Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 1000: Vancouver, BC – Away We Go!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got a bit more sleep this morning and then he jumped on a call with a colleague to figure out some strange permission issues.

There was a team meeting and once that was done, he had some tickets to get done as well as having to call someone and get something fixed for them.

Throughout the day, when he had time, Curtis got the packing done and a few things around the apartment, like taking out the rubbish.

Kim’s Day

Kim left early-ish and took laptops over to the office she was working from during the day.

After that, she went and got some breakfast and even took Curtis a croissant and coffee!

She got some of the laptops sorted today and it was nice to be in an office with colleagues.

Kim left the office around 13:00 and went bowling! She organised this with people from her company and a fun company event!

After bowling, Kim headed back home.

Away We Go!

Off to the island we go!

After work, we drove out to the ferry terminal and took the ferry over to Vancouver Island! We have a fun 10 days planned and we’ll be visiting Kim’s great auntie Linda for the first time in quite a while.

We got some easy food on the ferry and then drove out to Port Alberni! We’ll arrive there super late, but then we’ll be up early tomorrow to do some exploring!

We’re super happy to have some time to travel around and see things, whilst being careful, of course.

Today is also DAY 1000 in Vancouver! Crazy.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 954: Vancouver, BC – A Weird Feeling Day

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a pretty productive day, getting a lot of tickets done and he had just one meeting, too, so not much of his day was taken up with meetings.

He had a surprise onboard to get done, so he did that just before lunch, and then after lunch was a little quieter but still some tickets and messages to deal with.

The day felt a little weird for us both, as it was the first day working in 4 days, so we both felt odd!

Kim’s Day

Kim had a busy day today, she had a lot of meetings and was able to get a few things done during the evening. She started with a meeting about business cards and then went into a meeting to discuss next steps with candidates for a role.

She had a quick check in with her new teammate before having a meeting with a different teammate about a new social activity they will be organising.

To finish the morning Kim joined her team meeting, then to start the afternoon a couple of her teammates joined a call to go over their HR system, assign access levels and do a tour of the platform.

She had a check in with a new employee before helping her team by answering questions for them to build the org chart. To finish the day Kim had a couple of calls to help with planning for a conference and then she popped out to pick up a laptop. She got a good amount of admin done in the evening too!


We took out the recycling and we did the vacuuming as well as a few other things around the apartment.

We had cheese for dinner, fairly late, and watched a little TV.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 941: Vancouver, BC – New Office Setup!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a lot of meetings booked for today, so he was up a little early to get ready for those.

The first meeting was a team meeting to discuss the projects coming up for the next two weeks.

After that, there was meant to be another meeting but that got rescheduled so Curtis had a little bit of time to go through some tickets and get other admin done.

Curtis then had another team meeting to discuss random things.

There was a little more time for a break and then Curtis had to join another workshop to learn more new things. This lasted for most of the day and then he had a few things to do at the end of the day.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a meeting heavy day today, but it was all super interesting! She started with a quick chat with her teammate to check in and make sure they have everything they need the. She gave an update in the weekly company meeting.

There was then an hour break where Kim was able to log costs and pull information together for finance. She then gave a quick update to the finance meeting before having some lunch.

After lunch Kim joined an interview and it was so interesting. She then had a call with her teammate to update them on how the interview went and next steps. She then had a quick planning meeting with another teammate.

To finish the day Kim had a great conversation with a department lead to discuss career progression with their teams. It was so interesting and Kim really enjoyed it. She then had another planning meeting with her teammate to make agendas for meetings coming up, start some early stages events planning and get organised on a few projects.

Later in the evening Kim set up a laptop to swap out for a current employee.


Kim worked for a while and then we took out the recycling and made dinner. We had garlic and herb chicken skewers, mango and chilli chicken skewers and corn on the cob with potato salad leftover from yesterday.

Kim got her new desk setup whilst we waited for dinner to cook and setup her office in a new configuration!

We watched a small bit of TV once Kim was done with work and that was it!

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 898: Vancouver, BC – Urgent Project Work & Many Team Meetings

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a project to get done and he started that right away, but then had a 1 hour team meeting, followed by a meeting about a process change right after.

Curtis was then able to get an important part of his project done before having another team meeting.

Once that meeting was done, Curtis had some lunch and then did his Norwegian homework.

The remainder of the afternoon was dedicated to some tickets and admin.

Kim’s Day

After getting a little admin done Kim had a meeting with a new starter to discuss a few things and answer any questions they may have. She then had a quick call with a couple of executives to discuss a few plans for the next few weeks.

To finish the morning Kim joined the team meeting to set up for the week. She then updated a few documents and spent a lot of her afternoon in one off smaller meetings around doing admin.

She then had a check in with a teammate to catch up on stuff that happened over the break and things that are coming up. She finished the day with a discussion on a potential new hire.


We had leftovers from yesterday for dinner and then we took our the recycling. Once we took the recycling out, we went out for an evening walk, which was really nice and relaxing.

We got home and watched a few TV shows for the evening.

This Time Last Year

Mr And Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 861: Vancouver, BC – No Sofa For Us


We woke up and had some cereal for breakfast and then got ourselves ready.

Kim went out to FedEx once she was ready to get a laptop shipped out, but it was closed so she was unable to do that.

Once she got back, we relaxed a little and then went out to the new apartment to wait for a delivery of a sofa we had spoken about with someone.


Once the sofa arrived, we noticed it was a different colour to the photos and there was some damage. We then decided we didn’t want it, so we gave it back and had to start the search again!

Games & Ordering A Sofa

We stopped at a shop on the way home and got some things for dinner and then played a bunch of games.

We then looked for more sofas online, but we couldn’t find anything we liked or anything for delivery, so we decided we would just buy one from IKEA. That should get delivered on Monday!

Chicken Burgers & Shopping

We had chicken burgers for dinner wit homemade potato salad and then we went to take out the recycling, as well as head to the shop for our weekly shop. This is our last one of those for this apartment!

We got back home and chilled out for the rest of our Saturday night. We have one thing to do tomorrow and then we think we are going to start packing things up.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 583: Vancouver, BC – The Mighty Ducks

Curtis’ Day

Curtis didn’t have a meeting until 10:30, so he got some tickets done and had some messages from people to deal with.

After his team meeting, he was meant to have another meeting but he didn’t, so instead he got some more work done.

Someone requested a rushed onboard and Curtis, as well as the rest of his team, had to get information provided to different people and managed to get that all wrapped up how it should be.

After lunch, Curtis had a team meeting which lasted for 1.25 hours and then tied up the week with doing some admin and a few other tickets here and there.

Kim’s Day

Today Kim had few meetings, but each one was very long! The first was a vendor demonstration for a product that the company may use. It was so interesting and could be a great fit!

She then had a wonderful chat with her new teammate. They went over a lot of work stuff but also just chatted and had a catch up. It was so lovely!!

In the afternoon Kim co-hosted an interview and then had a post interview check in with the hiring managers. They went over the next steps for the role and discussed a few other things going on.

For the rest of the afternoon Kim worked on a lot of paperwork! She signed and sent forms, planned and for prepared for next week and also reached out to some potential candidates.


We ordered some Chinese food which looked really but wasn’t too great in reality. On the plus side, they did have fried pork soup dumplings which Curtis was able to get and they were delicious, but everything else was just ok.

We watched the first episode of the new Mighty Ducks series and it was pretty bad, to be honest, but a bit of a throwback.

We took the recycling out and then when we got back to the apartment we just relaxed for the evening.

Cases here are going up, up and up so it’s more important than ever here to stay home.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 567: Vancouver, BC – Watch Your Face!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis got ready and went right to the office to get a laptop setup for someone and their equipment setup.

All went well, except for when he tried to get a monitor from the monitor arm and it moved and hit him quite hard in the face…It was quite painful, actually, but no real damage done.

Curtis got everything setup and ready to send out and also called up the courier to make sure that the pickup was setup correctly as the last time he did it, he did it wrong and had to had deliver it.

Once he was done at the office, Curtis walked home with a stop off at Starbucks to get us both a coffee.

When he got home, Curtis was informed of an offboard so had to do some admin for that as well as a few tickets that came in.

The afternoon was much of the same and then at the end of it, Curtis did some more Norwegian homework.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the morning scheduling and organising meetings. Someone once said that scheduling is like playing Tetris and Kim really agrees!

In the middle of the morning Kim had a catch up with a teammate and they discussed a guide that they had been working on together. They also went over a few other projects that have been going on and are coming up. She then placed an order for some things before calling her colleague and writing a LinkedIn post with their help and input.

In the afternoon Kim attended a few meetings. The first was a marketing meeting, the second was a catch up with a colleague. She then went into some training for the applicant tracking system and had a chat in regards to how some things work.

Kim then had a call with her colleague to go over the guide. She went to test it by following along and realised it didn’t match up with what she experienced. So they had to redo a lot of the guide to include both versions of what might happen. It was a lot of glaring at a screen and tweaking formatting to make it perfect, but they got there in the end!


Kim made a pasta bake for dinner which was a spur of the moment thing using leftovers but it was delicious!

We took the recycling down and grabbed the boxes for moving from the car so we could start putting stuff we aren’t using into them as we go.

We then went out for a walk after we did this as Kim fancied one.

We then just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 542: Vancouver, BC – Playing In The Snow

We woke up this morning to quite a bit of snow, and it was still snowing!

Kim went to Tim Horton’s to get some breakfast, which was very similar to the one was had in Iceland when we got engaged! Nothing particularly crazy, just a breakfast muffin with a hash brown, doughnut and coffee, but it reminded us of being there!

After breakfast, Kim got ready and met a colleague for some distanced playing in the snow. She took the boogie board we have and slid down a hill a few times. They also had a bit of a walk but it got a bit too busy, so Kim went home.

After Kim got back home, we watched a bit of TV and then it was time for more games with work people! Kim played a lot of games for a few hours and it was a lot of fun!

Whilst she did that, Curtis watched hockey.

After we were done, it was time to get some food for the week. We couldn’t be bothered to drive to the supermarket, especially with the snow, so we walked down to a downtown supermarket near us to get enough stuff for the week.

We got all our stuff and couldn’t find anything we wanted for dinner there, so we ordered Tacofino and picked it up on the way home.

We got back home and ate that, then we took down the recycling as there was quite a bit there!

We got back to the apartment and just relaxed for the remainder of the evening. It’s a long weekend this week so that’s awesome!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 410: Vancouver, BC – Preparing For Hockey

We woke up a little later than yesterday with the plan of doing very little today, which we achieved.

We had some easy breakfast and watched a bit of TV, then we got ourselves showered and ready for the day.

We did a lot of laundry, took out the recycling and Curtis brought up his hockey stuff as his first game is on Wednesday!

We went out to take the recycling down and then we went out to the shop.

We did our shop and we were incredibly hungry after, so we chucked a baked potato on for each of us to have and that took an hour to cook.

Whilst that was cooking, Kim marinaded some chicken in homemade curry, so we can have that tomorrow as a nice curry!

Curtis retaped his hockey stick for the first time in a very long time and he also sorted out his hockey bag and got that all ready to go.

Kim made some cookies too, right before dinner was ready.

We ate our dinner and watched some TV for the evening as well as played some games together.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 315: Vancouver, BC – Small Victory Bakery & Metal Recycling

Small Victory Bakery

We woke up at a pretty good time and got ready to go down to a bakery close to us which is meant to be really good, called Small Victory. We know about their big, amazing croissants and so we wanted some of those.

We had to queue briefly, but once we got in, they had run out of their regular croissants!

That being said, Kim got a vanilla cronut and Curtis got a bacon and cheese croissant.

Curtis got a cappuccino and Kim got a Spanish latte, too (which is made with condensed milk!).

We loved our breakfast treats that we got, they were both excellent and the coffees were just as incredible!

Metal Recycling

Once we’d eaten those, we headed back out again, but this time we took the car to a recycling plant.

We had to do a couple of trips to the car from the apartment as we were taking down the old bed frame which had broken on us already!

We got all the pieces into the car and headed to the recycling plant.

We got there and got told to put it in a specific bin, so we did that and that was done! Nice and easy, and fast.

We then went to do our weekly shop, which was also pretty fast!

We got home and just relaxed for a bit, watching a new Norwegian TV show called BloodRide. Followed by playing some VR.

Knives Out

We had leftovers for dinner alongside watching Knives Out which took some time to get going but we really did enjoy it.

We watched that and then a few things after but we had a pretty busy day (at least busy for the current standard) so we went to bed fairly early.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale