warmup to get used to skating again, he hasn’t skated or played hockey since March!

The game started weirdly, with the other team waiting on their goalie, so they played with a player in net! He played actually very well in net and Curtis’ team wasn’t able to get one by him.

That being said, once the goalie came in, Curtis’ team started scoring! They went up 4-0, with the game ending 4-2, so a nice win to start the season, and Curtis got an assist.

You only get 15 minutes in the staging area and then have to leave to the parking lot again.

Curtis drove himself home and was certainly ready for some sleep, but was glad the game went well and loved playing hockey again.

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day today was pretty quiet overall and he had no meetings either, which was good.

Curtis did a few things here and there, some training and some tickets, but certainly a quiet day, especially in relation to yesterday!

Kim’s Day

Kim spent a bit of the morning preparing for her phone screen interview and then awaited the call. The interview went so well, there is a potential bit of learning Kim will either need and be okay, or could mean that she isn’t the right fit for the job. She is really interested in this position so Kim is really hopeful that it won’t be a big issue, but we will wait and see! Hopefully Kim will get an idea tomorrow.

Kim the had some breakfast and a nice slow morning. She then received an email saying that another role would like her to progress to the next round! So thats great! Kim has to submit a questionnaire and a video as to why she is a great candidate. Its not something Kim has done before so she is excited for the challenge for sure! She started the questionnaire in the afternoon and will probably tackle the video tomorrow.

Pole Dancing

Kims classes today were so fun! They went over a different style invert and a spin that Kim loves in the first class and in the second they worked on a beautiful combo that Kim was able to get a few aspects of. The first move Kim loved and she was able to do both variations, which is great. Kim wasn’t great at the other part of the combo, bur never mind its just something she can work on!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale