Place 72 – Day 152: Vancouver, BC – Plenty More Snow


We woke up to even more snow this morning. This was cool, except for the fact the bridge we walk on was completely frozen so we had to walk carefully on the way to work.

Curtis has had quite a bad cold since yesterday, so the -8 temperature didn’t help on the way to work!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis continued to feel rotten all day, but did get a lot done. He fixed a couple of other migrations that were causing him problems, so he got those completed.

He also got a lot of tickets done and had a team meeting.

At 16:00, Curtis left the office to head home and relax as he really wasn’t feeling great.

Kim’s Day

Kim caught up on emails from the weekend and saved a few invoices to start her day.

Just before 10 Kim headed out to look for mini wine glasses and a few bottles of bubbly for a celebration in the morning. When she got back she set it up and all the offices in the company celebrated! It was a really fun morning!

Kim then spent some of her morning trying to.fix an issue with someone’s profile on the travel booking site. After that she had to sort out the postage machine, which also required her calling for support for that!

After both of these Kim ran a raffle to win one of two broken full espresso coffee machines! To ensure fairness Kim had someone else draw out the names, which was lucky as one of her colleagues won!

Kim then spent some time remaking the floor plan as it didn’t save from last time.

She then had a chat with a colleague from a different team in regards to their desk set up, so Kim made a few adjustments and spent some time researching other things that may be able to help!

On the way home Kim stopped at a few shops, one was to pick up some essential oils to put into the humidifier to help Curtis with his cold!

Weekly Clean!

We did our weekly clean this evening, after Kim got home from doing a bit of shopping.

Kim then made a veggie bolognese which was excellent.

We watched some TV and Curtis relaxed and slept at a good time with hopes that he’ll be better tomorrow as he has a hockey game!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 352: Auckland – Successfully Busy!

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis had a few admin tasks to do when he got to the office, such as his monthly productivity checker, in which he has to tally up lots of different information to ‘prove’ his productivity scores etc.

Curtis got that done and then was right back into doing work.

Curtis didn’t start the day with too much to do, but he did have the odd case to complete.

As Curtis was wrapping up the morning’s cases, he had an email from the client he was dealing with last week.

A lot of the issues he was looking at last week were resolved and there were only a couple left!

That being said, these couple still took up most of the afternoon, around helping colleagues with work.

It got to the end of the day and it seemed like a successful day!

Curtis had to visit a client tomorrow morning, which should be an interesting few hours work.

Both of us;

Kim had a chat with Nicola after getting home as she was away for thr weekend so Kim had a catch up.

We eventually made teriyaki chciken with rice and vegetables to eat for dinner.

After dinner, we watched The Russell Howard Hour.

This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale