Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 502: Vancouver, BC – Double Office Visit

Curtis’ Day

Curtis was up a little earlier today as he had a call with a new starter at 09:00. This call was an orientation to ensure they were setup and everything was working.

Once did that call, Curtis walked down to the office to setup a laptop and ship some equipment.

He completed this about 2/3 hours later and went home.

He got a couple of things sorted, answered some messages and tickets and then had lunch.

Right after lunch, Curtis had to go back to the office to meet someone to fix something urgent, which only took about 10 minutes!

He walked back home and finished a few things before playing some games with colleagues.

Kim’s Day

Over the break Kim had been sent a few reading materials that are useful for diversity and inclusion during recruitment and hiring, so thats how Kim started her day. She went through the reading materials and later in the day Kimberley reached out to a consultant that her previously company had worked with who provides inclusive and diversity training to get a few training sessions set up on a regular basis.

A new starter joined today so Kim had a short onboarding time set up with them and a colleague to help set them up. They had a mini onboarding just before the winter break but the time today was to ensure that they have all the accesses that they need and to see of they had any questions. The meeting wasn’t long enough so Kim arranged a meeting later in the day and the other two went to another meeting.

For the rest of the morning Kim did research on some things for an event coming up in a few weeks and then she was asked to catch up with her team. So they all joined a call to discuss the projects that are coming up, the recruitment and a nice quick post break catch up.

After that meeting Kim and her colleague went back to their other new teammate to finish their onboarding. Kim helped for a bit and then they went into more role specific stuff so Kim left to have some lunch.

After lunch Kim tried to fix a few things with the HR system, but had no luck. She then had to reach out to the work mobile company to update something and that took a while. For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on the facilities project as she went back to square one just before the break.


We were going to have something different for dinner, but as Kim worked late, we just had frozen pizza.

After that, we watched some TV and played some games, all whilst trying not to fall asleep!

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Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 328: Vancouver, BC – New Chinese Food Place

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a few things to do in the morning and then once he did those, he had a team meeting.

He did a bit of admin before lunch and then after lunch he had a project meeting.

After his project meeting, he did a few more tickets and then had a team building session, which consisted of playing some rocket league.

After team building, Curtis got a group created which took a bit of time as there are a few steps to that and then was pretty much done for the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim started even earlier today, as there is a follow up meeting from yesterdays meeting which means she has to move the social call a little earlier. So she joined that and had a great catch up with 3 other people and that was lovely. She went from this call to host the Q&A from yesterday’s meeting and that went really well. As it didnt overrun Kim was able to get the recording uploaded to the Wiki quite soon after.

When she got into the office Kim continued cleaning up the meeting room, she worked on breaking down more of the old notebooks. She then nipped put to grab some lunch and enjoyed that before the east coast social call. There were only two people on that call today but it was still fun!

After the call Kim set up a few desks for people to use on Monday as there will be a few extra people in the office. She measured to make sure all the desks are far enough apart, moved tables to ensure that the safe distance is maintained, got screens and finally sanitised the desks.

For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on drafting a form that will be needed in the coming months. She finished the day with the west coast social call. There was a good turn out today, so after some chatting Kim hosted a jackbox game and that was fun!

Chinese Food

We fancied Chinese food for dinner, so we ordered from a chain called Peaceful Restaurant as it has good ratings.

Kim got General Tsao Chicken with rice and Curtis got Ginger Beef with noodles.

We enjoyed the food quite a bit.

We watched some TV and played some games with our evening and were looking forward to getting some sleep.

Curtis has a haircut tomorrow, too, which is his first since the barbershops re-opened.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 229: Vancouver, BC – Fung Shui

Curtis’ Day

Post walk, the day started very quiet for Curtis.

Curtis did some admin and a few other things, but had nothing planned for a couple of hours.

The day picked up and he had to craft a communication and provide some information to the company around some software security.

Curtis also got a couple of tickets and some people messaged him about different things.

All of a sudden, it was lunch time!

After lunch, Curtis had a project interview again and then post that, he did some ticket work and some admin for the project he is working on.

In the late afternoon, Curtis and his team jumped on to play some Rocket League again and it was fun! Everyone is starting to get much better, so the games are getting more and more fun, too.

Kim’s Day

Kim joined the meeting in the morning and then worked on sending out a few more of the invites for the cribbage tournament. In the middle of the morning Kim joined in with yoga.

In the afternoon Kim had a 1-1 with her manager. It was ao great to catch up. They went over they were doing, how they are keeping busy in and out of work and it was lovely.

After that Kim then worked on the cribbage spreadsheet to set up the elimination round process! She also fixed some of the automation for the current games sheet.

For the final bit of the afternoon Kim sent. The last of this batch of invites and did some scheduling of interviews for a team mate.

Kim walked part of the way to work before she realised she didnt have her pass. So she went back home, pick it up and then went into work to drop off a few things and pick some other things up. Downtown Vancouver is very empty and some shops are boarded up. It was very surreal!

Fung Shui

We eventually did our workout, which wasn’t until around 18:30 as Kim was out still and Curtis finished up playing games with his team.

Once we finished our workout, we moved the furniture around in our apartment!

We wanted a better area for working out and playing mini sticks, which we have really started to enjoy!

We got the furniture moved and setup and then we had some pizza for dinner, because we completely forgot to get anything!

After dinner, we watched a bit of TV and then played mini sticks for 40 minutes or so. This was fun but tiring!

We finished up the night with some video games and some TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale