Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 565: Vancouver, BC – The Results Are In…

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a team meeting and then had a strange issue to contend with which took up a lot of the morning.

Curtis had a good meeting about compensation, which was positive, and then did a bit more work before lunch.

After lunch, Curtis had to do some tickets and then some policy work. He had to rework his policy breach reporting setup and also make a guide for how that works, why it’s in place as well as a few other things.

That took him right to the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim had a lot of small meetings throughout the day and she worked on a few guides. In the morning Kim focused on the HR guides she has been working on. She also had two individual meetings with her teammates and then had a whole team meeting at midday. In that meeting she decided that there will be a department meeting on Monday mornings and reduce the 1-1s down a little as it was a lot of repeated information.

In the afternoon Kim worked on IT guides and had a call with IT in regards to things going on for the week. They also went through a guide and tested a few things.

In the middle of the afternoon Kim worked with a teammate to finalise the results of a survey. Then to finish the day Kim tackled some other HR stuff that she hadn’t gotten around to just yet.


We had a bit of a lay down after work, because why not, and then we made some chicken with a Chinese style sauce and pasta with mushrooms and spring onion.

We ate that and watched some TV together and then played some games as well as some more TV.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 455: Vancouver, BC – The Results Are In!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a short team meeting at 09:30 and then mostly did tickets all morning until a 1 on 1 at 12:00.

After that, he had a long team meeting at 12:30, which was followed by lunch.

After lunch, Curtis did some more tickets but also some practice tests for his Business Analyst exam.

Speaking of exams, we got our results for our English exams.

Curtis got (out of 12);

Listening – 8

Reading – 12

Writing – 10

Speaking – 12

He was hoping for better on listening, but it was all fine!

Kim did much better, getting 12 on everything, which was awesome!

Kim’s Day

To start her day Kim had a call with someone in regards to her facilities project. Then she moved onto drafting up some key points in a Job Description she worked on today.

Kim then had a call with the CEO to go over what we are looking for in an application. Then Kim got started and transferred some of those notes into key points for the job. She had another quick call in regards to the facilities project mid way through the morning.

For most of the day Kim worked on the job description, doing some research and converting the notes into things for the job description. She also decided to write up a template for ‘about the company’ and ‘why its great to work here’ that can go on every job description, so that was good and will save Kim a lot of time going forward.

Kim then worked on another job description and an offer letter for another role. Very interesting and exciting day!

To finish the day Kim worked on a little more research for the facilities project. Looked a few new things, added to the spreadsheet and made lots of good notes.


We forgot to take chicken out for dinner, so we had frozen pizza for dinner instead.

We watched some TV and played some games, but we also got our applications started for our visas, which we can now do as we got our English results! We still have to wait on our certificates for our previous qualifications to be certified by Canada, and then we should be able to do the test of the process, if we can’t do so before.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale