Place 49 – Day 143: Auckland – Nightcap

Kim’s Day;

Today Kim was on another late start.
She woke up early to take her friends daughter to school and then headed home to get a little more sleep. Kim didn’t feel 100% during the night so the extra few hours did her the world of good.

Kim then sat down for breakfast and then got herself ready for work.
Kim was on reception again today but there was also a gap of restaurant manager so Kim stepped in there to help out when needed.

Kim’s check-ins arrived relatively early, allowing for Kim to help on the bar for the evening. This worked quite well as it meant Kim kept nice and busy!

At the end of her shift Kim had dinner with Tabitha which was so nice as she has been away on holiday for two weeks!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis got to work early today, and it was just as well he did!

Curtis was told this morning that he had to go to a client but he had a lot to do so ended up canceling that.

All throughout the day there were a lot of phone calls and emails coming in and at one point it was very tough for Curtis to keep up with!

Curtis did have to go on site briefly to a client he hasn’t been to before, but that only took about 15/20 minutes.

Once Curtis got back to the office, he had some lunch and continued doing what needed to be done.

Before Curtis knew it, it was almost home time but he did have one last remote session to do.

Curtis completed this and drove home.

When Curtis got home, he heated up his dinner and chilled out before doing some ironing and bringing the dried laundry up from the garage.

Both of us;

Kim got home and we had a whiskey. We both had sore thoughts so this little nightcap will help!

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale

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