Place 49 – Day 99: Auckland – 2nd Game of the Season

We awoke at 09:30 to help with the TV that our flatmate had arriving but we didn’t actually need to help!

Curtis had a toasted hot crossed bun for breakfast and Kim had a toasted English muffin.

We sat and watched some TV until 12:00 when Curtis watched hockey and Kim got ready for work.

Kim’s Day;

On the way to work Kim stopped at the shop to by her Narina a chocolate bar, and one for herself.

While she was parked she saw a butchers receive all their stock. It went into the shop on a zip line type thing from the van. It was a weird thing to see and not what Kim expected!

Once she arrived she realised both of the other managers needed the chocolate more than she did so gave her bar to the other manager on shift. Kim and the other manager ended up going halfsies!

There was a big function on at the hotel today! Kim was not working the function so she was managing floor.
Kim would run food and help out on bar.
The evening went nice and quick.

The function went very well, Kim even ran some canapés.

Kim then drove home to see Curtis!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis finished watching the Leafs game and then played some Xbox.

At about 17:00, Curtis had dinner. He heated up some roast dinner leftovers and ate those!

Curtis got packed for his Wellington trip and got his hockey kit sorted then drove to the ice drink, stopping at a shop to get a drink before hand.

Curtis got changed and watched the remaining few minutes of the ongoing game before his.

Curtis did warmup and then took the first faceoff of the game (which he lost) and the game began!

Curtis played very well and the game ended in a 2-1 loss.

Curtis drove home and showered before playing some fortnite.

Both of us;

When Kim got home, we had a glass of wine with our flatmate and spoke about our days.

Kim had a hot crossed bun and then we played some fortnite before going to bed.

Curtis is up nice and early tomorrow!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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