Place 24 – Day 2: Hanoi – Hoan Kiem Lake & Amazing Food

We had a great breakfast this morning! We had egg as well as some fruit and other buffet items. Vietnamese coffee is very strong and very tasty! Fun fact: They use Robusta beans instead of Arabica. This is mostly because they are grown here, but it is much stronger and tastier, we think! 

We relaxed for a bit after breakfast as we haven’t had much sleep. We then got ready and went out. It is quite muggy here, but we managed it! We went for a walk to Hoan Kiem Lake which is a big lake with a temple and pagoda on it! This was very beautiful and relaxing. 

Bridge entrance

Bridge to the temple

We then went back and had a bit more of a rest and watched some TV before going out for dinner. 

We went to a place called ‘Banana Tree’. This seemed to be right in the centre of everything and it was incredible food and very cheap! Kim had a chicken curry served in a coconut and Curtis had sizzling pork with spring onions alongside a cold sweet & sour sauce & rice noodles. We also shared beef noodle rolls which we had with a chilli dipping sauce. 

Curtis really couldn’t wait!
🍺 🍺 – Local!

After dinner, we went back for a short walk around the lake again and then Kim got a banana split!

The lake at night

We are now so tired and ready for bed again! Not had much sleep so ready to catch up with some! 

tạm biệt!
– Mr & Mrs Hale 


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