Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 580: Vancouver, BC – Fixing A Toilet

Curtis’ Day

Curtis went right to the office when he was ready so he could get a laptop setup and equipment sent out.

It took very little time to get the equipment together as the person didn’t want too much, but it did take time to get the laptop setup, but was able to do that and get home for around 12:15.

Once he was home, he was being asked some questions about how to do something so he had to take a look at how to do that and then it was lunch time.

After lunch, Curtis had some more tickets to do as well as an offboard which ended up taking a while.

During this time, we had a plumber come and replace a seal on the toilet. The new owner of the apartment found out that others in the building are having an issue with the toilet seals, so they thought it would be best to get it replaced.

Once that was done, Curtis finished up the offboard and was done for the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a busy day today! She started with a HR heavy morning with an interview, meeting about recruitment and onboarding a new starter. She then presented at the weekly meeting too.

The busy morning continued with a project meeting and then a surprise meeting with another colleague after where they went over a few things they have been working on.

In the afternoon Kim had many more meeting from a catch up with a teammate, a call with IT and a call with a couple of the executive team to discuss some projects. To finish the day Kim worked on contracts, job descriptions and reviewing candidates.


We sat and ate some chicken pasta fairly late into the evening and we watched ourselves some more Drive To Survive. We’re close to finishing the most recent season which is a shame!

We watched some other TV and then headed to bed.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 320: Vancouver, BC – Thursday Is A Monday

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started the morning getting some information on how to fix an issue, which he managed to get good information on.

Curtis answered some questions and did some tickets for the rest of the morning.

After lunch, he walked into the office to fix the issue he was researching this morning.

The person had left him the laptop, which of course Curtis sanitised before and after handling. Curtis was able to get this fixed fairly quick, which was good as it was something new, and he then went back home.

Curtis got back home and did some more tickets and then an offboard.

Kim’s Day

Today is the last day to set up the office and Kim has very little to do. She printed and laminated the last few signs before moving on to putting signs on desks and meeting rooms. She did the smaller side of the building, where she put a sticker and tape on the table leg of desks being used, tape on the floor 6 feet from the chair, to show people the closest they can be. She also put the meeting room signs up and a few distancing reminders.

When Kim got into the kitchen she put up the last few signs and organised the leftover drinks for people to pick up off of a table.

Once she finished with the kitchen, Kim put a few signs up in the bathrooms before hosting a game of Skribbl while she had her lunch.

After lunch Kim and her colleague continuted to put signs on desks to show that they are being used and putting the notifications on meeting room doors.

Mid afternoon Kims manager came in to do a little paperwork and have a tour of the office, as it is totally different from when she was last in. She loved how the office looked, which was great!

After the meeting Kim and her colleague finished putting the signs up. Kim realised she forgot to print a couple of signs, so she made those and popped them up.

It doesn’t sound like a busy day, but Kim didn’t stop! It was a great day and the office is now ready to go! Kim is excited to have people back.

Weird Feeling Evening

We both felt weird this evening, and all day really, as it felt like a Sunday yesterday so today felt like a Monday even though it isn’t.

For dinner we had leftover pasta with a side of ceasar salad along with some homemade garlic bread which was the perfect addition!

We watched some during dinner and then we played a few more new games together which was fun but made time go too fast!

Kim had a bath in the evening as she felt like it and then we watched a thing or two after before sleeping.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 185: Vancouver, BC – Trying To Repair The Tyre

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had quite a bit of admin to do in the morning, but before that he was asked for some help by someone as they couldn’t get their laptop docking station working.

Curtis got that fixed and continued with his admin.

He had a few meetings today, some for projects and some for other things such as planning what he will do for training for the year and a few other things.

Curtis got a few tickets done, but the day was fairly quiet, but it did give him some time to do some project work and some training, which he appreciated.

At lunch, Curtis went out and got lemongrass chicken and noodles which was really tasty!

Kim’s Day

Kim got herself set up for the week, confirmed a catering order for the Toronto office and packed away the groceries.
Later in the afternoon Kim took the new hire on their office tour, which was strange as its her new boss! It was great to properly meet her and get to have a little chat with her. Then the whole team went our for a lovely lunch! Kim had a chicken salad and it was delicious!

