Auckland, Wellington

Place 49 & 53 – Day 100 & 1: Auckland & Wellington 🇳🇿 – 100 Days in Auckland & Old Hospital!

Today is the 100th day of being in Auckland!

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim went back to sleep after Curtis left because it was far too early to be up!

When she woke up many hours later Kim had a lazy morning and tried poached eggs again! They went brilliantly!

Kim headed into work and was on reception today. She went through all the emails and set up all the check ins due for the day.

The shift went nice and smoothly until suddenly all the power went out. It was down for about an hour and a half. In this time Kim went and updated all the guests and out candles in the restaurant.

The power came back on as Kim was checking in the final family for the night.

At the end of her shift, Kim joined her colleagues for a birthday drink as one of them turned 21! She sat and had her meal with them all. During this the power went out again!

Kim then drive home and sat with their flatmate for a while before calling Curtis!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got up at 04:45 and got ready and drove to the office at 05:40.

He got to the office and dropped off his car key and then got an uber with Colten, who he is traveling with.

They got to the airport and checked their bags before grabbing a quick McDonald’s and taking it through security.

They sat down, got a coffee and ate breakfast.

They boarded the plane and the flight was just 45 minutes so not very long at all!

They drove to the hotel but were unable to check in so they went to the client. Once they got there, they saw how awesome the buildings looked and went right in to reception.

They met the lovely person that was showing us around and they got a tour (mostly for work purposes).

The buildings are part of an old hospital from 1919 which was used to treat influenza patients. There is also an abandoned part too, which is the nurses hostel and we got a small tour of that which was creepy but awesome!

Once they were done at the client, they had a lot of admin to get sorted so they went back to the hotel even though they couldn’t check in. They sat down in the reception area and got some work done until they were able to check in.

They both got to their rooms and finished up work for a few hours and then just relaxed.

Curtis will be up fairly early tomorrow to get to the client for around 08:15.

Its going to be a busy week!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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