Place 24 – Day 4: Hanoi – Hao Lo Prison

We had breakfast as usual and then had to decide where to go. 

We decided upon Hao Lo Prison. This is a former prison used by the French & later, the Vietnamese. This is now a museum, but has kept its main structure and still looks like a prison. 

We walked around, reading the signs and seeing the male & female cells, as well as Death Row. 

It was a very informative visit actually and very interesting! 

A main male cell

Part of the memorial

We finished here but still wanted to do something, so we went to he old quarter and walked along the railroad. The train still uses this, twice a day, 15:00 & 19:30. This is a residential street still, which is cool , and there are some shops! 

‘Train Street’

We stopped to get a slushy before we went back to the hotel as we were very warm! 

We spoke with the hotel regarding trips they offer, but they were far too expensive so we don’t think we will be doing them! 

We then went for some food. We looked at reviews online and went to fairly new place called Sviet Restaurant. Kim had a chicken noodle soup and Curtis had beef with mixed fried noodles. Curtis’ came with a tasty sweet & sour sauce and Kim’s came with lime and chilli! Of course, we got a beer too. This was very cheap, too! It was just £6 for our whole meal! 

Amazing chopsticks
Beautiful food!

We left the restaurant and it was raining a lot, so we headed back to the hotel to relax in bed and watch TV, but not before we booked something fun for tomorrow!

tạm biệt!
– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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