She then spent her afternoon focusing on getting information together about events for the year and reconciling the credit card.

Kim headed out from work early to try to get the car fixed. She took the train home and must have dropped her train pass on the train as when she went to leave it was nowhere to be found!

She remembers seeing someone pick something up after hearing something close to her drop on the floor. So maybe they picked it up thinking it was theirs. Obviously this is on a day Kim was tight on time and the transit police were there. Luckily (and very unluckily) Kim had just topped the card up so only had to pay a $5 exit fee rather than the $170 no ticket fee. Kim was NOT happy!

Trying To Get The Tyre Repaired

Kim got home and got the car to try and get the tyre repaired.

She got there and they said they’ll need to repair it, which will take 30 minutes, which was perfect!

Unfortunately, they were unable to do this as it has a sensor in it that they don’t have.

We’ll need to take it somewhere tomorrow, but needed to drive on it tonight, but should be all fine!

We went off to Curtis’ hockey game which is a 22:00 start, so we’ll update about that tomorrow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 106: Vancouver, BC – Broken Fridge

Curtis’ Day

Curtis arrived at work and as soon as he walked in, he was asked to help the new hire with setting up his laptop etc.

Curtis spent around 30 minutes doing this and then after that he grabbed some coffee and emptied/refilled the dishwasher as it was finished and there was a lot of stuff piling up.

As soon as Curtis got back to his desk, someone said they had returned from Maternity leave after being off for over a year! Noone knew about this, so it was a bit of a rush and Curtis had to help finding a desk for them, too.

Once Curtis was finished with that, he had someone’s laptop to setup on their desk and ensure that their monitor worked with it as expected.

Finally, 1.5 hours after starting his day, Curtis was able to sit down.

He got some admin done, read through messages/emails and then got on with a few things.

He researched about an issue someone was having and then decided that he would download a new version of windows to test that for their issue.

As he was doing that, he was trying to get the virtual machine working from a couple of weeks ago, for the last time! He was given a code which was meant to fix it and it worked, but he then had to transfer it to another laptop.

It hit lunchtime and Curtis had a well earned break and then went right back to it.

Curtis got a bit of work done and then there was a large meeting at 14:00-15:15.

For the rest of the afternoon, Curtis ensured he was able to get the virtual machine running how it was meant to, tested more and confirmed that it was working!

He gave the person access and let them know how to access. He is glad that is finally done.

Kim’s Day

When Kim got in today she remembered that she hadn’t put through the weekly order so she got that done right away for a delivery for tomorrow morning!

Kim then thought that there was no harm in asking if they could deliver today and they said they would arrive by early afternoon! Success! In the meantime she had to run out and grab milk as the full bottle on Friday was suddenly empty!

Kim then went into the kitchen to find a puddle coming out from the drinks fridge so called that in for a repair. As last week was so busy Kim put of saving a of her receipts so she spent a bit of her morning scanning and saving the receipts and ensuring that any online / emailed invoice were saved also.

Today one team got the go ahead to order the next 4 weeks worth of catering, which was very exciting for Kim as she was then able to set up the online portal for ordering food. She arranged this with the vendor and they had it up and running in a record breaking time!

While organising catering for the next 4 weeks, Kim noticed that the monthly social talks were happening at the end of this week so she sent out a reminder for people to sign up.

Just before Kim went on lunch the fruit arrived, which was amazing! She unpacked it and had a nice chat with the delivery man. Kim then just sat in the kitchen for lunch before returning to listen to all of last weeks missed calls.

The drinks list for the drinks in the fridge finally came through last week so Kim went through it and organised a trial run of different beverages to see which ones people prefer.

Kim’s colleague noticed that she was being charged by a certain delivery website when it shouldn’t be hitting her card. She and Kim then called the company, spent 25 minutes being on hold and getting nowhere before being hung up on and then another 25 minutes being on hold and getting the issue sorted.

Cleaning & Pizza

We got back home and just did nothing for an hour and then did some cleaning. We sorted some laundry, vaccuumed the floor and wiped down the kitchen sides.

Once we had done that, we started to get hungry and, as has been a common theme, we forgot to take any meat out for dinner so we just had a frozen pizza & mac & cheese.

We caught up on some TV & Youtube videos and that was pretty much our evening. Short and sweet.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale