Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 499: Vancouver, BC – New Year’s Day VR

We woke up at a decent time today and had some cinnamon buns for breakfast.

Once we got ready, we braved the rain to get a coffee. We planned to try somewhere we haven’t been yet, but it was closed so we just went to Starbucks instead.

We went back and home watched a bit of TV and then we played VR for a while!

We got a couple of new games and one of them was really good (called Pistol Whip) and we played that until we got hungry.

We ordered some dinner, but unfortunately the place was closed so they cancelled our order.

Eventually, we found a nice looking Chinese place which we ordered from and it arrived quickly!

Unfortunately, they forgot one thing and replaced another, but it was all pretty alright.

We watched some YouTube whilst we ate and then played some Minecraft.

We were really glad we got to play some VR again. We don’t do it often enough but it was so fun!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 287: Vancouver, BC – NASA/SpaceX Launch!

We woke up at a respectful 10:30 and had a spot of breakfast. We had cheese and egg toasties which were delicious!

We watched a bit of TV and YouTube videos and then the NASA and SpaceX launch!

We then got showered.

We still need to hand over the keys for our old place and do the final check over, but we’re waiting for our former landlord to confirm when, so we expected we may have had to do that today.

The weather was terrible today, so that was another excuse to no do anything!

We played some Xbox games and watched some TV but then thought we should play some VR as we haven’t done for a while!

We have a much better area here and we can move furniture easier too, so that means we have more space!

We had great fun playing VR again but then got hungry. We had the leftover coconut rice from yesterday’s curry and our homemade chicken chili.

We watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which we enjoyed but it was a little long and a little slow.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 243: Vancouver, BC – VR Is Fun!

So Many Dogs!

Kim was very happy that when we went for our walk, there were a lot of dogs to look at!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a busy day!

His morning started pretty quiet, but then after his team meeting, he had quite a bit to do, but in a good way.

He had to schedule computer checkups with people, so he did that for most of the morning and did a lot of tickets that came in too.

In the afternoon, Curtis did a lot of tickets and scheduled some more people for checkups.

Kim’s Day

Kim had a company wide meeting again in the morning. After, she spent the rest of her morning reviewing a policy and making notes on it. During this she joined in on yoga. Kim wasn’t feeling yoga today but was so glad she did it at the end, it really broke up her day. After yoga Kim did another check of the document and her notes and wrote up an email to go with it to send it back to her colleague.

Just after lunch Kim joined a quick call about the rewards and awards for the social events that are happening and how that will all work. After this she drew up a new Wiki page where she will store all the information! She didn’t manage to put the info on there, but she was able to make a few notes for her to come back to.

Kim then spent the rest of her afternoon working in her next quiz. The now theme is 00’s until now and its a pub quiz. She will have one question per year per category and its coming together really nicely.

More VR!

We did our workout and then Kim made a chicken stir-fry which was really tasty! We watched a quick TV show during that and then played more VR!

It turns out that VR is pretty fun!

We played some Wizard game, which was alright, but then we played a space station game, which you get to go around the space station with zero-gravity. This was amazing and actually felt like you had no gravity! It was a little odd and actually made us feel a little sick.

Curtis played a demo for Creed, the boxing game/film, and that was actually pretty realistic and difficult, which is good but made him feel a little odd too!

We stopped after this to regain our brains and then watched some more TV before sleeping.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 242: Vancouver, BC – Oculus Quest VR!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis started work and did a few tickets.

He then had an offboard to do and his team meeting, followed by more tickets in the morning.

A lot of the afternoon was admin work.

At around the perfect time for Curtis to finish work, a delivery came for him and it was the Oculus Quest VR headset he had been waiting for, which was expected until Monday!

Curtis got this setup right away and gave it a test run…he really enjoyed it, but had to stop as it was time for a walk!

Kim’s Day

Kim held the midweek catch up and had a great chat with a few people, it was really lovely. Straight after that, Kim had the Health and Safety committee meeting.

Funnily enough there were no office walks or first aid incidents to be reported! It was great to speak to the committee and see if they have any thoughts on how we are doing safety wise and open the floor up for people to air concerns about day to day in the current situation. Kim also mentioned that some first aid guidelines have changed and sent out some information after the call.

Kim then spent most of the rest of the morning sending out messages and drafting up invites and emails. She complied a list of some useful YouTube channels for people to show their kids for education purposes.

After lunch Kim had her 1:1 and it was great to get guidance on a few things and have a general catch up! She followed up this meeting by stating a new wiki page about ergonomics and mindfulness at home, she will have a page outlining good working at home exercise and provide people with good resources on how to stay active and keep an eye on their mental health too.
Kim then had a donut date with someone from the office, in this time it is really good that people are able to connect so easily and just have a chat.

Kim started making plans for emails that she will have to send out when she gets back in the office, while doing so she realised it would be easier to make an info sheet that outlines all the things she needs to tell people. So she drafted it up and will send it on to IT for their input after!

Walk & VR-ing

Once Kim was done with her exercise, we went out for a walk.

It was far too busy, but nice to get outside.

We got back home and made some rice to go with the veggie chilli Kim made yesterday and ate that whilst watching some TV.

After this, we played VR together for the first time and we LOVED it. So glad we have that, now we are in self isolation.

We did that for a while and then watched a little TV before sleeping.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale