Place 6 – Day 13: Rome – Roast Dinner

There wasn’t much work for Curtis or Kim today, so we both finished early! 

Once we both finished, we went for a nice little walk. The weather was nice and warm today. 21°!

We then decided we were going to have a roast for dinner today (we had free pasta for lunch!). Dinner was really good. Rotisserie chicken, herb cooked potatoes and gravy! Very good and not a bad price. All washed down with a Lemon Peroni, which is apparently a thing! 

Kim now has her shift information for the week, and she is off Wednesday. Curtis has no idea what he’s doing next week! 

We are going to try and visit the Vatican at some point in the next few weeks also, and maybe the catacombs.

– Mr and Mrs Hale 


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