Place 81 – Day 11: Orlando,FL – 6.5 Hour Tattoos

Up Early

We were up at a good time to get down to Orlando.

We didn’t eat any breakfast, but we stopped at IHOP on the way, and just as it started to rain, too!


We went from IHOP to a tattoo place. Kim, Abbie & Tom were getting tattoos today.

The tattoos went very well, and the tattoo artist was very knowledgeable, friendly and talented!

Kim and Abbie got a matching tattoo, of interlocking rings.

Kim also got a colourful elephant which has a few significant meanings to her and Abbie also got a flower.

Tom got a chinese inspired tattoo on his back which looks pretty cool.

All-in-all, we were in the tattoo parlour for 6.5 hours! We went to get a coffee briefly, mostly just to kill time, but by the time we left it was 18:00.

Vegan Dinner & A Drag Show?

We planned to go to a drag show today, but first the plan was food!

Abbie is vegetarian, so we wanted to find some food she could eat and the tattoo artist is a vegan, so she recommended some vegan places.

We went to a place right next to where the drag was located.

We aren’t going to rate this place as, being vegan, we aren’t used to the alternatives used so we don’t think it would be fair.

That being said, Curtis got something that was a vegan chicken burger with a side of mac and ‘cheese’, Kim had a ‘pulled pork’ sandwich, Maggie had another sandwich of sorts and Tom had a ‘not-dog’ chilli dog.

Neither of us were overly thrilled with the food, but that wasn’t to say, necessarily, because it was vegan, but it just wasn’t that great. Abbie and Tom both very much enjoyed their food, though and everyone said the ‘not-dogs’ were delicious.

We left here and went round the corner as it was meant to be opening time for the drag show, but it seemed very much empty…and closed!

We went to a bar just down the road, which was owned by the same people, and we found out that it was not on tonight. This was a great shame as Kim was very much looking forward to it, but we did get a refund, after the booking company were very unpleasant on the phone.

Card Games It Is Then

We drove back home and decided that we may as well play card games.

We played about 3 games in total but were all the tired and realised we had to pack, too.


We got to packing, getting most of it done in the evening.

We have everything ready and now it’s just time to sleep.

Kim’s family are heading back to England tomorrow and we are taking a long bus journey.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Place 49 – Day 342: Auckland – Bohemian Rhapsody

Curtis’ Day;

Curtis became a bit of a developer today! He created something he was unaware how to do for a client. It didn’t take very long, yet it works perfectly and he needed little guidance for it, too.

Along with doing this, Curtis went through to get his cases cleared up and completed throughout the day. Along with this, of course, new cases came in also, which Curtis promptly sorted.

It was a day where it was busy but also very productive. Unfortunately, everything that came in was ‘urgent’ so there was some more rushing to get things done.

Luckily, the day went quickly because of this.

After work, Curtis drove home in the terrible traffic and it took him 40 minutes!

Both of us;

Kim went out to the pub briefly to say goodbye to a leaving work colleague and then when she came home we drove to New Lynn where we were having dinner and a movie with Danielle and Josh.

We went to a vietnamese restaurant and it was…ok…

The meat was really good but the accompanying items were just average.

After the meal, we went up to the cinema to watch Bohemian Rhapsody.

What a film!

Curtis said it was the best film he’d watched in a long time!

It was 23:05 by the time we got out of the cinema, so we drove home and got into bed…Luckily it’s Saturday tomorrow!

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This time last year!


– Mr & Mrs Hale