Place 24 – Day 3: Hanoi – Vietnam Military History Museum

We had our breakfast this morning and were sat next to a very nice British couple. We spoke for a while about where they had been and where we had been. It was nice to just sit and talk with people as it isn’t something we have done much of recently! 

We then got ready and went out, into the rain, to the Military History Museum. It didn’t open until 13:00, so we sat and had a drink whilst waiting. Kim had a chocolate frappe and Curtis had a frozen lime drink. Both were tasty!

The museum was full of a lot of weapons from the past and there were multiple rooms regarding different eras. It turns out that Vietnam wasn’t very lucky and was always under the reign of another country! 

Within the same walls there was the flag tower where a flag stands day and night. We went into here too. This was built in the 1800s! 

Flag tower

We spent a while here just looking around and then we came back to cool off!

We then went for dinner in a restaurant called ‘New Day’. This restaurant was okay, but nothing to shout about. Curtis had sweet & sour pork and Kim had hot and spicy chicken. Both were just okay. We did have 4 Hanoi style spring rolls though, which were very nice!

Hanoi Spring Rolls

tạm biệt!
– Mr & Mrs Hale


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