Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 857: Vancouver, BC – 10 Whole Years!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis had a busy day again and started the day with a lot of tickets which had some in first thing.

Once he did those, he had his Norwegian lesson and then a meeting about the start of a new project.

Once that meeting was done, Curtis had some more tickets to get done before we had lunch together.

After lunch, Curtis had quite a bit of admin to get done and some people to help.

Kim’s Day

To start the day Kim had a meeting to discuss a few purchases and the next steps. Everyone went from that meeting into the weekly meeting where Kim gave an update.

She had a quick call with a teammate to discuss a few projects they are working on. Then Kim was able to get a little admin done by reaching out to people, working on documents and scheduling meetings. Kim then joined a meeting where the main person didn’t come so everyone else caught up and had a chat about other things. It was a really interesting meeting!

In the afternoon Kim joined a meeting about the company book club that will be starting soon. While in that meeting Kim got a note that someone wouldn’t be able to attend an interview so Kim stepped in to take notes. It was really enjoyable! To finish the day Kim hosted a meeting to discuss the interview and next steps with the candidate!

10 Years!

As of today, we have been together for 10 YEARS!

Kim finished work at a good time and we went out for a walk and then once we got home we ordered some nice food from Cactus Club for dinner.

Whilst we were out on our walk, we saw them filming SuperGirl just down the street from where we live, which was cool!

We ate and then just hung out for the rest of the evening with some prosecco, TV and games.

10 years has gone so fast!

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale

Vancouver, BC

Place 72 – Day 110: Vancouver, BC – Someone Stealing Shoes!

Curtis’ Day

Curtis’ day was full of mostly just trying to get laptops setup for a company ran exhibition/conference which happens in September.

The specifications were a little different, so Curtis and his team had to find out how to do certain things etc.

As well as doing that, Curtis had a long meeting to discuss the new team structure followed by lunch!

For lunch, Curtis went to the Mexican truck just outside which was delicious as ever.

After lunch, Curtis gave someone a new laptop and then the company got some really good news, so they got to celebrate with prosecco & delicious doughnuts!

After that, Curtis went back to doing what he had been doing all day, but then had to offboard someone at 15:00 and once he was done doing that, it was beer o’clock.

Curtis sat with others from the office for around an hour and then headed to mert Kim.

Kim’s Day

Kim spent the beginning of her morning at her desk sorting out emails before having a sit down mid morning to eat some breakfast. When she got back to her desk, Kim had a nice catch up with the lady who comes in to water the plants. Its been over 6 weeks since she saw her last! Madness!

Kim then started her first bigger task for the day which was to replace the legs on one of the desks. She managed to remove the legs okay, but was finding it difficult to screw the new ones on without just a screwdriver as they kept getting stuck at a funny angle. So she found a drill and tried again, it turns out that the screwdriver was wonky. So Kim put this task to one side as the pizza for the end of month talks arrived. Just as she was finalising the payment the other food delivery arrived so she ran that to the group and went about setting up for the monthly talks. She organised the chairs and helped set up bits of the AV and then set the pizza up.

The talks for the month were wonderful, Kim didn’t understand them all but it was very interesting. At the end of the talk, the lady who usually presents past that role over to Kim as she just took on a new job and wouldn’t have too much time for it anymore. Its exciting for Kim to have this as an on going monthly little project.

After the talks Kim sorted the leftover pizza and cleared the area up before taking another stab at the desk. A colleague allowed Kim to use their drill from the IT department, turns out that the battery was flat and once it had ‘charged’ they learnt that the battery did not work. Kim then made makeshift legs out of 2 pedestals and called it a day with that!

Kim then took some time to head to the liquor store and pick up some wine and cider.

Kim then took some time to clear out the junk she had inherited around the front desk area and put a lot into storage. She also took a cabinet filled with paper to use as a cover up to hide things behind!

It was then the final task for the day and Kim set up all the drinks and made them loom beautiful! Kim stayed for most of the afternoon drinks and then left to meet Curtis.

Someone Stealing Shoes!

On the walk home, we saw a guy tackle someone and were a little confused.

Turns out that the person had shoes on from Foot Locker and hadn’t paid for them and the other guy was a Foot Locker employee trying to get the shoes back.

Before we were able to help, the guy had broken free and ran away, unfortunately.

After that event, the rest of the walk home was uneventful.

We had taken food out but couldn’t really be bothered to make anything, so instead we had toasties for dinner!

We watched some videos and relaxed. It been a tiring few weeks.

This Time Last Year!

Mr & Mrs Hale